So, What Does Gravity Look Like?

We can push a book off of a desk and see the effect of gravity, but that leaves a lot to the imagination. We could spend some time under an apple tree as Newton…

Or you can check out this post from one of my favorite blogs, Bad Astronomy. I apologize for a simple redirect, but Mr. Plait’s post is done way better than I could attempt it. It really is pretty cool or I’d not bother to send you off on the internet  🙂


A Bit Of Southern Tradition

I am not a southerner by birth. Wait, I was born in Texas so maybe I am a southerner by birth. I was however raised up in Illinois, which makes me a northerner transplant. But then after moving around to Iowa, then back to Illinois, then to Arkansas, back to Iowa, and then finally to my location for nearly 40 years, Tennessee, I think  I’m just confused.

I guess since I’ve been here that long though, this makes me a southerner by birth, then a northerner transplant, then transplanted back to the south where I probably in some sense belonged anyway.

Well, having been raised for the most part in Iowa and Illinois I had some adapting to do when I arrived in Tennessee. There were things I was unaccustomed to. For instance where I live now they let kids out of school for the fish fry. Whut? Fish fry? Yes, the next town over by 15 miles is billed as having the “Worlds Largest Fish Fry” once a year. The kids get out of school for a fish fry. Unheard of from my perspective!

They also let the kids out of school when the carnival rolls into town. Whut? Fair day? Heck when I went to school we didn’t get out for no damn carnival, nor any fish fry. Hell it took 3 feet of snow and ice to cancel school. I don’t know how many times I walked to school in snow so deep it went over my boot tops. There were no pussies allowed when I went to school dammit! We showed up come hell or high water. Clint Eastwood and John Wayne would have been proud.

So, I eventually adapted. I came to understand these strange customs in a strange land. I still think it ridiculous, but I get it. Or at least shrug it off these days.

Consider it no surprise then when I adopted the custom of the “New Years Dinner” What the heck is that you ask? The New Years Dinner is an unlikely conglomeration of pork jowl, black eyed peas, and greens, usually spinach. You see the jowl is a metaphor for good health. (Healthy as a hog.) The greens a metaphor for wealth. (Greenbacks.) The black eyed peas a metaphor for luck, why I don’t know. Anyway it has become tradition for us to have the customary New Years Dinner.

Well pork jowl, peas, and greens seemed lacking to me. So many years back I added cornbread to the dinner. Which made a perfect addition to the meal. It just rounds it off nicely. So again many years ago, when I was explaining this tradition to someone else, I explained all to them as I just have to you. Then they asked me what the cornbread was for? After 2 seconds of thought I replied, love. So there is our modified New Years tradition for what it’s worth.

But wait! There’s more! My wife was out and about and picked up some jowl for our traditional meal. This was prepackaged stuff “Cumberland Gap Hickory Smoked Jowl” This product was an absolute nightmare to cook. It popped grease 15 inches high and in all directions on low heat! I had to use some cling wrap to cover my jowl flipping arm and use a clear lid as a shield in my other hand. I have grease burns on both hands and arms and damn near lost an eye! I have never had such an unpleasant jowl cooking experience.

Then when it came time to make the cornbread we were short on corn meal. I just quickly adjusted the recipe a bit to compensate, so that particular disaster averted. In the end our traditional New Years meal was accomplished. Our years projection of health, luck, monetary fortune, and love met. Despite the trials, tribulations, and risking an Emergency Room visit.

Clint Eastwood and John Wayne would be proud. Now, where is the Aloe?

Happy New Year to all 🙂



Can’t You Just feel The Love?

Someone hooked up their vehicle, via a chain, to an atheist display in Fla. and dragged it to the ground. Severely damaging the display.

Now I have to wonder if this is a hate crime? If an atheist did the same to a x-ian display I’d bet you there would be an enormous outcry, heads would roll. Thing is most of us atheists recognize a religions right to exist, we just reserve our right to believe they are ridiculous.

The religious folks figure we are all nasty heathens headed for hell anyway so we are prime pickings for their displays of hate. I mean love, wait which one is it again?

I am sure there is a massive manhunt on for the perpetrators. Right?

An atheist display on public property has every right the religious display has to be there. But we all know the score here, don’t we? I am so feeling the love. I mean hate. The one thing the religious are good at is hating anything and everything that does not conform or concede to their particular beliefs. This is a fine example of that.

Some good stuff in this article I highly suggest checking it out. The hypocrisy is abundant.


Everywhere I go on the net these days there is an autoplay video just waiting to slap me upside the head. I’ll be browsing merrily and then next thing you know the video cranks up. I did not ask for it, I did not click on it, it just forces its way into my personal space without my permission. Not only that but I am on a metered connection. Every time those unwanted videos crank up they are devouring my data. None of the websites seems to care about that little issue, but I sure do. It kinda ticks me off a little that they can do this, they have no qualms or concern at all for people like me who are stuck with a limited high speed connection.

Been using Chrome as my browser for quite a while, and I researched the issue. I found that you can disable html 5, which helped a little but the videos continued their sniping behavior for the most part.

So I did some more research looking for a fix. The fix is Firefox. Firefox allows you to disable video! They are just gone. Replaced with an error note complaining I need to update my browser. No. No I do not need to update my browser. I am quite happy without autoplay video intruding into my life.

I have seen that some videos which require you to click them still load. But that’s fine as long as they do not autoplay. Just passing this on to any and all that might be in the same boat. If autoplay video is bugging you like it has me, you might want to take a peek at Firefox.

If It Weren’t For Bad Luck

“I’d have no luck at all.” Everybody now!

“Gloom, despair, and agony on meee.”

In case you don’t know, that is a line from the old Hee Haw series. About the only segment I liked on the show except for Roy Clark’s guitar abilities. And if you are old enough to know what that show is we are not going to discuss our ages  🙂

Anyway here it is, coldest temps of the year so far, and my heat pump took a dump. New one installed was close to 4 k. Then strangely enough it got up to 75 degrees and I turned on the air for a few minutes and the damn coil was freezing up. Called the heat/air guy he will come back out and check the freon level when it warms up a tad. Apparently when it’s so cold he isn’t able to get a good read on the freon or some such $#*t.

We still have decent enough heat though. Which is good. Silver linings I suppose…

Then yesterday morning after we had some icing, the roads were patchy with ice. (Our weather is bi-polar, and right now just mostly polar) It would be fine for a while then you would hit an icy spot on the road, which doesn’t concern me much. I grew up with this kind of stuff and driving in snow and ice conditions is old hat. So I got the wife to work, it was overcast and gray, still twilight conditions, I started home. Being observant for icy spots as I was, I did not see the deer. Not until I saw it just over my passenger side headlight with a good head of steam. There was no avoiding it. I had time to hit the brakes for a split second and the deer slammed into me. It took out the headlight, busted up the bumper a bit, banged up the front quarter panel, and then to top it all off caved in the front passenger door. By the time I stopped the car and got out to inspect the damage the deer was long gone. Right about now the only deer I like is one that is cooked properly!  🙂  Car was/still is drive-able, so I limped it home and called the insurance company.

We have comprehensive coverage on the car though, again silver linings… It will cost us a $250 deductible, if they don’t go and total out the car. We won’t know till after the new year probably.

This morning we got up to the pipes froze up. 12 degrees with a 2 degree wind chill. No biggie, but I have to bundle up and crank up some heat in the well house. Ten minutes and the water was back. So no huge problem, but I am quite ready for a change in the direction of the luck around here. If any of y’all have an excess of good or even moderate luck please send some to W. Tn.

And if there is any left over just apply it our country in general. With all of the Trumpyness that’s going on we will need it soon.





More Evidence Of Religious Drug Addicts

Researchers at the University of Utah have done a study showing how the brain reacts to religious experiences. We have known for a while, or at least strongly suspected that the reward center in the brain becomes involved. Which means high doses of the natural feel good drug dopamine, manufactured by our own bodies becomes activated, accumulates in our reward center, and people experience euphoria, light headedness, and feelings of well being.

These researchers did the testing with fMRI imaging and subjected the participants to religious influences, and monitored the results. The reward center of the brain lit up like a Christmas tree in Times Square.

Damn despicable drug addicts! All of them!

This Is Your Brain on God