This Is Why I Am On Blogcation

Because the state of my country has me so pissed off right now I fear I have nothing good left to say about anything. I feel I want to reach out and knock the shit out of somebody, anybody deserving of my irritation with this countries state of affairs. This is why I have been hiding under my rock. I don’t want to be an agressive ass whose first inclination of late is that Donald Trump and every R in office needs a visit from me, for the sole purpose of punching them in the nose…

So I stay home. I venture out into my blog community rarely. I try to stay away from political posts, because I don’t want my already fuming and disgusted derriere getting knee deep in some political rant, because I do not need the frustration. So, I like my rock, I try to stay there and manage my daily activities, already full of stresses I do not need. My mother is in the H, doesn’t look good, she may die soon. I have many more stressful issues I’m trying to juggle as well, I don’t need any more bullshit. OK?

Then I get mail. From the desk of VP Mike Pence no less. A 4 page screed full of bullshit and begging for $. Ooooh, a return envelope to the Republican National Commitee, in DC no less. They want me to match this bogus check they sent for $35. Because it is so important that they have the $ they need to put their R cronies in office. Well I have taken the liberty of scanning this 4 page load of steaming BS for your pleasure. As well as my reply, which I will sign with my real name and stuff in the envelope they so graciously gave me ๐Ÿ™‚ That is assuming the wife will let me, she is afraid the Trump Nazis might show up…

Mike Pence $ Begging 1 001Mike Pence $ Begging 2 001Mike Pence $ Begging 3 001Mike Pence $ Begging 4 001

Here is my reply:

Fuck you Mike Pence. Fuck you Donald Trump. Fuck you, to every one of you treasonous republican rat bastards in the House, and the Senate, for failing to act on this out of control POTUS.

If ever there was a time for good people to stand up and do the right thing, this is it. The right thing is to vote out you bunch of goddamn lying, cheating, deviously underhanded, thieves, liars, and crooks. Since day one this administration has attacked every institution that holds sleazy bastards like you accountable. You have attacked clean air, clean water, the poor, the downtrodden, the immigrants seeking asylum, everything worth working towards in this country you have set back by 20 years. You have attacked the press, the FBI, and law enforcement in general. You have even attacked our allies and in the meantime managed to cozy up to dictators across the globe. All of this while being covered by the slime of the Russian collusion scandal. There seems to be no end of scandal nor any bottom to how low this can go.

The only thing you (Trump administration, R’s in general) have managed to accomplish politically, is to make America a laughingstock of the world. That and passing tax cuts and roll backs on regulations to make the filthy rich even moreso, at the expense of every hardworking American in this country, as well as the environment we are a part of.

You should be ashamed of yourselves, yet apparently none of you pathetic low life bigoted republican assholes have the simple decency to be ashamed or the vision to do the right thing. I hope every one of you cowering, gutless, accomplices… get tarred, feathered, and ridden out of town on a rough hewn rail. That is what it would take, to make this country great again.

Take your begging for money screed, full of mistruths and lies, and shove it firmly up your republican ass.

I’ll be voting Democrat till the end of my days. You can thank everyone in this administration, who hasn’t the moral fibre to walk out already, for that.

PS: My apologies to any Republican having the bravery to speak out against this administration, who may have got caught up within my broad stroke of the brush. There are maybe a handful undeserving of my words. The rest of you, you know who you are, and so do we, the people.
PPS: If my country needs a Paul Revere, I’m ready to ride. (end reply)


Anyone with me?