A Day in the Life…

Up at 4:30 AM, make the coffee, get the wife off to work, 30 min drive. Have the youngest sons girlfriend in, she needs a ride back to college, an hour further. I stop on the way back home to see if an alternator/starter guy can rebuild the alternator out of our Ford Fusion, sign on the window says he went out of business 3 months ago. Just my luck.

I get home and start piddling around the house, wondering what the hell to do with this alternator situation, newly remanufactured alternators for this car are going in the neighborhood of $300, which is why I was looking at having a local do the rebuild. I’ve had the alternator out of the car for several days looking for a solution I can live with. I decided to do a Google search on “alternator rebuilder west Tn.” A guy pops up in Jackson, an hour away, I make the call. He’s like I can get you right out if you get here. So my ass hops in the little Toyota Corolla we picked up a little while back, and I’m heading to Jackson.

It’s windy, the drive kept me on my toes just trying to keep the little car between the lines. Get to the exit I need to get off at, and freaking road construction has the exit completely blocked, have to drive another 5 minutes to the next exit and fight traffic for a bit trying to get back to the road I needed to take. I finally get to the alternator guy, with no further hassles.

Well there was a line of one when I got there, had to wait for an alternator fix before he could look at mine, so I pass the time with the customer. He gets taken care of and Im next. My new alternator guy quickly diagnosed an issue I never expected. The alternator needs a new pully he informed me. Now Im no stranger to auto parts, or boat motor parts, or big truck diesel engine parts, as my life has had me neck deep in all of them. But I have never in my life heard of needing a new alternator pulley unless the old one had been run over by a bulldozer, so I’m like wtf? Really, a new pulley?  He informs me that alternator pulleys are now equipped with an internal clutch, and they can go bad. I turned the pully and quickly saw that yes indeed the stator (internal alternator windings on a shaft) was not turning with the pulley at 100%, more like 15% and I’m all of a sudden happy I learned something today. Well my alternator guy wasn’t sure if he had a pulley that would fit, after a bit of shuffling about in a back room he emerges with a pulley, and it fit!

Step one complete, he does a quick bench test and decided my alternator would charge just fine now but he put a new set of brushes in it just because. They can be put in without even having to crack open the casing, easy peasey. He put my alternator in another bench test rig and I saw it throwing out over 170 amps and its a 150 amp alternator. How much did it cost you ask?

$70. Seventy freaking dollars. Did I mention I could not find anything less than in the $300 range before? And thats for a reman, a new one will run upwards of $600-700 bucks. Well I peeled off four 20’s and told him to keep the change. This guy just saved me a minimum of $230. Ten bucks wasn’t enough of a tip.

And this is my tip to all of you. Alternators and starters can still be rebuilt. And it can save you a bunch of $$$. Also there are alternator guys out there that truly deserve your business, look one up when your starter or alternator catches you by surprise.

I got home and managed to install the alternator just in the nick of time, of being able to pick up the wife from work with the Ford Fusion. The bad news is Im wiped out today from yesterdays travels. I hope y’all are riding things out the best you can, wherever you may be.

I’d go a bit further and tell ya maybe this post will get me back in the regular blog business, but I don’t want to lie to you 😉



TR Crooks

I have to make this about me for a minute, I may have mentioned here or there I am involved in music. Myself and a good friend and bass player (/waves at Jimmy) have been doing some recording for the last couple of years. Well a guitar player I used to gig with a long time ago called one day, looking for something to do. I told him what we were doing and he jumped aboard. Things progressed to the point where we decided to look for a drummer, found a great guy on Craigslist (hey Randy!), and we have been practicing for the last few months. Which is part of the why I haven’t been blogging much but that’s beside the point.

Anyway, there was a local band phenomenon in these parts years ago, they were known as *TR Crooks. They had an album with a lot of good music on it, but they are renowned for their song Farmin Man. I have played Farmin Man in the past in a cover band situation. If you want to see people get off their butts and fill up the floor, Farmin Man is a southern anthem that everyone in these parts loves to hear.

Well me and the guys I’m playing with have all done the cover band thing to death, from the beginning Jimmy and I decided this time we are doing original stuff. Doing other peoples songs is fun, but nowhere near as rewarding as seeing your own stuff come to life. My aforementioned buddy Jimmy and I are responsible for the writing and composing thus far, but we just have to stray from the originals and incorporate Farmin Man in our set. So I have been practicing with it, I’ve played it before so it won’t be a big deal guitarwise, but I’m also having to carry much of the vocal parts, not because I’m a vocalist or pretend to be one, but because I wrote much of our original stuff and I know where the words go. 🙂

So I have been working on the song Farmin Man, and I decided to look up TR Crooks on the net and see what I could find. Well I found the album I remember in its entirety posted on Youtube, and I decided I would share it with WP. Farmin Man is 3rd on the album. Song of David is definately worthy of mention, much of the rest is pretty good stuff too. I swear I can’t hear Song of David without have to wipe my eye…


I saw these guys live a few times way back in the day playing roadside redneck bars. They were really good, and so many people in W. Tennessee have an undying love for TR Crooks. One of the guys (Jimmy Stewart) in the band by the way, went on and made a name for himself, winning a Grammy for a song or two he wrote. The group lost a member here and there, and faded away without ever becoming widely known, which is a shame. But all of us who do remember them, remember them well.

Believe it or not, there is an ad on a local tobacco shop door, where you can pull off a phone number, and get guitar lessons with none other than Jimmy Stewart! I keep thinking I ought to get me a lesson just to formerly meet the guy. And no I do not smoke or otherwise use tobacco, I quit that habit cold turkey a long time ago, but I do have a tobacco addict in the house 😉

I saw a more recent TR Crooks short acoustic set (2 songs) on Youtube as well, one of the songs here is Song of David. This is a far cry from what they used to be and do, it is still quite good, as far as I know the singer (Jimmy Stewart) is the sole original member.Of course if I’m wrong, and this being the internet, 27 people will chime in to correct me, and I welcome it when it comes! There are some things I do not know and I’m proud of it.

*TR is short for Tennessee River.

As for me and the guys I’m practicing with, we haven’t booked anything yet, but we are close to being ready. I tossed out a band name the other day that hasn’t been shit canned yet, so we might have a name soon. Double Aught. If you don’t know what that is it’s a pretty bad ass shotgun round, I hope its a fit for a pretty bad ass band. It ain’t set in stone yet though. A name hasn’t been our number one priority, getting things nailed down is issue #1.

Our drummer is formerly from Memphis and I understand there are a couple of places there that favor bands with original stuff, so we may be headed that way soon. We passed an opportunity to play a music festival at a place called Starlake Ampitheater on the 12th cuz we just need to tighten up a bit first. It’s a slow moving train getting a band tightened up to where you are ready to play live and do it well, but it’s soon the leave the station, assuming there are no extinction events, or guys dropping out in the next month or two.  🙂

Just for the record, we are all too old for this to be some kind of mid life crisis thing, we are doing this because it is just part of our DNA, that and we are just too stupid to quit.

Oh, here is a studio recording of one of my originals, this was done a long time ago, we don’t have this vocalist with us, and we have omitted the acoustic solo early, but the the rest is pretty close. I was responsible for all guitars. This one will be in our line up. I wish I had more than rough demos of our other stuff, as soon as we knuckle down and do some real recording I will see what I can do to get some of it up.


That’s our musical history lesson for the day, I hope you enjoyed it!

This Is Why I Don’t Get Out Much


My reply (Awaiting Moderation):

Quote from the post:

“That’s not a person I’m going to be able to help much. That’s a double standard that they don’t apply to anything else. They get onto airplanes, buy computers, cars, and homes with far less evidence.” /end quote

Really? This is the meat of your argument? That is one the most ridiculous things I have ever heard. How does plenty of darn evidence of airplanes, computers, and cars, translate into your assumption that skeptics are gulity of a double standard?

I have been on airplanes, have a computer, and drive a car. All of which have nothing to do with being a-religious. That comes from exactly zero existing evidence of your gods, save for simply, you have belief, (and think that surely must be good enough for the rest of us.) And if stupid arguments like this is all you have got, well I pity what’s left of your religion.

Instead of reading apologetics, pick up an encyclopedia… Learn something meaningful. Life is too short for chasing the non existent. Might as well be chasing bigfoot. Good grief, I still can’t believe what I just read. The double standard of actual evidence. Head —> desk. /end reply

I’m finally having a little time to peruse my reader, and drop a comment here and there, then lo and behold up jumps the stoopid. I have enough crap to deal with on a daily basis without reading this sort of tripe, which sends me straight into “whatthefuck?” mode. If you are going to argue for your religion, please have a coherent and logical discussion. Meaningless word salad is not helping your cause.

Of course if that is was the standard, they wouldn’t have any argument…

Rant over. You may continue with your day, thank you for your time. 🙂


EDIT: Why is it that while perusing my blogs of preference that WP deems it appropriate to spam us with the absurd? WP cannot differentiate between skeptics and apologetics? Ok, now I’m done 🙂



Make This Happen!


A reactor that can turn greenhouse gasses into liquid fuels? Well, we should be trying to wean ourselves off of any type of fuel that creates greenhouse gasses, but if you just got to have fuel, this would be the way to get it.

Just so y’all (I can say that I live in the south) know I ain’t dead yet, this post might mitigate any assumptions. Hope you are are all doing well and survivng the daily misery of our lovely government as best you can. Is it over yet? I’m trying not to look anymore…




I haven’t posted in a while. Been living under my rock where it’s peaceful and quiet. I venture out on your blogs when I have time and drop a comment, or leave a like. Thing is with the never ending shit show that is our government today, well it’s wearing on me. I want so bad to do the Homer Simpson Bart Strangle on Donald tRump I cant stand it.

Image result for homer simpson choking bart

I watch the news for 5 minutes and get pissed enough to look for something, ANYTHING, besides the Shit Show.

And just in from the Shit Show, tRump authorized his lap dog Barr, to investigate the investigation. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems like the guy who has been screaming witch hunt for the last 2 years, is now going on… a Witch Hunt!

I sometimes feel like we’d be better off if an asteroid blasted us all into oblivion.

We have some D’s who can’t seem to decide if impeachment is what needs doing, we have others darn well intent on doing just that. But it seems like they want to uncover as much info as possible first, and I don’t disagree with that. Fact of the matter right now we only have one, count em one R, right now who would vote towards impeachment, even if our asshat in chief did shoot someone on Main Street. It’s rather amazing really that one R out of dozens in the House/Senate has the balls to say what everyone else can certainly see for themselves.

So it would be futile right now to impeach. We need more info, and the WH is doing everything in its power to stonewall everything they can. The courts so far have done the right thing and ordered a lot of stuff to be handed over. But as expected they have/will appeal. And it drags on…

Then we have several states now passing or attempting to pass anti abortion laws that will set us back into the stone age as far as womens rights goes. Just disgusting.

Yep, this looks better every day…

Image result for image of asteroid hitting earth

Hope all is well in your parts of the world, and I’ll try to get a Picture Day thingy going, I believe I have enough stuff for one. Till then y’all keep on keeping on, and just maybe we will get through all of this. Notwithstanding any wayward asteroids.



More Evidence For Chicxulub Impact Being The Death Knell For Dinosaurs

We all of course have heard of this massive meteor impact and it is supposed that it was the cause of the end of the dinosaur days on Earth. I did not know they had found what appears to be a place, that when you think about it makes sense, where the massive tsunami – like wave (in this case a seiche) resulting from the impact would wash up a layer of what resulted in fossilized plant and animal debris. This debri layer has been found in North Dakota, and what they have been finding there is spectacular. I quote:

“This unique, fossilized graveyard — fish stacked one atop another and mixed in with burned tree trunks, conifer branches, dead mammals, mosasaur bones, insects, the partial carcass of a Triceratops, marine microorganisms called dinoflagellates and snail-like marine cephalopods called ammonites — was unearthed by paleontologist Robert DePalma over the past six years in the Hell Creek Formation, not far from Bowman, North Dakota. The evidence confirms a suspicion that nagged at DePalma in his first digging season during the summer of 2013 — that this was a killing field laid down soon after the asteroid impact that eventually led to the extinction of all ground-dwelling dinosaurs. The impact at the end of the Cretaceous Period, the so-called K-T boundary, exterminated 75 percent of life on Earth.”  …and:

“This is the first mass death assemblage of large organisms anyone has found associated with the K-T boundary,” said DePalma, curator of paleontology at the Palm Beach Museum of Natural History in Florida and a doctoral student at the University of Kansas. “At no other K-T boundary section on Earth can you find such a collection consisting of a large number of species representing different ages of organisms and different stages of life, all of which died at the same time, on the same day.”  End Qoute.

Wow. This pic shows several fish fossils layered up.

fossilized fish

The only other thing I can think of where something like this might happen would be where a large body of water drained or dried up rather quickly, leaving the fish behind, to meet their fate. But the thing is these fossils are associated with huge amounts of tektites, glass gravel like objects formed by guess what? Meteor impacts. Debris gets blasted into the atmosphere, likely into space, and falls back to earth in a dangerous glassy rainstorm.

This pile of debri also has burned (it is thought the tektites rained down in such a massive scale the energy released would have ignited massive wildfires) plant matter from the time, and a few dinosaurs mixed in. All of this directly underneath the KT impact iridium layer. Making for a compelling case.

For much more in depth detail, read up on it here:

66 million-year-old deathbed linked to dinosaur-killing meteor


What A Way To Start The Day

Gotta get up at 4:30, hit the button on the coffee maker, get a cup of joe down, make some lunch for the wife, she has a 12 hour shift to pull. Get her off to work. Then I have to go home, pick up the shoes my son got with his rented tux for the prom and forgot to return with the tux, head to town, pay the light bill, then pick up my sister in law to drive to an appointment an hour away in the same town I need to drop off the shoes. I can handle this.

Got home from taking the wife to work, left to pick up the sister in law, as I was pulling up to the stop sign at the highway to turn, I saw a vehicle had wrecked in the woods straight in front of me, an arm hanging out the drivers window. I pulled into the highway, hit my emergency flashers, and headed in to the woods to investigate. As I approached I could tell it was a woman driver, and as I’m making my way to the vehicle I’m calling out “Ma’am can you hear me, are you ok?” No response. I get to the vehicle notice a young child in the back seat of the SUV, apparently unharmed (praise jeebus). I tap the woman on the shoulder looking for some response. The drivers door is all caved in, she is alive and I could see no visible outward signs of serious injury, but she was still quite addled from the wreck. I start making my way back to the car to call 911, but a gal had stopped behind my car and asked me if she needed to make the call, so I told her yes, and we need an ambulance. I’m heading back to the wreck and apparently the 911 operator had asked the young lady making the call how accesible the patient would be? To which I replied “it will be difficult to get her out.”

The lady was pretty big, I’d guess 250-260 lbs, the drivers door was smashed in and there was a console between the seats. Yeah, it wasn’t going to be an simple extraction.

I got back to the wreck and looked in on the young passenger, there was glass everywhere, the little girl (I’d guess a 1st or 2nd grader and dressed for school) was cool as a cucumber, I asked her name, she told me her name was Jasmine, and I told her I was going to get her out of the vehicle, which I did. At this point there were other people showing up, a young lady took to looking after miss Jasmine.

The drivers door was pretty unaccessible without a lot of tree branch removal so I went to the passenger side where the same work would be much easier. I got the door open and by this time the woman was coming around a bit, I told her an ambulance is on the way, then I asked her if there was another vehicle involved, she replied someone had come into her lane and she swerved off the road. I asked if she had anyone to pick up Jasmine, and she wanted Jasmine to go with her to get checked out. At which point I informed her Jasmine was fine, but I understand.

At this point a cop shows up, another one right behind him, the first cop asked me if I saw the wreck to which I responded “No, but I got here very soon after it happened.” He focused his attention to the driver and began asking all the questions as was his duty to do, I heard sirens coming from both directions indicating an ambulance and more police incoming, I saw Jasmine in good hands, and I told the cop you guys have got this “I’m clearing out.”

I still have shit to do today…

Headed for town, here come several more cops, the rescue squad, a state trooper, I knew right where they were going. I got to the in laws place, picked up the sister in law, we headed for her appointment. A couple miles out of town she inquired if I had the shoes? I forgot the damn shoes! Had to do a U turn and head back home for the stupid shoes. By the time I got to my turn to head home from the highway the scene had cleared, except for the wrecker retrieving the vehicle. It was pretty banged up, totaled I’m sure. Got the damn shoes and headed back out. The rest of the day uneventful so far, but I could use a stiff drink and perhaps a nap.

Hope you all are well as you read this. You just never know what sort of day it will be when you roll out of bed in the morning…