Tennessee Has An Official Gun, Can I Move Now?

You know I am a godless left leaning liberal type. I don’t quite go so far as to want to ban guns as do many liberals, I grew up hunting and fishing and own a few guns. I also learned the hard way growing up, when someone punches you in the schnoz you hit back twice as hard. I do wish we still lived in a time when bullies used their fists, instead of reaching for a weapon. I can concede we have a problem with guns in our society, and it is an issue. But I sure as fuck do not think a state should decide to adopt a gun as an official state symbol. State flowers? Fine. State bird, I’m good with that. State gun?

What in the goddamned hell are these RWCRFM’s (Right Wing Conservative Republican Fundamentalist Morons) thinking?! Tennessee is already a laughing stock of this fine country. This cements that standing for time evermore. I was disgusted when our Gov. Bill Haslam (R) allowed vouchers (state money) for religious schools. I was really pissed when that same Gov. decided to limit pain medications (like the kind I take for my back) to 4 per day. How in the heck can you legislate someone elses pain? And I am now appalled that our Senate has adopted the Barrett Sniper Rifle as our new state gun.

There is apparently no measurable depth to the low that Republicans will go. Let’s just call it a bottomless pit of disgust. Heck I think it was last year they tried to adopt the frigging bible as a state book! What is wrong with these people?