Every Once In A While You Stumble Across Something Interesting

Just going through my reader a few minutes ago and saw a WP highlighted post and followed it into the rabbit hole. What I found there was some great writing, excellent posts, and would give a good rating for entertainment value. I’ll leave it to you to see if you feel the same way.


I’m pretty sure this gal is a Christian so tread lightly my friends. 🙂  She shares qualities I think most of you would admire. It isn’t every day I run into something I would recommend checking out here from WP. Especially from someone religious.

There are some good and decent believers out there with a good head on their shoulders, I am sure we have all met a few, that if only were far more common, I think we might all get along. Or perhaps that is the pipe dream, but it’s worth a minute to think about. Check her out, let me know what you think.

I believe this is evidence that not all Christians are right wing nuthuggers, who are constantly tossing bible quotes around to prove thier expertise, and who consistently drink the Faux News Kool-Aid. Damn shame it is but a rare random sample.


Fermi Paradox? Drake Equation?

If either of these topics peaks your interest I just read a really good write up here:


Very well thought out, coherent, logically presented, and I agree with most all of it. Even if you do not agree there is much here to tickle the fancies of any space nerd. Enjoy, nerds 🙂

…I have always (well since I learned enough to actually have an informed thought) felt that the sheer vastness of the universe, and the sheer number of galaxies, hosting innumerable stars, each with a high probabilty of planets, means it is highly improbable that technological intelligence such as ours, developed only here and nowhere else. Also the incredible distances between all points in this universe, with all sorts of radiation, the ever present danger of the vacuum of space, micrometeorites, as well as all sort of unforseen hazards in the way, and the lack of light speed capabilities makes it highly unlikely we will ever be able to confirm or truly deny the existence of an ETI.

Nevermind the fact that even if we had light speed technology it would take many generations of our species to travel any meaningful distance. Thereby diminishing any real possibilities of discovery of said ETI.

I sure am glad, in the meantime, we have sci-fi.

I Swear I Was Just Reading One of Ark’s Posts…

…and this was one of those highlighted WP posts at the bottom of the page.


This is the Fact #1 I responded to:

Fact 1: 
There is no known observable process by which genetic information can be added to an organism’s genetic code.

Fact # 1, are you aware of the flu? Are you aware that it mutates regularly? Are you aware they have to make a different vaccine every single year because it EVOLVES? Dumbass…

This is the Fact #2 I responded to:

Fact 2:
Never, ever has it been observed that life can come from non-life.

Fact #2, Abiogenesis is what we lack factual evidence for, evolution is seen all the time. Of course if you are wearing babble glasses it is difficult to see. Bear in mind science is still looking for the spark of abiogenesis, it is a matter of time. It will have a rational explanation of course, no voodoo or magic fairy dust required, as we all know that is the dead end alley of stupid.

You can make absurd claims all day long against your poorly understood caricature of evolution if you wish, the rest of the eduacted world is moving on. Evolution firmly in tow. Unfortunately the ignorant will be left behind with much gnashing and wailing to do…





end quote:

It is unfortunate that every single day, just about anywhere you go on the net, this sort of plain stupidity, or malicious deception, is present. We could each knock one of these down 3 times a week and the chore would be never ending. That is but one of the examples of the terrible state of our country.

Nevermind the continued debacle of our govenment…


I know I have mentioned that my wife has taken care of a sweet little girl for the last couple of years. (Home health care setting) She unexpectedly passed away a couple days back, my wife on duty. It is simply tragic. While I know this little girl mostly through the eyes of my wife, I am tore up right now. I can’t even comprehend how the family is taking this.

My wife worked her case when she was an infant, no one really knew yet if anyone was even home at that time, she being non verbal, frail, and living on a ventilator 24/7. But when the wife got another chance to work the case, (nurses get shuffled around,) by this time it was indeed known that not only was somebody home, she was very smart. She learned to sign by 3 years old, and understood both Spanish and English by 4. She was uncannily bright and mature for her age and carried a great sense of humor beyond her years. My wife referred to her as a little Steven Hawking, she was that intelligent. She was only recently starting to vocalize a few words and had begun going to school. A frail little girl stuck in a wheelchair, on a vent, multiple heart surgeries, and nary a sign that she felt disabled in any way, a true fighter with a personality one can only hope to find a few times during the course of our lives.

She had to have heart surgery not too long ago, and had a case of pneumonia of recent. The last couple of weeks her heart rate was fluctuating wildly and her sats (oxygen levels) were up and down as well.  The family threw her in the van at least 3 times and travelled the 2 1/2 hour ride to the best H in the state, Vanderbilt, in that time. No one could really identify what the issue was and she was sent home on each occaision. Looking back now, I as a mere bystander can only surmise that her little heart was was trying to tell us that it was failing.

A life ended far too soon, a little girl I wanted to know and see grow up, she touched every single person who knew her. Every life is special, every child of innocence a treasure. This child was a blazing sun among a sea of ordinary stars, and none can fill the void she has left behind. My wife and I mourn for the family, and the life of a little girl who indeed touched us all.

A blog, can be a window. I do hope that peering into this one today, gives you some appreciation for making the most of what you have got. Tomorrow is no guarantee…


This Is Why I Am On Blogcation

Because the state of my country has me so pissed off right now I fear I have nothing good left to say about anything. I feel I want to reach out and knock the shit out of somebody, anybody deserving of my irritation with this countries state of affairs. This is why I have been hiding under my rock. I don’t want to be an agressive ass whose first inclination of late is that Donald Trump and every R in office needs a visit from me, for the sole purpose of punching them in the nose…

So I stay home. I venture out into my blog community rarely. I try to stay away from political posts, because I don’t want my already fuming and disgusted derriere getting knee deep in some political rant, because I do not need the frustration. So, I like my rock, I try to stay there and manage my daily activities, already full of stresses I do not need. My mother is in the H, doesn’t look good, she may die soon. I have many more stressful issues I’m trying to juggle as well, I don’t need any more bullshit. OK?

Then I get mail. From the desk of VP Mike Pence no less. A 4 page screed full of bullshit and begging for $. Ooooh, a return envelope to the Republican National Commitee, in DC no less. They want me to match this bogus check they sent for $35. Because it is so important that they have the $ they need to put their R cronies in office. Well I have taken the liberty of scanning this 4 page load of steaming BS for your pleasure. As well as my reply, which I will sign with my real name and stuff in the envelope they so graciously gave me 🙂 That is assuming the wife will let me, she is afraid the Trump Nazis might show up…

Mike Pence $ Begging 1 001Mike Pence $ Begging 2 001Mike Pence $ Begging 3 001Mike Pence $ Begging 4 001

Here is my reply:

Fuck you Mike Pence. Fuck you Donald Trump. Fuck you, to every one of you treasonous republican rat bastards in the House, and the Senate, for failing to act on this out of control POTUS.

If ever there was a time for good people to stand up and do the right thing, this is it. The right thing is to vote out you bunch of goddamn lying, cheating, deviously underhanded, thieves, liars, and crooks. Since day one this administration has attacked every institution that holds sleazy bastards like you accountable. You have attacked clean air, clean water, the poor, the downtrodden, the immigrants seeking asylum, everything worth working towards in this country you have set back by 20 years. You have attacked the press, the FBI, and law enforcement in general. You have even attacked our allies and in the meantime managed to cozy up to dictators across the globe. All of this while being covered by the slime of the Russian collusion scandal. There seems to be no end of scandal nor any bottom to how low this can go.

The only thing you (Trump administration, R’s in general) have managed to accomplish politically, is to make America a laughingstock of the world. That and passing tax cuts and roll backs on regulations to make the filthy rich even moreso, at the expense of every hardworking American in this country, as well as the environment we are a part of.

You should be ashamed of yourselves, yet apparently none of you pathetic low life bigoted republican assholes have the simple decency to be ashamed or the vision to do the right thing. I hope every one of you cowering, gutless, accomplices… get tarred, feathered, and ridden out of town on a rough hewn rail. That is what it would take, to make this country great again.

Take your begging for money screed, full of mistruths and lies, and shove it firmly up your republican ass.

I’ll be voting Democrat till the end of my days. You can thank everyone in this administration, who hasn’t the moral fibre to walk out already, for that.

PS: My apologies to any Republican having the bravery to speak out against this administration, who may have got caught up within my broad stroke of the brush. There are maybe a handful undeserving of my words. The rest of you, you know who you are, and so do we, the people.
PPS: If my country needs a Paul Revere, I’m ready to ride. (end reply)


Anyone with me?

The Last Word

Looks like I got back in the saddle here at least for a little bit, I saw a Lawrence Odonnell (Host of The Last Word) segment the other night that really caught my attention. First I have to say I am a big fan of the show, and absolutely love Rachael Maddow who precedes Lawrence on MSNBC, weekdays.

The discussion was about the Trump administrations use of the bible to justify recent atrocities committed by the administration in their immigration policy. Perhaps you have heard the kerfuffle concerning the separating of children from their parents?. Anyway the WH acolytes used the bible of all things as justification, the panel on the show was disussing a response to the administration with a couple of guest religious advoates, a Bishop Michael Curry and a Father James Martin.

A lead in by Lawrence:

“In a country that enshrines separation of church and state in
the constitution, we never need to use religion to justifying a government
policy. But American politicians love to do it. And the Trump administration
is doing it to justify their policy of child abuse at the southern border.

Attorney general Jeff Sessions has cited what he calls biblical
justification using a bible passage that was frequently used to justify
slavery. And now Kellyanne Conway has come along and pulled Catholicism
into this bite. At the same time that the Pope and the catholic bishops
and catholic priests have objected to what the President is doing to
children at the southern border.”

Kellyanne Conways remark from a few days back is the topic: “As a mother, as a Catholic, as somebody who has got a conscience and wouldn’t say the junk that somebody, said, apparently, allegedly, I will tell you that nobody likes this policy. ”

And Father James Martin replied thusly: “Well, I think
what she is saying absurd. I believe she has a conscience obviously, but I
think most people who see what’s going on in the border realize that their
conscience is telling them this is outrageous and it’s sinful. There’s a
reason why we are so outraged. It’s because God moves through our
consciences and tries to move us through action. So it’s sinful.”

Then the Bishop Michael Curry had his turn, saying basically that the bible tells us to love thy neighbor, and this policy is not doing that. Then Lawrence said this:

“To the people in our audience who are not religious, have no
religion, to atheists, they can come to the conclusion that this is an
immoral act without any religious guidance whatsoever. And morality can be
found in certain positions without any religious guidance whatsoever or any
religious belief.”

And to that I say Halleluja! Just wanted to bring this to your attention, it caught me by surprise, and I just wanted to share. My admiration for Lawrence Odonnell grew a little more that evening.

Oh, FWIW our asshole in chief signed an executive order just a little while ago canceling the policy THEY put in place, which separates children from their parents at the border. I suppose he will trumpet about acting like it wasn’t under his goddamn guidance in the first place and what a really nice guy he is. Disgusting piece of shit.

The transcript of the Lawrence Odonnell show from which I gathered my quotes, look for it a fair way down the page (look for “Begin Video Clip” followed by “Kellyanne Conway, White House Counselor”) is here:



EDIT: I have been looking in vain for the video to accompany this post. MSNBC appears to have the wrong video in the 6/18/18 slot, and I cant get a youtube vid to load, says unavailable. So, Im going to let it go, I still have a life lol. If anyone finds the video in your travels, please drop a line and let me know. I figured I might not be able to post the video due to copyright issues, but was hoping I could at least point to the time stamp.

Rapists and Murderers

Some of you may know I am married to a nurse.  Well, she works in a home health setting and has been working with 3 year old girl with a lot of health issues.

The family was at a graduation party tonight celebrating the success of 3 college grads, and I had to pick my wife up there. The family is Mexican. The civic center (in a small town mind you) had probably 75 – 80 people there, almost all Mexican. There were a few white boys there, but this was a true Mexican gathering. There was a DJ, playing Mexican tunes. There was much food, which folks kept trying to get me to eat, I had just eaten though and had to graciously pass. I met the family of the little girl, I met several other fine fine folks as well. As I sat there watching the children play, and the people enjoying themselves, a tear formed in my eye. Here was a community of fine hard working people, people with kids, hopes, and dreams. People just like the rest of us. I could not help but think about the climate within this country now, and while I have known for a long time it is filled with racist horseshit, this scene really drove it home.

I often find myself in a position where I feel the need to apologize for my gender, today I feel the need to apologize for my country. I freely offer my sincere apology to all who would suffer at the hands of my racist countrymen. I wish everyone could see a snapshot of the gathering I witnessed this evening. I wish everyone could see what I see, that we are all brothers no matter the color of our skin. And that to treat any one person that looks different than you any differently than you would treat your own, is a crime against humanity itself.

Begone Republican party. Begone Donald Trump. Begone the asinine ass kissing R led House and Congress. Begone every ignorant racist redneck who thinks they are the epitome of human achievement. None of you are fit to live in this country let alone have a hand in governing it.

There, I feel a little bit better…


Some of you may have noticed I haven’t been around much. I gotta tell you I just haven’t been feeling it. I have been taking a blog-cation. I just reached a point where I was tired of chasing down the same old hound dogs that get the majority of attention. I mean I know that people/situations/ridiculous claims/ etc. need to be called out for the sake of honest open discussion, and it is often funny observing the antics of deluded. It just wore thin on me, and I’m taking a breather. Also have way too many things to keep me busy right now, I’ll be back up and around before ya know it though. So y’all behave cuz when I come back I’ll have my hound dog hunting stick.