Investigation? What Investigation?

As the world knows by now the U.S. blew up an airport in Syria last night. With Assads willingness to use chemical weapons on civilians I can’t say I don’t believe they had it coming. But in no way does that help with my view of Trump. He is still the lying, deceiving sack of shit he was two days ago.

This attack achieved several things. First it scratched Trumps itchy trigger finger. Second it sent a message to Syria and perhaps a few other countries. (That we have an insane moron at the helm and are now about as predictible as N. Korea) And third it sure took the conversation away from the investigation into the Russian Connection. Remember that?

The Russians had a one hour warning the attack was coming, so they had plenty of time to get the hell out. I’m sure they told their Syrian buddies too. So we blew up an airport. Predictably, Putin condems the attack as an agressive act, and a threat to our relations. He has to play the game. They all play the game. You may recall a little place called Ukraine? Hypocricy knows no bounds in politics. Or religion now that I think about it.

I just had to vent for a minute. I feel a little better now.


15 thoughts on “Investigation? What Investigation?

  1. Fuckin’ Trump! “I hate him more tooo daaaay than yesterday. I hate him more tooooo daaaaay than yesterday!”


    • I don’t think I could despise him any less, unless I create a new folder underneath pencil dicked lying sack of shit!


      • This will be the start of a whole shit-load of warmongering and death. Hard to feel sorry for Assad, but Assad is alive and well and innocent people who were in that airport are not. I FUCKIN’ HATE tRump, just in case you didn’t know yet. 🙂


        • I’m pretty sure it was a military installation, so innocence is questionable if any of them were loading chemical weapons on planes. I am not certain to the veracity of my assumption and could well be wrong.

          I’m right there with you for disgust of our Trump. I find it difficult to say president.


  2. It is evidence you can’t come to our country but we can bomb the shit out of you.
    I dont know how this will end. Assad will be emboldened, I think and maybe ruthless with the rebels


    • Once things like this get started they usually do not end well, if they end at all.

      I am torn knowing that, and knowing Assad has numerous times used chemical weapons against his own people.

      I do still despise Trump though no matter what. 🙂


      • In the last century, Germany, Italy, Iraq, US and Syria are the only countries that have been known to have used gas on citizens. There could be the one time the Russians used it at the Moscow theatre bombing; the data wasn’t conclusive on this


  3. and are now about as predictible as N. Korea

    N. Korea is as predictable as the sun rising tomorrow when compared to Agent Orange


  4. Another blogger wrote this: Presidential power should have checks and balances. We the people have elected more than just one person to represent our interest, more than one person with the authority to drop bombs on other countries.

    My comment: “The “people” wanted a businessman as POTUS because they were tired of “politicians.” This “businessman” has run his own company by himself for many, many years. Why would anyone think he would do things differently now?”


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