Now Can They Find Our Missing Socks?

In case you haven’t heard, astronomers have discovered the missing matter in our universe. According to the current cosmological model, matter is dispersed through the universe in a 70% dark energy, 25% dark matter, and 5% ordinary matter ratio. The ordinary matter, like we all know and love, has only been measured to around 50% of what they thought was out there. This missing matter was hiding where they thought it might be, but had no direct evidence to show. Until now. This matter was assumed to be in gaseous form residing in the vast distances of space, but we had no way to measure it.

There are these occurences known as FRB’s (Fast Radio Bursts) A FBR was caught recently (last year sometime). With very quick follow ups with other observational telescopes they were able to pinpoint the location of the FRB. Using the redshift analysis they determined this galaxy is 6 billion light years out.

While we can detect FRB’s, they havent been able to get a location on one quick enough to determine it’s location. They got this one. Which is only part of the challenge. Knowing the distance is only 1 key aspect, but a big one.

Now what they know about these FRB’s is the radio waves disperse as they travel through matter in space. The radio waves with higher energy/frequency arrive before the lower frequency waves. The amount of dispersion depends on the amount of matter they encounter. This discrepency combined with the location of the event that caused the FRB allowed them ( I am not sure who they are) to indirectly measure the matter these radio waves traveled through. It fits the model!

This is kind of a big deal actually. When data comes together to confirm a working theory we have what is known as science. Science being the best way known to understand this big old universe we live in. It works so much better than those other ways of knowing, and they can show their work!

I caught this first from Science Daily:

Also Phil Plait over at Bad Astronomy did a great write up. I borrowed some of his knowledge of the radio wave dispersion in my write up. Mr. Plait goes into much detail, and considers the causes of FRB’s:

Tennessee Has An Official Gun, Can I Move Now?

You know I am a godless left leaning liberal type. I don’t quite go so far as to want to ban guns as do many liberals, I grew up hunting and fishing and own a few guns. I also learned the hard way growing up, when someone punches you in the schnoz you hit back twice as hard. I do wish we still lived in a time when bullies used their fists, instead of reaching for a weapon. I can concede we have a problem with guns in our society, and it is an issue. But I sure as fuck do not think a state should decide to adopt a gun as an official state symbol. State flowers? Fine. State bird, I’m good with that. State gun?

What in the goddamned hell are these RWCRFM’s (Right Wing Conservative Republican Fundamentalist Morons) thinking?! Tennessee is already a laughing stock of this fine country. This cements that standing for time evermore. I was disgusted when our Gov. Bill Haslam (R) allowed vouchers (state money) for religious schools. I was really pissed when that same Gov. decided to limit pain medications (like the kind I take for my back) to 4 per day. How in the heck can you legislate someone elses pain? And I am now appalled that our Senate has adopted the Barrett Sniper Rifle as our new state gun.

There is apparently no measurable depth to the low that Republicans will go. Let’s just call it a bottomless pit of disgust. Heck I think it was last year they tried to adopt the frigging bible as a state book! What is wrong with these people?

So, How Long Until Production?

I guess there is hope for Texas after all. A group of chemists and engineers from the University of Texas, have devised a way to use concentrated light, heat, and high pressure to, in a one step process, convert carbon dioxide and water directly into liquid hydrocarbon fuel.

The obvious immediate impact would be using carbon we already do not need in the atmosphere, to create fuel. However it would seem to me that using this new fuel would put the carbon dioxide right back into the atmosphere. But, hopefully there would be a small net gain. Even if it is a break even proposition it should long term, reduce carbon content in the atmosphere. It has to, right? If you are taking away the carbon already there, then putting it right back, has to be better than not taking any away at all. The process also supposedly has oxygen as a by product!

They don’t get into specifics with the numbers, it would be nice to have a figure to see if this process is actually beneficial, once you consider the entire production process from start to finish. It said in the article they use titanium dioxide (TD) as a main ingredient. I know they manufacture that not far from where I live. It has to be mined and processed before it becomes well, TD. So there is a lot of dozers, trucks, forklifts, and furnaces involved. I also know they use chlorine gas in large amounts as well. (I worked for an on site contractor at Dupont, where they make TD for a few months a while back. I was waiting out the winter so I could get back in the water as a diver.) Anyway it is a huge operation manufacturing TD. And the carbon footprint from manufacture of TD alone will be very large.

As I was saying the carbon footprint for the entire production of this new liquid hydrocarbon fuel has to be considered before it is really a viable alternative. According to the article another plus is there would be no need for infastructure changes, because we already live in a liquid hydrocarbon society. So that would be huge.

If, and this is a big if, this new fuel passes the sniff test for viability, it has the potential to make quite an imact on our carbon problem. At any rate it could slow our carbon output some as we try to forestall our own demise from our excesses. This conjecture assumes the oil companies don’t buy up the rights to the new tech so they can conveniently “lose” it.






At least I think it’s kinda funny. The wife and I had to go for a long drive today, getting home late means you could use a quick fix for supper. This day that wound up being the large family pack meal from a place called Trolingers. They have great BBQ, and a large family pack gets you 1.5 lbs. of BBQ, 12 buns, and small containers of beans/cole slaw/and potato salad. All for right around $17.00 (after taxes). I call that a deal. As gas was $1.39 I decided to top off the fuel tank too.

Anyway after we paid for our necessities and were heading out the door, there stands the freebie paper rack. We have these small peddler papers that cater to locals with want ads/for sale ads/ and even personals. So we grabbed one just to snoop. As we were driving home I heard the wife snigger and snort, curious I asked what was up? So she read me the ad.

helpwanted 001

I know it’s likely just a typo, but really? Right after it says Accuracy is imperative! They have the typo 🙂

Texas Gov. Supports Crosses On Patrol Cars

That’s like saying there hasn’t been an ounce of good sense in Texas for a long time.

Our good governor Gregg Abbott (R) said “In addition to its religious significance, the cross has a long history in America and elsewhere as a symbol of service and sacrifice.” Service and sacrifice? Bullshit. The cross has always been and always will be a religious symbol dedicated to Chistianity. Nothing more, nothing less. Service and sacrifice my ass. There has been a great deal of service and sacrifice in and for this country, it need not be represented by one over zealous religious cult.

The gov did not respond to the query if he supported other types of religious displays on patrol cars. I find that curious.

The gov. was also quoted as saying “The symbol of the cross appropriately conveys the solemn respect all Texans should have for the courage and sacrifice of our peace officers.”

Apparently he has not met the same cops I have met. I agree they have a tough job, and deserve some respect. Right up until they do something stupid, like overstepping their bounds and killing unarmed civilians perhaps. Which there seems to be a lot of lately especially if you are the wrong color. Solemn respect? Sorry, they have a great deal of work to do on their public image…

And what the hell is solemn anyway? If not a religious conotation?

Apparently the FFRF has been on the case, as it states in the story that a Brewster County Sheriff requested state officials if they could keep their religious displays. Ill quote this:

“The request followed a complaint by the Freedom From Religion Foundation which called on the sheriff to remove the crosses, arguing no government official has the right to promote his or her religious belief on government property.”

…and this:

“Whether it is a cross, a star and crescent, or a pentagram, law enforcement must remain neutral on matters of religion in order to foster public confidence in their impartiality,” the nationwide group that promotes the separation of church and state, said in a statement.

Which I agree with wholeheartedly. May reason win out over outdated superstitious nonsense.


Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Could this be for real? An Indian man is claimed to be dead by meteorite!

Quote from the source:

“Indian officials say a meteorite struck the campus of a private engineering college on Saturday, killing one person. If scientists confirm the explosion was due to a meteorite, it would be the first recorded human fatality due to a falling space rock.

Yeah, They Called It The Dark Ages


This is from the same people that I did a piece on a while back. Perhaps you recall the “Lisa Davis, In Jail for Christ” sign? These people would praise their gods all the while they were oppressed. They would burn the heretics and witches. They would glady torture, maim, and kill those different from them. They would rejoice drenched in the blood of their enemies and their enemies would be many.

Either they know not what they do, or they are total friggin deranged lunatics. Either way I am sure they see themselves however, as pious pillars of the community.