Texas Gov. Supports Crosses On Patrol Cars

That’s like saying there hasn’t been an ounce of good sense in Texas for a long time.

Our good governor Gregg Abbott (R) said “In addition to its religious significance, the cross has a long history in America and elsewhere as a symbol of service and sacrifice.” Service and sacrifice? Bullshit. The cross has always been and always will be a religious symbol dedicated to Chistianity. Nothing more, nothing less. Service and sacrifice my ass. There has been a great deal of service and sacrifice in and for this country, it need not be represented by one over zealous religious cult.

The gov did not respond to the query if he supported other types of religious displays on patrol cars. I find that curious.

The gov. was also quoted as saying “The symbol of the cross appropriately conveys the solemn respect all Texans should have for the courage and sacrifice of our peace officers.”

Apparently he has not met the same cops I have met. I agree they have a tough job, and deserve some respect. Right up until they do something stupid, like overstepping their bounds and killing unarmed civilians perhaps. Which there seems to be a lot of lately especially if you are the wrong color. Solemn respect? Sorry, they have a great deal of work to do on their public image…

And what the hell is solemn anyway? If not a religious conotation?

Apparently the FFRF has been on the case, as it states in the story that a Brewster County Sheriff requested state officials if they could keep their religious displays. Ill quote this:

“The request followed a complaint by the Freedom From Religion Foundation which called on the sheriff to remove the crosses, arguing no government official has the right to promote his or her religious belief on government property.”

…and this:

“Whether it is a cross, a star and crescent, or a pentagram, law enforcement must remain neutral on matters of religion in order to foster public confidence in their impartiality,” the nationwide group that promotes the separation of church and state, said in a statement.

Which I agree with wholeheartedly. May reason win out over outdated superstitious nonsense.



22 thoughts on “Texas Gov. Supports Crosses On Patrol Cars

  1. Hee Haw!!! We gots us crosses on our police cars and whiskey in our blood. Add this to the guns on our sides and we gots us Texas, the greatest state in Christendom. $Amen$


  2. I thought the cross was a symbol of punishment for the lowlife


    • Those of us actually aware of the bloodsoaked history of religion understand the true purpose of that cross.

      Funny how x-ians are unaware of their own history. Or if they are aware, funny how they manage to reconcile that history with rationalizations and apologetics.


      • a guy asked if jesus had been killed by a firing squad, would they have glocks or AK47 around their necks?


        • That’s a bit like asking what would happen to a baseball that I threw into outer space. I cannot throw a baseball into space.

          But if I am understanding the question, and I’m not real sure I am, let me rephrase the question. “If Jesus were killed by firing squad today, would it be with AK’s (very much 3rd world favorites) or Glocks (handguns favored in the States?) I still don’t have enough info to base a choice on. Where is this Jesus at? If I know the location I could hazard a guess.


        • I went to reply to your clarification, and the comment disappeared. I have yet to find it.

          But in reply, I would say at the time of the (supposed) crucifiction of Jesus (you ever notice the word fiction in there?) crucifiction was a thing. It was a very popular way of killing people who had drawn the ire of the authoritarian rule. So I am inclined to go with: yes, they would still have crucified him. On a cross. That somehow became a symbol of supposed good? Say isn’t there something about idolatry in the bible?

          Today? Again depending on when and where, a firing squad, a hanging, or the old head on a pike thing would probably do.

          What was your opinion?


          • It appears I have failed at making myself clear.
            One, I am not, at this moment, concerned with whether the crucifixion of Jeebus is historical.
            My concern only is with the cross. They Christians wear the cross as a way of remembrance. My question then is, had the means of killing their hero been different, like let’s say a hanging, would they have nooses around their necks?


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