There are likely more fires like this that need putting out all over the internet, than any rational mind could keep up with. I stumbled across this WP post a few minutes ago, a ludicrous right wing rant, oblivious of reality, soaked in racism, wrapped up in hate, and in complete denial of anything resembling the facts as we understand them.

Go, but at your own risk. I hate even suggesting anyone visit this…

I commented, doubt it will stay up long. So I copied it.

“Nice rant. Too bad the disconnect from reality is glaringly obvious. Try to be more subtle in your insanity if you want anyone to take it seriously.

This is what happens to people who only get their news/opinions from Rush Limbaugh and Faux News. People are entitled to their opinions, but facts are facts no matter what you believe, or refuse to accept.”

24 thoughts on “Insanity

  1. Went to the original post. Wow. Just wow


    • I know. I apologize. Please don’t hold it against me.

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      • I won’t. Really. The other blog is pretty conservative… I may agree with some of what he says, but Wow! A lot of what he says is just hyperbole and ranting attacks on people who aren’t like he is. Demonization happens, right?


        • Unfortunately yes.

          I can agree that Sharia law has no place among our laws, but the rest is something I want no part of.

          Beliefs are protected under the constitution, acts based on belief, that go against our laws, are not.


  2. Well, once President “Pussy Grabber” gets his ass impeached, we’ll have President Pence and a lovely Christian version of Sharia law will be imposed on our land. See, theocracies aren’t bad if they’re theocracies based on a true faith like Christianity. Man, this dude shows you exactly how tRump won, idjits have the right to vote. I must say this, however: for a Russian-loving, Trump sycophant, this guy’s English writing skills are pretty damn good. Way to go, comrade.

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    • Yeah, usually when you see this sort of vitriol it’s all caps or just all over the place with grammar/spelling. This guy can put together sentences well enough, there’s just nothing in them worthy of noting.

      And you are right, we’d be no better off with Pence. Fucking young earth creationist idiot would probably bring back with hunts and burning at the stake.

      This guy did comment back to me, I keep wanting to write up a 2 page refutation of his crap, but just can’t find the desire to bang my head up against a wall of stupid.


      • It isn’t worth it. He’ll just spin and spin on his Russian-lovin’ hamster wheel of ludicrious crap. Boy, these tRump-following Russian bastards are really getting annoying. Damned traitors, the lot of ’em.


        • This late in the day and I’m still wanting to go back and let loose. But yes, I know it would be futile. A self righteous, climate change denying, Limbaugh nuthugging, Fox lovin, conspiricy theorizing, (has to be one of them to deny climate change unless he is so stupid he is holding the graph upside down) brown peple hating, liberal democrat despising, Trump loving dipstick is not going to be swayed by reason, or fact, or get any smarter if I whack him on the head with an encyclopedia.

          So, yeah, I’m trying really hard to fight the urge to back and open up with both cannons.


          • Me, I’d like to meet the prick and kick his traitorous ass, but, that would not be legal. Too bad, cause I’d REALLY like to do it. 🙂


            • As a guy who has actually kicked a few asses I can relate to that sentiment.

              For the record I did not start it/them.

              But yeah, I feel ya 🙂 Thing is he is devoted to an ideology. One that isn’t even his own most likely. This guy and many like him have been groomed by the right wing propaganda media outlets. And as far as he is concerned we have been also deceived by the left wing liberal brainwashers.

              The one difference I think is there are many who are fully capable of seeing what is happening on both ends of the spectrum. Those people keep open minds and can be persueded by logic, facts, reason, and solid evidence.

              Others are so deeply entrenched in the idology that nothing can penetrate the defenses. This guy is probably in that camp.


              • In his response to me, he points out how Rush Limbaugh “always presents the liberal’s perspective and then easily tears it apart because it is always wrong.”

                But does he ever listen to CNN where at least a half-dozen or more people discuss what’s going on? INCLUDING those who support tRump? Hell no! He and others like him only want to listen to commentators who tickle their ears.


                • Yes, even though I want to give benefit of the doubt there, as they possibly could have been manipulated by the right wing wing nut jobbers into an ideological viewpoint, the hard to ignore issue is they tune in to want they want to hear.


  3. HA! My entertainment for the weekend. 😀

    And I couldn’t resist … left a comment. If it doesn’t get approved, I’ll repost here.


    • I’ll go check that out, right after I grab me some popcorn.


      • Still not approved. I need to leave for awhile for here it is in all its glory:

        Every negative thing you wrote about “liberal Democrat leftists” could be said about the party you support. It all depends on one’s perspective.

        I urge you to take your own advice and “exercise your good sense” instead of allowing others (e.g., Rush Limbaugh, Jihad Watch, Dustin Koellhoffer, etc.) to influence your perspective.

        Suggest you take your own advice: Don’t be taken in by those who are false, deceitful, and hypocritical … learn the facts.

        Speaking of facts, your “hero,” Rush Limbaugh is much more an “entertainer” than a bona-fide reporter. His tirades are by far based on personal opinion rather than fact (see

        (P.S. I didn’t pay attention to the name of the blog — was just looking at the post title — so failed to notice that “Dustin Koellhoffer” is actually the owner. Oh well.)


    • Glad I could be of service Nan 🙂 Always makes my day when I can make your day 🙂 🙂

      I will check in and see if it got in. If not please do come back and share!


    • Well dammit I did not see the other comment till now! Thanks Nan!

      Great comment.

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  4. I often wonder how people so off the rails like the author of that drivel handle everyday life. I mean, what are they like in shops, in traffic, just walking down a street.


    • I do as well. It is a curse.

      I was wondering yesterday if I had met that guy in a bar and we talked over a couple of beers, would we have found common ground somewhere of if a fight would break out? Are people so ideological able to carry on normal conversations? Does that kind of viewpoint bubble up to the surface regularly or can they buy their groceries without seeing them damned liberal democrats everywhere they look?

      Inquiring minds want to know.

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  5. This is where I follow instructions and not follow the link


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