Covid Update

Well as of today my covid positive son is officially out of quarantine. As it stands right now no one else has or is showing any symptoms. So at least for now we can put this episode behind us.

I just wish the prognosis for our country looked better. In more ways than covid…

Y’all stay safe and be smart out there. Oh, and thanks again forn the well wishes!

8 thoughts on “Covid Update

  1. This is good to hear mate.
    Have a pleasant Sunday


  2. PHEW!!

    Totally agree about the country’s prognosis!! One wonders if it can get any worse, and then it does.


  3. Hello Shelldigger. Glad it all worked out. I hope the country recovers as well as your son did. Hugs

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  4. Hello Shelldigger. OT. Did you find that bread machine paddle you accidently threw out or did you order a new one? Hugs


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