So, I Was Listening To The Radio II

…and the morning crew were discussing a survey where the topic was “What would you do if you knew the (so called) End of Days was upon us?” With a one week notice. The survey (which I tried to find with no success so I’m going on what they were saying) indicated that most people would spend time reaching out to family, spending time with loved ones etc.

And a certain percentage of people with anti social tendencies/psychiatric issues would run amok.

Which was all fine and dandy I guess. Then one of the announcers made that claim that “Every knee would bow, and every tongue confess the lord, that’s what would happen”

So I had to pull over and send them a text:

“As a man that lives in an evidence based reality (yeah I know lol) I would have better things to do than grovel in the dirt to any manifestation of the so called gods.

I’d spend quality time with my family, get some fishing in, enjoy my astronomy hobby, and do some drinking with my old band buddies. (among others) I’ll die with no dirt on the knees of my britches.”

Haven’t heard back from them  😉

So, how might you answer this question?