Doobies For Dementia

If I didn’t already have plenty of good reasons to take a toke every now and then (very seldom these days though I must admit) here is an interesting study into cannabis.

Apparently small doses of cannabis can effectively reverse aging symptoms in the brain. In mice at least. So let me reference an old Styx song:

“Light up, everybody, join us in the celebration…”

A quote from the source, it looks as if they have been studying this for quite some time:

“To discover precisely what effect the THC treatment has in old mice, the researchers examined the brain tissue and gene activity of the treated mice. The findings were surprising: the molecular signature no longer corresponded to that of old animals, but was instead very similar to that of young animals. The number of links between the nerve cells in the brain also increased again, which is an important prerequisite for learning ability. “It looked as though the THC treatment turned back the molecular clock.”

4 thoughts on “Doobies For Dementia

  1. Awesome dude! Pass the doobie!


  2. I read about this last week, and I’m dismayed by commenters (even older progressives) who seem to be holding onto biases (propaganda) about cannabis, which, as you know, was propagated in the mid-20th century for unethical reasons. Studies like this one are incredibly encouraging.

    No bogarting allowed. :p


    • Yes I saw an editorial some time back on that propaganda campaign that was very enlightening. Mostly a political bandwagon that everyone seemed to jump on. As I recall it was a racial bias against Mexicans that started the entire thing.

      And how that propagated perception persists today is fairly mind boggling, especially with decades of official lab tests showing many benefits, and the largest citizen lab test ever since 1960 that shows that cannabis is pretty harmless and entirely blown out of proportion by law enforcement.

      Well I passed it to ISBD1 and he is bogarting now. Hey! Pass it on dude!

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