I Swear I Was Just Reading One of Ark’s Posts…

…and this was one of those highlighted WP posts at the bottom of the page.


This is the Fact #1 I responded to:

Fact 1: 
There is no known observable process by which genetic information can be added to an organism’s genetic code.

Fact # 1, are you aware of the flu? Are you aware that it mutates regularly? Are you aware they have to make a different vaccine every single year because it EVOLVES? Dumbass…

This is the Fact #2 I responded to:

Fact 2:
Never, ever has it been observed that life can come from non-life.

Fact #2, Abiogenesis is what we lack factual evidence for, evolution is seen all the time. Of course if you are wearing babble glasses it is difficult to see. Bear in mind science is still looking for the spark of abiogenesis, it is a matter of time. It will have a rational explanation of course, no voodoo or magic fairy dust required, as we all know that is the dead end alley of stupid.

You can make absurd claims all day long against your poorly understood caricature of evolution if you wish, the rest of the eduacted world is moving on. Evolution firmly in tow. Unfortunately the ignorant will be left behind with much gnashing and wailing to do…





end quote:

It is unfortunate that every single day, just about anywhere you go on the net, this sort of plain stupidity, or malicious deception, is present. We could each knock one of these down 3 times a week and the chore would be never ending. That is but one of the examples of the terrible state of our country.

Nevermind the continued debacle of our govenment…


I know I have mentioned that my wife has taken care of a sweet little girl for the last couple of years. (Home health care setting) She unexpectedly passed away a couple days back, my wife on duty. It is simply tragic. While I know this little girl mostly through the eyes of my wife, I am tore up right now. I can’t even comprehend how the family is taking this.

My wife worked her case when she was an infant, no one really knew yet if anyone was even home at that time, she being non verbal, frail, and living on a ventilator 24/7. But when the wife got another chance to work the case, (nurses get shuffled around,) by this time it was indeed known that not only was somebody home, she was very smart. She learned to sign by 3 years old, and understood both Spanish and English by 4. She was uncannily bright and mature for her age and carried a great sense of humor beyond her years. My wife referred to her as a little Steven Hawking, she was that intelligent. She was only recently starting to vocalize a few words and had begun going to school. A frail little girl stuck in a wheelchair, on a vent, multiple heart surgeries, and nary a sign that she felt disabled in any way, a true fighter with a personality one can only hope to find a few times during the course of our lives.

She had to have heart surgery not too long ago, and had a case of pneumonia of recent. The last couple of weeks her heart rate was fluctuating wildly and her sats (oxygen levels) were up and down as well.  The family threw her in the van at least 3 times and travelled the 2 1/2 hour ride to the best H in the state, Vanderbilt, in that time. No one could really identify what the issue was and she was sent home on each occaision. Looking back now, I as a mere bystander can only surmise that her little heart was was trying to tell us that it was failing.

A life ended far too soon, a little girl I wanted to know and see grow up, she touched every single person who knew her. Every life is special, every child of innocence a treasure. This child was a blazing sun among a sea of ordinary stars, and none can fill the void she has left behind. My wife and I mourn for the family, and the life of a little girl who indeed touched us all.

A blog, can be a window. I do hope that peering into this one today, gives you some appreciation for making the most of what you have got. Tomorrow is no guarantee…