Can it Be?

It appears Biden has won the presidency. I mean, this is what we of good sense was hoping for, but now it just seems surreal. I’m not sure if up is down, or down is up, or if I woke up in an alternate universe this morning.

Can you imagine no more more idiocy from the White House? Can you imagine white supremacist assholes crawling back under their rocks? Is it possible America can be respected and taken back as allies with our old allies? Will Twitter and Facebook and Faux news fade away into some unpleasant oblivion? Will Q-Anon recede back into their parents basements? Will things ever get back to when somebody says something audaciously stupid that they are ridiculed and soon forgotton? Can what we once knew as normal, be normal again?

The last four years has been downright tiresome for anyone with two neurons to rub together. We have been beleagured, beaten, downtrodden, assaulted daily, by lie after lie, scandal after scandal. We have been insulted with stupidity each and every day from our orange idiot, and Republicans have been acting like it’s just Jim Dandy, and nothing at all wrong with that. Hell that S.O.B. was caught red handed and impeached for fucks sake! And the R Senate turned their heads and coughed. Apparently the orange idiot held all of their nuts in a vise. Or maybe they sold their souls long ago? Party over country, no matter what.

All I know is the past four years has taken what feels like eight years of my life. The era of the orange idiot has left me exhausted. I feel like I have just been released from Hell, and I don’t know what to do next. I’m not even comfortable with fully accepting that Biden has won, because I don’t know what crazy shit that idiot might do. Maybe, just maybe if I don’t believe it yet, nothing bad will happen? I want to believe, but I don’t feel safe to do so just yet.

We still have Barr, Giuliani, Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, and a host of other semi powerful sycophants ready and willing to do the bidding of their failed leader. And that bunch still has Faux news and social media outlets chomping at the bit to fight back no matter how ridiculous it might make them look. Shame, honor, and integrity, no longer valuable human traits for any of them. I’m almost expecting a dancing clown show with elephants on bicycles for the next several months. I can’t relax yet.

Especially knowing that 70 MILLION Freaking MORONS voted to keep that mother fricking idiot in power! How well are you going to sleep knowing that?

Even though it looks like it might be over soon, and I sure hope it is, but we can’t just expect this to be written off to history just yet. Stay vigilant. Stay safe. When this is all over let’s have drink πŸ™‚

17 thoughts on “Can it Be?

  1. It isn’t “appears he won”… he HAS won. And even if the tRump camp manages to get their baseless lawsuits to the Supreme Court, it won’t hold any water—unless of course tRump, McConnell, and radical Repubs have paid-off Amy Coney-Barrett, Brett Kavanaugh and other Justices to obey tRump.

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    • I don’t think we can put anything past them. They will scratch and claw and cry like the little babies they are. They will lie and insinuate and pull every dirty trick in the book to keep that rotten pumpkin in the WH.

      …and you are correct, they have stacked SCOTUS heavily in their favor. We do not yet know if SCOTUS has any integrity left. I suppose we will find out.

      My biggest concern is the orange idiot inciting violence, indeed the possibility of a civil war. He has enough mouth breathing morons itching for a reason to become terrorists for a cause. I really hope reason is as infectious as covid.

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  2. Trump inciting serious violence is the main problem I see happening. He lost. It won’t be changed. BUT, he is going to whine, accuse, scream, yell and, eventually, may even call for his armed minions to violently “fight back” against his perceived injustices. It simply must be driving him mad that Biden is receiving all the media attention now. He is not going to like this at all.

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    • I really don’t think he can raise an army. But redneck, dumbass thugs with AR’s shooting things up from their pickup trucks? I can see that happening.

      I can also see WH security dragging his kicking and screaming ass out to the curb.

      …and taking away his precious attention is like taking a toddlers pacifier away. Waaaa! For some time now I have been loathe to even mention his name on blogs/forums just because I’m sure there is a stat somewhere on how many times that assholes name has been written. I will not give him the benefit of my participation in even that. Fuck that goddamn bastard.


  3. when do we get a concession from Trump campaign?


  4. Meanwhile, I found this song to be SO apropos today and the coming days/weeks of lawsuits, courts, judges, etc, etc, from the White House trying to get in the judicial doors in futility. Decency, normalcy, and sanity have returned! Check it out… 😁

    Ob la di, ob-la-da, life goes on, BYE
    La-la, how the life goes on
    Ob-la di, ob-la-da, life goes on, BYE
    La-la, how the life goes on

    Sing BA, BA, BA, BA, BYE-BYE!!! πŸ‘‹


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