So, I Was Listening To The Radio II

…and the morning crew were discussing a survey where the topic was “What would you do if you knew the (so called) End of Days was upon us?” With a one week notice. The survey (which I tried to find with no success so I’m going on what they were saying) indicated that most people would spend time reaching out to family, spending time with loved ones etc.

And a certain percentage of people with anti social tendencies/psychiatric issues would run amok.

Which was all fine and dandy I guess. Then one of the announcers made that claim that “Every knee would bow, and every tongue confess the lord, that’s what would happen”

So I had to pull over and send them a text:

“As a man that lives in an evidence based reality (yeah I know lol) I would have better things to do than grovel in the dirt to any manifestation of the so called gods.

I’d spend quality time with my family, get some fishing in, enjoy my astronomy hobby, and do some drinking with my old band buddies. (among others) I’ll die with no dirt on the knees of my britches.”

Haven’t heard back from them  😉

So, how might you answer this question?



12 thoughts on “So, I Was Listening To The Radio II

  1. Laughing. The only such manifestation of the “End of Days” is not the end of days but the end of us. Possible a fucking big asteroid bearing down on us would do it.

    Let’s see … I’d drop my diet … stop worrying about money … and bend over and kiss my ass goodbye. That would be it.


  2. I agree with Steve. For Ron and I , we would spend the time together. We would have lots of sex, we would eat with no regard for diets, we would call his family and call / visit friends. Basicly we would do what we normally do except the things dealing with long term planning. Our biggest priority would be to spend time together having fun. As we live our lives as best friends and spouses now it would only intensify if we only had a week. If we could I think we would find some time to go to our local hospice and try to help those people who need care who may not get it fully if others were not going to work. we would do this because we are humanists and care about our fellow hair lacking ape. One thing we wouldn’t be doing is worrying about a deity or whining and crying. 🙂 Hugs


  3. I really don’t think my life would change all that much. Naturally, there would be a certain amount of fear knowing my life would soon end, but really … there’s not a whole lot you can do if the “end of days” is only a week away.

    Nevertheless …

    I’d certainly reinforce my love to my family. Then I might try booking a ride on a sailboat since this is on my bucket list. Or better yet, I’d fly to Australia so I could spend my final days swimming with the dolphins.

    And for sure … there would be no dirt on my knees!


    • Sounds good to me Nan, especially the flying to Australia part.

      Seems the lack of dirt on the knees is becoming a common theme, but I kinda figured it might be 🙂


  4. Laughing
    What do you do with a week? Everyone is dying at the end of the week anyway. Spend it with those you care for most and if you have money do a final tour of the places you have wanted to visit


  5. Well, if we were facing a zombie apocalypse, and what other kind is there?, I’d shoot zombies in the head and try to have fun doing it. I most certainly wouldn’t be praying. Swearing a lot, but not praying.


    • Hey man if you need help with the Z’s let me know. But if you turn I’ll doubletap your ass 😉

      Pray in one hand, shit in the other, see which one fills up first!


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