Picture Day!

I had mentioned I had some pics and would do my best to get to posting them. Here we go.

Gee this is a long skid, I wonder what happened?


Ohhhh! I actually talked to the guy that owns the truck, he said he was dodging two deer, when the third one jumped in front of him. The bent frame on the truck did not happen with the deer collision. He said it jumped out of park on a long hill and hit a tree at the bottom, which satisfied my curiosity. I was really wondering if a deer collision could cause a bent frame like that. I honestly don’t know how or why the guy was driving this vehicle with a frame bent this badly, but we do what we gotta do sometimes. The guy claimed he was doing 55 mph when I asked how fast he was going. Yeah sure he was… He is still driving this truck!


I was driving home after a long day in Nashville, (yearly follow up with the wifes neurologist) the day turned somewhat overcast and I knew it was a good opportunity to maybe catch a sun dog. I kept looking to the sky and was finally rewarded 🙂 I apologize I had to shoot it over the top of a Pentecostal church, but it was my first and best break in the tree line.


This next one is a sun pillar, a very weak one. I only saw a couple of these through the winter and this one is the only one you can see in a pic. And it isn’t exactly easy to spot, but it is there. Try moving your head from side to side (an old astronomy trick for seeing very faint objects in a telescope, moving your eye/s a bit helps engage rods and cones) it pops a little when you do that.


We had a very windy night the night before. I had to go into the school the next morning and get a paper for tax purposes. Apparently you have to prove to the IRS you really have kids… I saw this on the way out and thought it was a great metaphor for certain times in my life.


Spot the Owl! I was shooting through the windshield of my truck with an iPhone, so the clarity is lacking. I kept easing up, and getting closer, trying to see when he would spook and fly away. Never did. I know had I gotten out of the truck I’d never have got a shot. Well, with an owl in it.




These next three were from a foggy morning. I was on the way home after dropping the wife off where she works. First the sunrise through the trees. This is the road I live on.IMG_0505

Spiders! This looked somewhat scenic so I shot it.


This one is the sun through the fog. I could have dodged the powerlines and stop sign but was too lazy to manuever around. Shame on me 😉


A while back there was a lunar eclipse. I have literally seen a dozen of these, but I decided to set up my ED 80 refractor and see if I could get a few shots. Then the clouds promptly moved in. I was late getting to the eclipse as it was already well under way. I shot through the clouds anyway being a hard headed fool at times. Here are a few, I couldn’t help but think with the cloud cover this resembled a solar eclipse rather than a lunar eclipse. There is a solar eclipse in August I will not miss!




That’s all folks! The weather is getting better which means I’ll be out looking for stuff to shoot!








24 thoughts on “Picture Day!

  1. Love them. Thank you for sharing them with your descriptions. I look forward to more of them. Hugs


  2. Yes, deer really can do this kind of damage and at lower speeds, too.

    Just last week an encounter with a deer vs sedan fractured the bumper, smashed the headlight, crumpled the wheel well, and caved in the door so that it could not be opened. Speed of the car? About 40 MPH when the evasion of the first two deer happened and probably less when the collision occurred with the third. And then the deer ran off.

    Insurance claim estimate is over $8000… you guessed it… because the frame was bent, too. I think running into a tree would have done less damage.


    • Oddly enough a deer wiped out our Altima back in December. And again, strangely, I was going around 40mph too, and suffered exactly the damage you just described. Busted bumper cover, broken headlight, crashed fender well, and a caved in front passenger door, and a hoof scrape/dent in the back passeger door for good measure. The preliminary insurance estimate on just the body work was $3500. Soon as they started looking at mechanical problems they totaled the car. My deer ran off too. I damn near put those pics up in this post but passed on them. I will get em next time.

      Surprising that deer can do so much damage and walk away. But see it alot.

      Still looking for a car dammit…


  3. Great shots! First of all, I thought we had all the frost/cold weather! 🙂

    Secondly, that shot of the sunrise – the sun is just above the trees early in the morning – has to be one of the nicest ones I’ve ever seen. It could be entitled, ‘Serenity’.

    Deer can do a lot of damage to vehicles .. I had a collision with one in a VW Jetta. . . needless to say, the deer ended up in the same shape as the one in your pic. 😦 $2500 later I was back on the road. . . you kind of feel differently about ‘Bambies’ after that.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Terrific shots. I especially like the ones of the moon.


  5. Those pictures are dope. At this rate, I should not be posting any pics until I can take a shot half as good


  6. I just worked it out – that happened TWENTY years ago. Oh, my. .. 😦


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