The War Is Ongoing

It began innocently enough. Spring in Tennessee quickly moves from greening to greened, and humid. The colder days of winter forgotten, the trees soon show their leaves, the grass grows tall, the bushes bloom. The north wind turns southerly, moisture from the gulf settles in and the sun goes from welcome winter friend to a blazing furnace intent on wilting your entire being.

It is thus as the war rages on. The bushes in the yard, I saw them planted many years ago, trimmed them and mowed around them, and then I got a little slack with the bushes. And they grew. And grew. I used to have a snowball bush. It was overtaken by the forsythia to its left and the almond bush to its right. Every so often I’d see a snowball bloom amongst the tangled web of bush, trying hard to find the light. Alas it appeared to be lost and forgotten.

But the first thing I noticed as the leaves began to grow this year was my enemy. My enemy had taken root, and taken over. It had encapsulated the bushes and taken defensive positions. It was out of control and had to be taken on. I knew I must meet the challenge. The honeysuckle had to go. Once I realized that, I soon realized that to tackle the honeysuckle problem, the bush problem had to be dealt with first. The almond bush was 15′ across and 8′ high, the forsythia 18′ x 14′ and 9-10′ tall, a constant threat to the satellite dishes that had to be cut back several times a year due to actively interfering with communications.  The lilac bush 12′ across and 9′ high and rounding out the problem a bush I don’t even know, it does sport small red flowers once or twice a year, this one had held back the onslaught of the honeysuckle, but was a wild sprawling mess.

But the honeysuckle, the insidious menace, had entirely overtaken the forsythia, what was left of the snowball and the almond. Tendrils had advanced to the lilac and set up shop there too. I really wasn’t aware of how bad the honeysuckle had infiltrated, I spent two mornings and one evening out there just trimming the bushes back. I could see then this was going to be one big job.

Wounded! I was using a spade in a jackhammer fashion to uproot a couple of forsythia clusters that were too close to the satellites. I was successful in removing two of them. The next day I had pretty  much lost my ability to even hold a coffee cup with my right hand. The forearm would take odd moments to throb with an electric shock feel that was quite intense. I had to take some considerable time off from my attack. Got back at it again yesterday morning.

I was actively destroying any honeysuckle I came across, tracing its twisting, winding, vine to the ground, snipping it about halfway so I could pull the vine free of the entangled bushes. That, a difficult sweaty miserable job is the easy part. You then trace the vine back to its rooted position and have to pry and pull and yank and hope your hands don’t fall off, I found that a pick works well to attack the root, you slam down close to the root and push the handle leveraging the pick under the root. Even then it is a difficult task to free it, this stuff is tough as nails. But I’m a tough old bastard too. Not tough enough, I am typing this with my right hand/wrist wrapped up again!

Interesting thing I discovered about honeysuckle. For every bit of vine you can see, there is just as much in the root system. If not more. It looks like it just goes to the ground to root, but oh no, not that simple. It expands in every direction above ground with reaching tendrils looking for a place to climb. These tendrils will go a couple of feet, then establish a root to ground, then keep spreading until it decides to ascend. It also, and this was the surprise, stretches out in multiple directions underground! There is a vast root system stretching this way and that up to two inches deep! You start uprooting what you think is the home base, the grandaddy root that will destroy the vine for good, and all of a sudden the damn root starts pulling up and you keep pulling, walking along several feet till it finally gives out. Long story short, you can’t just eliminate what you can see, you have to search and destroy the vast underground system if you want to free yourself from honeysuckle.

As I am wounded again. And find that I have muscles aching I wasn’t even aware existed this morning, I will have to take a few days off to heal up. But I will continue this war till every damn bit of honeysuckle I can find has been destroyed. If it doesn’t destroy me in the process.

I hope your transition to summer is faring better  🙂



Doobies For Dementia

If I didn’t already have plenty of good reasons to take a toke every now and then (very seldom these days though I must admit) here is an interesting study into cannabis.

Apparently small doses of cannabis can effectively reverse aging symptoms in the brain. In mice at least. So let me reference an old Styx song:

“Light up, everybody, join us in the celebration…”

A quote from the source, it looks as if they have been studying this for quite some time:

“To discover precisely what effect the THC treatment has in old mice, the researchers examined the brain tissue and gene activity of the treated mice. The findings were surprising: the molecular signature no longer corresponded to that of old animals, but was instead very similar to that of young animals. The number of links between the nerve cells in the brain also increased again, which is an important prerequisite for learning ability. “It looked as though the THC treatment turned back the molecular clock.”



So apparently Trump believes Comey is a nutjob.

I don’t know what Comey is exactly, besides a mendacious meddler favoring a Republican outcome in our presidential election, but it is in my opinion painfully clear who the nutjob is.

It isn’t Comey.

And nevermind the fact that our idiot in chief pretty much admitted he fired Comey because of the FBI’s investigation into Trump. Clearly a case of flagrant obstruction by a petulant, privileged, jackass who thinks he is beyond the law.

While I do believe this could be the beginning of the end for our joke of a president, the joke will be on us, as Pence, the idiot lying YEC, is next in line.

Thank you, I just had to get that out of my head as it was bouncing around in there like a ricochet and would not leave me alone. I feel a bit better now…  🙂



There are likely more fires like this that need putting out all over the internet, than any rational mind could keep up with. I stumbled across this WP post a few minutes ago, a ludicrous right wing rant, oblivious of reality, soaked in racism, wrapped up in hate, and in complete denial of anything resembling the facts as we understand them.

Go, but at your own risk. I hate even suggesting anyone visit this…

I commented, doubt it will stay up long. So I copied it.

“Nice rant. Too bad the disconnect from reality is glaringly obvious. Try to be more subtle in your insanity if you want anyone to take it seriously.

This is what happens to people who only get their news/opinions from Rush Limbaugh and Faux News. People are entitled to their opinions, but facts are facts no matter what you believe, or refuse to accept.”

So, I Was Listening To The Radio II

…and the morning crew were discussing a survey where the topic was “What would you do if you knew the (so called) End of Days was upon us?” With a one week notice. The survey (which I tried to find with no success so I’m going on what they were saying) indicated that most people would spend time reaching out to family, spending time with loved ones etc.

And a certain percentage of people with anti social tendencies/psychiatric issues would run amok.

Which was all fine and dandy I guess. Then one of the announcers made that claim that “Every knee would bow, and every tongue confess the lord, that’s what would happen”

So I had to pull over and send them a text:

“As a man that lives in an evidence based reality (yeah I know lol) I would have better things to do than grovel in the dirt to any manifestation of the so called gods.

I’d spend quality time with my family, get some fishing in, enjoy my astronomy hobby, and do some drinking with my old band buddies. (among others) I’ll die with no dirt on the knees of my britches.”

Haven’t heard back from them  😉

So, how might you answer this question?



Quote Of The Month

You know I have not done one of these in like, forever, I wound up in a rabbit hole on the internet (ever had that problem?) and ran across this quote. It struck a chord with me and I thought I’d share it.

The source is Lao Tzu, early Chinese philosopher and suspected author of the Tao Te Ching.

The quote:

“Those who are intelligent are not ideologues. Those who are ideologues are not intelligent.”

Seems appropriate in todays political climate no?

How about a two-fer?

“Try to change it and you will ruin it. Try to hold it and you will lose it.”

How about a three-fer?

“Those who know do not say. Those who say do not know.”

How about a , oh nevermind!

“The more that laws and regulations are given prominence, the more thieves and robbers there will be.”

Y’all have a good day out there, and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do 🙂