Some like it cold. Some might not live long enough, to get good and old.

Potentially Fatal Combinations of Humidity and Heat Are Emerging Across the Globe

I can remember way back when I was a younger lad, Me and my pet dinosaur had a great time! šŸ˜‰

Actually I was a deckhand for a time, working towboats for a couple of years, and while it was always hot out on the tow, with the sun beating down on all of that solid steel, it was often like walking through an oven, the heat at times was stifling. We went through New Orleans, on our way darn near to the gulf one time, and while I was there the heat was incredible. I mean stepping foot out on the deck from an air conditioned boat, you immediately felt the sweat pores open up and the water started flowing. A miserable, beat you down to the ground sort of heat. But we persevered. It’s what tougher than sensible, types do.

Then in my shell digging days, I’d come up from a dive on a day with 110 heat index, and all the water wetting the floor of the boat would be dry in like 10 minutes, the sweat pouring off my nose as I graded shell, the only thing that made it tolerable was knowing I’d be jumping back in the water soon. We persevere.

This was way before the global warming thing was a thing. I have to wonder now, with all of the threats facing humanity, what with Covid 19, and global warming with its intensifying weather extremes, hurricanes, tornados and such, and with those in charge looking the other way, greed and profit being the main motivators, just how much time does humanity actually have left?

There is only so much that we can persevere, after that we are just dead. And we will be taking an entire planet of life forms with us.

Hug the wife and kids, or significant other, every day. Enjoy what we have for what time we have left to enjoy it. Maybe we can turn this thing around, but it isn’t looking too good.

Y’all stay safe. Stay healthy.


P.S. There is one lonely comment at the bottom of the link worth looking at.

So, How Long Until Production?

I guess there is hope for Texas after all. A group of chemists and engineers from the University of Texas, have devised a way to use concentrated light, heat, and high pressure to, in a one step process, convert carbon dioxide and water directly into liquid hydrocarbon fuel.

The obvious immediate impact would be using carbon we already do not need in the atmosphere, to create fuel. However it would seem to me that using this new fuel would put the carbon dioxide right back into the atmosphere. But, hopefully there would be a small net gain. Even if it is a break even proposition it should long term, reduce carbon content in the atmosphere. It has to, right? If you are taking away the carbon already there, then putting it right back, has to be better than not taking any away at all. The process also supposedly has oxygen as a by product!

They don’t get into specifics with the numbers, it would be nice to have a figure to see if this process is actually beneficial, once you consider the entire production process from start to finish. It said in the article they use titanium dioxide (TD) as a main ingredient. I know they manufacture that not far from where I live. It has to be mined and processed before it becomes well, TD. So there is a lot of dozers, trucks, forklifts, and furnaces involved. I also know they use chlorine gas in large amounts as well. (I worked for an on site contractor at Dupont, where they make TDĀ for a few months a while back. I was waiting out the winter so I could get back in the water as a diver.) Anyway it is a huge operation manufacturing TD. And the carbon footprintĀ from manufacture of TD alone will be very large.

As I was saying the carbon footprint for the entire production of this new liquid hydrocarbon fuel has to be considered before it is really a viable alternative. According to the article another plus is there would be no need for infastructure changes, because we already live in a liquid hydrocarbon society. So that would be huge.

If, and this is a big if, this new fuel passes the sniff test for viability, it has the potential to make quite an imact on our carbon problem. At any rate it could slow our carbon output some as we try to forestall our own demise from our excesses. This conjecture assumes the oil companies don’t buy up the rights to the new tech so they can conveniently “lose” it.





I Guess That’s Not Such A Huge Surprise

A slew of major corporations are donating a total of 140 billion dollars to help fight the global warming issue. Oil companies have yet to show up. Doubtful they will. Short vid with a skippable commercial after 4-5 seconds. I hope this works, never tried to post a video, and the link was un-copypasteable (yes that’s a word I looked it up!) EDIT: Nevermind, the link will take you to the sciencedaily page, which I suppose is good enough. Go see the vid. While you are there check out some of the other articles on the page.

When I think about this problem it really ticks me off. Oil corporations are so greedy they would destroy the very planet that sustains us, for a profit. Not only that, they DOĀ fund climate denying Tea Party types.Ā Greed is the sin that will eventually get around to killing us all. I suppose it always has been…

Excuse me, I have a huge pile of tires I need to set on fire… (sarcasm folks, sarcasm)