So Are You Vaping?

If you are I suggest you read this:

Long story short the aerosols in vape juice contain, and I quote “dangerous levels of hazardous chemicals known to cause cancer in humans.”  Another quote: “One puff of any of the flavored e-liquids that we tested exposes the smoker to unacceptably dangerous levels of these aldehydes, most of which originates from thermal decomposition of the flavoring compounds.”

The breakdown of the vape juice during the rapid heating process creates these aldehydes. (think formaldehyde) From the story it looks to me like they did a respectable scientific study. Being an ex cigarette smoker I have to wonder how many people will respond with the old line “we gotta die from something!”

Vaping is as bad as regular old tobacco folks. Maybe worse. What makes this even more troublesome is the fact that a lot of kids are vaping these days. One of my boys went through a phase, I’m glad he walked away from it. I like to think my influence helped him do so. I kept telling him “you don’t know what the hell you are putting into your lungs, this stuff is too new and no testing has been done.” Well the tests are in.

I’d like to think my influence might help someone else walk away from this habit too. Let’s all just die of old age instead of tobacco/chemical caused cancers and breathing problems such as COPD. Or from the nukes fired at us because of Trump…   😉


11 thoughts on “So Are You Vaping?

  1. I don’t vape. Instead I place my lips around the exhaust pipes on buses and deeply inhale whilst the bus is running. Hell, if I’m gonna kill myself inhaling nasty shit, I might as well go all out and do it right.


  2. Have you done a lot of research on this topic? Is it true that you think that vaping is worse or just as bad as smoking cigarettes? I’ve heard of the formaldehyde thing before but I haven’t heard that the flavors also turn into different chemical compounds when vaped. I’m glad to hear your son is not vaping anymore. I vape right now but my ultimate goal is to stop vaping. Especially when I read scary posts like this one. I would greatly appreciate it if you would follow me or check out my blog on vaping. Either way thank you for your inspirational post. -bel


    • I simply keep an eye towards things scientific. One of my favorite haunts on the net is Science Daily. As an ex smoker and a concerned citizen, having family and friends drawn to vaping as well as a concern for all children drawn to the next “cool” thing, vaping just in general bothers my natural instincts.

      From the first time I saw a vape I was concerned what the heck people were doing to their bodies. Inhaling a chemical substance that is pretty much an unknown, with who knows what kind of ingredients, just seems like a bad idea to me.

      Now the data is trickling out and I am even more worried what sort of unwanted side effects vaping can cause long term.

      I’d almost be in favor of traditional tobacco products instead, at least we know the risks involved…

      Yes I think vaping is as bad as cigarettes. Mostly for the reasons already stated. But also because I understand that trading one method of addiction for another does nothing to address the addiction.

      If, and this is a big if, if vaping can actually help people quit their nicotine addiction, and they can do it in a reasonable amount of time (say 6 months or less) I could see it as a positive net result.While there are success stories like this out there, they are not to my knowledge statistically significant.

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      • Yes I agree that doing nothing is better than smoking or vaping altogether. I am here to promote that. I don’t know if vaping is as bad as smoking cigarettes, but I am having trouble finding long-term effects of vaping as they have only been around for 10+ years. Although I am finding some good information about the ingredients and what they turn into when heated up and inhaled and it actually has been worse than I initially thought. I thought that vaping was like inhaling steam from a kettle pot, completely non-toxic and safe. But it’s true that some of the ingredients which are made for human consumption turn into formaldehyde when inhaled and do not break down in the lungs very well. But also there are only 4 ingredients in liquid vapor, while there are 4k chemicals in cigarettes. So it’s worse for you to smoke cigarettes as vaping has not yet been proven to cause cancer or have any other cancer causing agents.
        I say the 6 months or less rule is a very good idea but how can you put a time regulation when it comes to nicotine addicts? I wish I could do that. But I will keep that in mind when I talk to people about vaping. My goal is to ultimately help people to stop smoking and start vaping instead. And then to get off the vaping altogether as well. So I guess I should start with myself and start working towards stopping vaping. As it is only another crutch and an addiction replacing another addiction. I know it’s not good. So I thank you for your input, very interesting and enlightening to see a different perspective from a non-vaper indeed!


        • Respectfully, saying that “So it’s worse for you to smoke cigarettes as vaping has not yet been proven to cause cancer or have any other cancer causing agents.” is a bit of a logical fallacy. We cannot know the long term effects of vaping because we do not have the years of data we need to make that conclusion. Color me unconvinced that vaping is better for anyone 🙂

          Unless, it can be used as a system designed for the sole purpose of helping people quit tobacco/nicotine altogether.

          If you can design a nicotine reduction plan, and get people to follow it, that could be productive. But it has to have specific steps of reduction within a certain length of time.

          I could see that working with some success. If you can make that work for you, perhaps it will work for others? 😉


          • If I can make it work for myself maybe I can show others that it is possible to quit smoking through vaping and then to slowly cut down on the nicotine levels on vaping would be key. But it is hard to put any time stipulations on addicts. Although it is good to give ideas so I thank you for your revelations as it has been brought to my attention that ultimately doing nothing is better than smoking or vaping. And I cannot truly say that vaping is “better” than smoking cigarettes. All I know is my doctor recommended it as being “less harmful.” Which I do believe but as you said and I do agree there aren’t enough studies done to show the long-term effects as they haven’t been around that long. So I am trying to research this topic for my own choice on whether or not I want to continue vaping or not. 🙂 I’m just glad I’m open to the option of quitting vaping whereas many people are just all out vaping fanatics. There are still many unanswered questions out there and it’s good to be skeptical.


            • Well I kinda hang out with the skeptical crowd 🙂

              Time stipulations should read “Goals.” You are right it might not help to call it a limit, but if you call it a goal, people react to that differently. A generalized plan that let people move at their own pace might be good too. But I think for anyone really wanting to shed the addiction, they need goals. Just don’t call it a limitation 🙂 After decades of smoking cigs I was a cold turkey quitter. That is the one day plan. Difficult? Yes. Glad I did it? Hell yes.

              I hope your Dr. is right. He/she may be. All I can say personally is I would not care to be a voluntary lab rat for the 30 year case study. 😉

              I think you are on a good journey. Keep researching, keep learning. Let the evidence be your guide. I also hope you are successful with the intent of your blog.


      • Sonoma, you summed it up with this comment: As it is only another crutch and an addiction replacing another addiction. I know it’s not good. Keep telling yourself that. 🙂


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