The Things We Learn From Our Children

My youngest just turned 16, got his drivers license two days ago, then landed a job at the golden arches yesterday. I have been running around for the last couple of days taking care of insurance issues because of our new driver/job holder, and pardon me for a moment while I feel some pride for my son… Got a job the day after his license, damn.

Anyway, this youngster loves to get his laughs from internet memes (maybe he will be a JZ or a Scottie some day) and he showed me a video yesterday that made me lol. This video is supposed to be a representation of every online gaming argument ever. But I think it trancends that particular category and might cover every argument between theists and atheists ever. Take a look and tell me if you think I’m right πŸ™‚ Even if I’m wrong, I found it hilarious.


EDIT: May Not Be Suitable For Work!


At least I think it’s kinda funny. The wife and I had to go for a long drive today, getting home late means you could use a quick fix for supper. This day that wound up being the large family pack meal from a place called Trolingers. They have great BBQ, and a large family pack gets you 1.5 lbs. of BBQ, 12 buns, and small containers of beans/cole slaw/and potato salad. All for right around $17.00 (after taxes). I call that a deal. As gas was $1.39 I decided to top off the fuel tank too.

Anyway after we paid for our necessities and were heading out the door, there stands the freebie paper rack. We have these small peddler papers that cater to locals with want ads/for sale ads/ and even personals. So we grabbed one just to snoop. As we were driving home I heard the wife snigger and snort, curious I asked what was up? So she read me the ad.

helpwanted 001

I know it’s likely just a typo, but really? Right after it says Accuracy is imperative! They have the typo πŸ™‚