Yeah, They Called It The Dark Ages


This is from the same people that I did a piece on a while back. Perhaps you recall the “Lisa Davis, In Jail for Christ” sign? These people would praise their gods all the while they were oppressed. They would burn the heretics and witches. They would glady torture, maim, and kill those different from them. They would rejoice drenched in the blood of their enemies and their enemies would be many.

Either they know not what they do, or they are total friggin deranged lunatics. Either way I am sure they see themselves however, as pious pillars of the community.


27 thoughts on “Yeah, They Called It The Dark Ages

  1. Hurrah for the Righteous! Friggin’ assholes.


    • Methinks they are blind to the reality of what their dreamland theocracy would actually be like.

      …and too damned ignorant to learn from the bloody history of religion. Of course if they are aware of that fact, it opens up the door to the worst kind of malice.


  2. No doubt. I’m sure they’d pray while the heretics burn… Just to drown out the screams.


  3. The problem is always who gets to define what righteous is? The fundamentalist really just doesn’t understand what consensus actually means and thus don’t ask other people for their opinions. lol


    • Exactly. They can pretty much agree with their magic books, but the magic book is so convoluted and open to interpretation everyone soon has their own ideas on this or that.

      The game plays out such that he who happens to be the most devious and brutal, becomes the most righteous.

      Consensus? I do not think they know or understand the word. Unless that is when everyone nods in agreement with the preacher.

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