Karma Is A Bitch

Ha ha ha, the orange idiot and his mate have covid.

I can’t think of a better way to drive home the failures of this president. He has turned the presidency into a joke. He has turned our country into a joke. He has turned our country into a laughing stock around the world. He has riled up white supremacists into thinking they are welcome in our society. He has turned the head of our legal system into his lap dog. He has, and still is, as far as I know, still separating children from their familes and putting them in cages. He took a great economy gifted to him and run it into the ground. He tells a lie each and every time he opens his mouth to breathe. And he…

Completely and fully failed on covid 19! Now it’s biting him in the ass. Good. Schadenfreude is a pleasant friend at this juncture.

Y’all stay safe out there and be smart. This covid thing is still looking for you too.

18 thoughts on “Karma Is A Bitch

  1. I think he’s lying! It’s a scam! He’s going to either: A.) show no symptoms and shout, “SEE!!! It ain’t so bad even ya get the virus,” or B.) He will claim he had it but a “cure” was found and he took it and is now fine. I do not trust this son of bitch as far as I can toss his fat ass with one arm.

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  2. Inspired – exactly what my husband said this morning when I read the news to him. . .ha, ha. .
    Anyway, I figure Mike Pence must be thinking his god answered his fervent prayers.

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    • Indeed. I’m convinced Trump is lying. He doesn’t want to make more of an ass of himself with debates and now he has an excuse. He’ll play this up for sympathy and then later claim, “See, I didn’t get sick. Covid is FAKE NEWS!” I’m telling ya, he’s lying.

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  3. Hahahaha!!! 🀣🀣🀣 Poetic justice TO THA MAX you dim-witted MORON!!!

    I’ll be brutally honest… I hope Melania comes out just fine. However, I do indeed hope that Donnie is permanently damaged by this infection, if not brought to total life-support (in a coma?). THAT is the only way a Mob-boss, narcissistic, megalomaniac personality can EVER learn a hard, tentacle-busting lesson!!! Poetic justice here is oh SO EFFIN SWEET!!!! 😁

    Karma indeed Shell! πŸ‘πŸΌ

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    • I’m with you man. I hope this messes him up real good. And while it is, maybe, but I won’t hold my breath, he will come to the reality of the 200,000 + dead. And maybe, but again I won’t hold my breath, maybe he will experience an ounce of remorse for what he has done. Or more precisely, what he hasn’t done. And maybe, but let’s not hold our breath, he will realize what an ass he’s been while not doing anything to curb this pandemic.

      My expectations aren’t real high. Narcisstic sociopaths aren’t real big on soul searching and self reflection.

      Karma, what comes around goes around.

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  4. Avoid more debates, deflect away from taxes and one more thing I saw was to step down , let Pence takeover as president and pardon Donnyboy of all his crimes. That does seem a bit of a stretch. I’d vote for no debates and deflection..I wish the press would still focus on all the other stuff…keep it all in the minds of the voter..

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    • That play would not surprise me a bit. They are slimy, rat bastard, enough to do it. And the R party would hold their noses and look the other way.

      I really, really, hope this orange idiot lives long enough to go to prison.

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  5. Hey guys and gals, I was out today, I went diving! So I missed your comments till just recently πŸ™‚

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