It’s a Trap!

You know they had me. I was sympathetic. I too suffer from chronic pain. It can be absolutely miserable at times. To the point you wish you could just jump out of your own body. But alas it can’t be done until your self finally leaves it’s meat bag.

But yeah, they had me. Right up until they Jeebus-ed me. I felt violated. Cheated. Lied to. Suckered. The amount of pain and discomfort this person was relating was a level I could only think as miserable beyond belief. Now I’m leaning towards it might be a wee bit of a stretch, after they pulled the ole switcheroo.

When someone pulls a stunt like that, it surely makes me wonder, was this just another just so story from liars for jeebus? It sure feels like it. If it isn’t, I’d sure like to know how the hell Jeebus makes a difference…

I did not bother to comment. Not worth my time.

I’ve got to learn to stop investigating the WP teasers… But every once in a while it works out ๐Ÿ˜‰