We All Knew, Didnt We?

I knew. My wife knew. I’m sure you did too. We all knew something was going to happen. We all probably shared at least a couple of fears, what our orange idiot would do with his days left, especially today. We knew something was going to happen. He would not let go, he could not let go, the fact that he lost. Desperation was as thick in the air as the charge you sometimes feel before the summer bolt. Palpable. Real. You can sense it. You can feel it. Then, Boom!

My wife went yesterday and bought nearly $200 in groceries. I told you she knew. She didn’t know what, neither did we, right? But we knew it was coming. Now we know what. Probably at this point, it could have been much worse. I’m glad it wasn’t.

But, we also don’t know, what may happen next.

I’m afraid to find out what next might be. So, I sit here. Wondering. I don’t feel it yet. It will take a few days for the charge to build. But he needs to be removed, or procedurally incapcitated, or locked up in a nice padded cell, before next.

The inauguration can’t get here soon enough.

How ’bout that Georgia!!? Flipped the freaking Senate! I did not know that was going to happen. That was a pleasant surprise. May Democracy work for a future we can appreciate.

May time heal our wounds.

16 thoughts on “We All Knew, Didnt We?

  1. Unreal but totally expected imo. The gop should hang their heads in shame for feeding this orange bitch his diet of self aggrandizing bullshit the past 4 years. What a sad shameful day for america.

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    • Anyone who has been paying attention has been waiting for the shoe to drop. Well a boot was dropped yesterday.

      The entire R party, despite their apparrent, sudden, turnaround, is as responsible for this as the orange idiot and his moron minions.


  2. And should he get away with this, the next mad one will not stop at inciting crowds to storm capitol Hill. That has now been crossed.

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  3. And there are 14 more days to go …

    Unfortunately –and scarily– I don’t think it’s completely over. Even if “he” doesn’t instigate a particular event, his followers are riled up and ready for combat.


    • Yep, he has ’em stirred up and ready to terrorize. We can only hope these “patriot groups” are well infiltrated with undercover agents. Or that someone has been keeping tabs on the who and the when and the where of these radicalized outlaws.

      Lots of noise right now about removal, impeachment, pressure to resign. I kind of doubt anything like that will happen, but it damn well should.


      • I agree. He’ll most likely stay in office to the bitter end. But at least “THE END” is in sight!!

        I had never considered undercover agents infiltrating these terrorists groups. Did you read/hear about it or is it just seem logical somehow?

        Something that occurred to me while all of the stuff was going on … what if it had been actual terrorists (not the homegrown kind). Where would we have been then? It sure doesn’t leave one with a sense of security.


        • I don’t have any info, but if I was Federal level law enforcement, I’d have a few guys in a few groups. If they aren’t that far sighted they should be.

          Or in some cases, people who are already inside, see the err of their ways and volunteer as informants. So, I am hopeful, that at some level, there are people watching, waiting.

          I had a thought along similar lines (in regards to actual non U.S. terrorists), but it was to the extent of “damn that looked awfully easy, why didn’t we think of that?” You can be sure they damn well noticed.

          And yes, it does make one wonder as to our safety.

          I have come to think freedom an illusion. We are none of us truly free, but it’s about as close as you can get in an organized society. I have also always thought that society itself lives on a thin line. It can break down on a whim, we need to be prepared to be as self sufficient as we can. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Yeah, I was a Boy Scout once.,,

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        • …Yes the end is near!

          That can be read either way lol 🙂


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