Is It Really Over?

Is the orange idiot done? Can we take a breath now? Can some sense of normalcy replace the unending scandal and controversy we have come to expect from the orange idiot criminal in chief?

Please Jeebus let this be a history lesson for the future and no longer a nightmare for the now!

Cue the right wing mob of liars and manipulators of truth! The right wing nut machine for… well, nuts! We will all soon be commies! Socialism! X-ian baby BBQ’s in basements across America!* Biden is a Lizard People overlord! Martial Law any day now! They are coming for your guns! They are taking away “our” country! True patriot Billy Bobs, and other fuckers of their sisters unite!

You didn’t think all that was going to magically disappear did you? We may be down one orange idiot, but the mob of morons is still out there, sopping up every little lie, with that last little bit of biscuit, cleaning up the last smidge the damn lie gravy in the plate. Mmm good! They love that stuff!

I’ll sleep better when that nonsense is regulated back to the National Enquirer, instead of mainstream news for dumbasses. Let’s not forget that they vote. Every single election from here, through the foreseeable future, is a fight for truth, and integrity. Every single election is a fight against what we just endured as a country. Every single election is a must vote scenario. We cannot rest because this battle, appears to be won. The misinformation war rages on. There is no room for complacency! The lies, the spin, the bullshit, will not rest. Nor can we.

Jeff, if you have recipes to share, please do πŸ™‚

21 thoughts on “Is It Really Over?

  1. I’m sittin in a pizza parlor basement right now with George Soros cookin up some GOP baby meat!!!! Thank Jeebus the orange idiot is gone! What a fucking nightmare this has been.

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  2. Shell, my Stars, Galaxies, and the Quantum Mechanics that hold them all together, blows them away, or SUCKS THEM HARD—thru a waterhose—into a Black Hole… he and his Administration are finally gone!!! Don’t ask me WHO was left in that Administration cuz I have NO CLUE since that Turnstile rotating door was spinning faster than a paper-windmill in a tornado—“You’re FIRED! You’re FIRED! You’re FIRED and your grandma too!”—but the psychotic orange orangutan is outta there!!!

    If Mitch McConnell goes through, all the way through to its end, what he said yesterday, Jan. 19… then tRump SHOULD be impeached/convicted. If so, then praise all the forces in the Cosmos that man will never again serve in any capacity of governing in this nation. But alas, we all know how flaky the Republicans are and have been for the last 4-years—scared, in utter denial, and blindly following the former FAKE President to the end… and over the proverbial cliff. πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

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    • Btw, I believe they had to pay those 12 tRump-supporters $10k to stand there half asleep and pretend they were “welcoming” the former fake President at the Palm Beach airport in FL, barely waving and almost silent. It was reported as a very unmoving, waste of time ceremony… if it could’ve been called that. 🀭

      P.S. I’m joking about paying 12 anonymous spectators $10k to stand-in as Republican tRump-supporters in Palm Beach. Or maybe I’m not. πŸ˜‰


      • Ha! Wouldn’t surprise me a bit.

        Unmoving, waste of time cermony. Befit of the perpetrator in orange.

        Biden walking in WH right now, I told the wife I wouldn’t be at all surprised if someone left an orange turd on the desk!

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        • Yep, a classless leftover from a classless, indecent, non-human who pretends to have balls or the slightest comprehension of Constitutional law and governing, much less the decency of 245-years of American traditions and humility.

          I’m a little pleased that his 4-years in office (legacy) are going down in history as the country’s worst, darkest, and most schizophrenic of ALL Presidencies. πŸ™„πŸ˜


          • It was a shit show with no equal. I’m just glad we got through it.

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            • Well, let’s hope we got through the worst of it. Remember, there are still way too many very gullible, ignorant (white) Americans—74.2 million who blindly voted for tRump last year—who will still be around for several more years. 😬

              Shell, last year and the last 4-years are exactly all the reasons I am an “Independent” registered voter; have been for almost 30-years. There’s been many bone-headed moves/responses the Democrats have done as well over these years that irritated and frustrated me. But personally, I feel my Independent posture allows me more objectivity and increased, flexible critical-thinking—two things often lacking in partisan Republican-Democrat politics. πŸ˜‰


    • I have long ago given up all hope of a R doing the right thing. I suppose there is room for it to happen accidentally!

      “Faster than a paper windmill in a tornado” I’m stealing that one πŸ™‚

      …but yeah, the orange ones administration was a whirlwind of slamming doors. I can’t think anyone that s.o.b. put into any position was qualified for the job they were tasked with. He just wanted loyal ass kissers holding the job down so he could pretend to be important.

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  3. You know, of course, that although the Orange Blob is gone, there is still residue to deal with.

    However, interestingly, I read this.

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