Please Tell Me I’m Wrong…

Our recently, legally, and effectively defeated, orange idiot, fired the defense secretary yesterday. From what I’m hearing he has installed several loyalists (a dozen or so) within the Pentagon over the last 24 hours.

Is this sorry sack of shit about to attempt a military coup? Is he about to declare we are no longer a democracy? Like the title says…

Please tell me I’m wrong.

If it comes to that, there will be a rebellion at some level. Either the military will rebell by not going through with it. Or the people will rebell if and when they do.

I really, hope I’m wrong. I don’t mind being wrong.

Best I can hope for right now, is that his boot licking comrades are being installed to pilfer military secrets, or just to sow chaos. Neither of those scenarios are good either.

Let me just be wrong… But something is afoot. We just don’t know what yet. Why make these moves now? What good explanation is there for these actions? The hell of it is, we really just don’t know what that asshole is capable of. He has 70 more days to make his move if he is going to. As it stands right now he is no longer president come Jan. 20. Unless of course he is a dictator by then…

I’ll also mention the actions of the R party right now are questionable too. It would be more reassuring if at least a few of them would stand up and show some backbone. But hell will likely freeze over before that happens. It sure looks to me like they would back any move our orange idiot might make. After all they would be in power, we have seen they will go to any length to stay in power.

Again, I hope I’m wrong. But would it surprise me if that is what he tries to pull? No, no it would not. Just so ya know, I’m no tin foil hatter, it’s just what I see, concerns me. Maybe I’m jumping to conclusions. Maybe it isn’t as nefarious as it looks. Maybe I’m just wrong. I’m ok with that.

Let me be wrong. Because if I’m right, the revolution will have come to me. I won’t need them to call.

13 thoughts on “Please Tell Me I’m Wrong…

  1. It is surely nerve-wracking, eh. Hopefully nothing will come of this, but, like you say, with this treasonous asshole, any thing is possible.

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    • It’s unnerving to say the least. The s.o.b. could have made it clear he will accept the election results by now. But he hasn’t. The things he continues to do, are questionable at best, treasonable at worst, if my assumptions are anywhere near the reality.

      I understand treason is a charge reserved only for wartime. An attempted coup would qualify in my book.

      The R Senate has had plenty of time to do something in a positive vein as well. Their continued backing of the orange loser concerns me as well.


  2. Shell,

    I wish I could tell you with 100% certainty that rationale, intelligent, and loyalty and duty to Constitutional democracy via a sworn oath will prevail. But I’m profoundly saddened to say that I cannot assure this. And neither can our current Congress guarantee it. 😢 Why?

    Because we still have too many scared-shitless intimidate Republicans who will NOT stand-up to tRump and his radical, loyalist Republicans, e.g. Mitch McConnell and Mike Pompeo. Cowards to the core who hold Party-line loyalty (like the Nazis) to our sacred Constitutional democracy and the rule of law… NOT Mob-style dominance.

    Like we were on the verge of nuclear holocaust between Oct. 16 thru 28, 1962 with the Cuban Missile Crisis, the United States is headed to serious fracturing, maybe civil unrest/protest or war all because we’ve had a direct, intentional attack and dismantling the last 20-years upon democratic (non-profit) institutions and intellectualism of our famed universities in favor of Populism bordering on oligarchical Authoritarianism.

    Moderate, decent, intelligent Americans better damn well wake-up or this is going to go horribly wrong in less than 2-3 decades!!! If Climate Change doesn’t do us all in first! :/

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  3. Good points. It’s just crazy out there right now.


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