A Few Thoughts

Well, happy impeachement month everyone! I can’t think of an orange asshole who deserved it more.

I have to wonder though, after seeing much of the R spectacle in the House, just where we are as a country divided? Even after an all out assault on the Capitol by right wing trumpanzee nutjobs, many of the R representatives are still in full blown deny/obfuscate/distract/misrepresent/falsely equivocate/play the victim/scream radical left!/projection!/stop the steal!/oh my the slippery slope!/ mode. Every time I see screaming R’s who are just screaming to make noise, and not attempt to reconcile anything, I personally get another step away from these idiotic ideologies. We are more then D’s and R’s in this country, we have to be. I subscribe to neither party really, I consider myself an independent.* With that thought, I think no one should wholly subscribe to either tribe, but judge each on their merits and their deeds. If we all would do that, there would be no more political extremism. If we judged on merit and deeds, instead of merely identifying as a R or a D, just cuz yer daddy was one, and yer grandaddy was one, and we listened to both sides, as well as researched what we are hearing, to dig up the facts, we would be a people who no longer vote trumpanzee types to our governmental positions. Because something like that, is what has put us in the fix we are in now. At least as far as our elected representatives.

Alternative facts… This is the sort of horse shit that helps fuel an insurrection. Conspiracy theories spouted as fact. Right wing ideologies spouted as the only way to beat them damn libtards! Right wing propaganda outlets posing as news (Faux News, Newsmax, Talk Radio asshats, as well as social media shit warehouses, you know who they are) constantly pouring fuel on the fire. Why would we be a country so divided? Gee I wonder. I get the whole free speech thing, but a media that leads it’s cultish followers down the lane of “we hate everything they tell us to!” really needs a good looking at. Your right to free speech ends the minute your speech incites hate at any level, or at least it should, IMO. Just like your right to see well on the highway should end when your headlights are so bright they blind everyone you meet. There has to be a point somewhere, a line in the fucking sand, where things that are said and done, do not infringe on our basic wish to exist, unassaulted, by a reckless indifference, to our desire to live a life free of such infringements.

How the hell do we get there? I don’t know. How do we educate 70 million dumbasses who think our government of the last four years has been just fine and dandy? How do we root out and destroy centuries of steeping racism amongst us? How do we convince people who have been brainwashed by alternative fact tactics that they have been lied to? How do we tell them to hold on a minute, and do not just listen to one side of the story, for the truth does often lie in between? How do you take the flour from the cake after it has been baked in? Again, I don’t know.

Another aspect of alternative fact tactics is this, many of the people who exist within its clutches, love subscribing to that crap! They absolutely love what they are hearing! They love being pissed off at unknown faceless libtards that don’t even exist. They don’t need to know who they are, they are fine hating the assumption that they exist. They WANT to be fucking lied to, and manipulated. How do you fix that? Fuck if I know.

All I truly know is I want a better country, a better world, for my kids and grankids, than this. The only way I can think of, that might help us climb out of the hole we are in, is to teach your children well. Teach them to think for themselves. They need to be wiser that the generations among us. This hole we are in will take a great deal of time to climb out of, the future generations are our only hope I think. Our cake in the here and now, has been baked. We can change, if we are of a mind to. But it will take time.

The thing that truly stands in the way though, too many neither know nor care, that they are the predictable result of right wing propaganda, masquerading as legitmate news, as well as social media outlets, manipulated by influences both foreign and domestic.

Y’all stay safe out there.

*While I subscribe to neither party D or R, I will never, as long as I live, vote R again. Not after what has happened during the last few years they have had control. NEVER. Unless by some fate of circumstance, that the current ideologies of both parties, do a complete 180. I am comfortable believing it won’t happen in my lifetime.

12 thoughts on “A Few Thoughts

      • Yes, something needs to be done about Fox/Newsmax/Oan. You can’t have “news” orgs simply lying. There has to be reviews and their licenses pulled… or at the very least disclaimers slapped on.

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        • I agree, at least that much, and fines. $500,000 per lie ought to slow them down…

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          • I pretty much NEVER tune into Faux News, but just for shits and giggles, I took a chance awhile back. The topic was Hunter Biden’s laptop … and oh yes! It’s absolutely positive, without a doubt, something is on there that’s going to blow everything apart!

            Unfortunately, I live with someone that believes this. Need I say more?

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            • So many claims of a “no doubt something that will blow everything apart!”

              … and we still wait for that evidence to show itself. It never does. But the rubes don’t notice that, they live in the moment of the unkillable lie, the truth lost in limbo, the next lie moves in and takes place of the old, and their bombshell never hits. It’s a constanct cycle of bullshit. They live for the bullshit. The truth doesn’t ever have to show up. They have forgotten the last lie as the new one moves in.

              The truth lies in the wake of the constant assault of the lies. Truth has become irrevelant. The lie has won. It has been artfully politicized. It has been weaponized. It has created unending chaos.

              The rubes don’t know. Wouldn’t care if they did know. They love riding the lie. it is all that matters to them now.

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            • .., I am sorry you are that close. It can’t be an easy thing to dance around.

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        • John, at one time in this country that was indeed the norm in journalism and news reporting going back the last 150-years. Our many great public institutions of academia, knowledge, and community service, e.g. thousands of public libraries & science museums, etc, have all been under assault (explicitly & covertly) by extremely wealthy PRIVATE entities and populist ideologies such as David “Steve” Green.

          Green is an entrepreneur and the founder of Hobby Lobby as well as the primary funder/visionary of the “Museum of the Bible” in Washington D.C. Green is only one single anti-secular, anti-science, anti-intellectualism mogul in the U.S. that inconspicuously attacks the aforementioned institutions, academia, proven verified history, science, etc.

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        • Sorry, meant to also add above in my reply to you John that within the field of exemplary journalism/reporting there once was a very, VERY high standard of impartial, but necessary reporting/investigating of events, people, places, etc, so that accountability to those stories, people, organizations, etc, were constantly monitored… as an indirect function of our First Amendment Freedom of the Press. “The Press” acts as a civil policing so to speak, to hold accountable our own government AND all private-sectored businesses, persons, and yes, even church/religious organizations and their staff.

          Unfortunately, the last 3-4 decades has seen a disturbing rise in Populist ideas and ideologies coincide (collaborate) with wealthy moguls like David “Steve” Green, Steve Bannon, Ken Ham, Betsy DeVos, Howard and Roberta Ahmanson, Franklin Graham (son of Billy Graham), and the list goes on and on and on ad infinitum in this country.

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