Rapists and Murderers

Some of you may know I am married to a nurse.  Well, she works in a home health setting and has been working with 3 year old girl with a lot of health issues.

The family was at a graduation party tonight celebrating the success of 3 college grads, and I had to pick my wife up there. The family is Mexican. The civic center (in a small town mind you) had probably 75 – 80 people there, almost all Mexican. There were a few white boys there, but this was a true Mexican gathering. There was a DJ, playing Mexican tunes. There was much food, which folks kept trying to get me to eat, I had just eaten though and had to graciously pass. I met the family of the little girl, I met several other fine fine folks as well. As I sat there watching the children play, and the people enjoying themselves, a tear formed in my eye. Here was a community of fine hard working people, people with kids, hopes, and dreams. People just like the rest of us. I could not help but think about the climate within this country now, and while I have known for a long time it is filled with racist horseshit, this scene really drove it home.

I often find myself in a position where I feel the need to apologize for my gender, today I feel the need to apologize for my country. I freely offer my sincere apology to all who would suffer at the hands of my racist countrymen. I wish everyone could see a snapshot of the gathering I witnessed this evening. I wish everyone could see what I see, that we are all brothers no matter the color of our skin. And that to treat any one person that looks different than you any differently than you would treat your own, is a crime against humanity itself.

Begone Republican party. Begone Donald Trump. Begone the asinine ass kissing R led House and Congress. Begone every ignorant racist redneck who thinks they are the epitome of human achievement. None of you are fit to live in this country let alone have a hand in governing it.

There, I feel a little bit better…


Some of you may have noticed I haven’t been around much. I gotta tell you I just haven’t been feeling it. I have been taking a blog-cation. I just reached a point where I was tired of chasing down the same old hound dogs that get the majority of attention. I mean I know that people/situations/ridiculous claims/ etc. need to be called out for the sake of honest open discussion, and it is often funny observing the antics of deluded. It just wore thin on me, and I’m taking a breather. Also have way too many things to keep me busy right now, I’ll be back up and around before ya know it though. So y’all behave cuz when I come back I’ll have my hound dog hunting stick.