Are You Kidding Me? They Elected The Great Orange Pumpkinhead?

I do hereby disassociate myself from the segment of society (morons) that would vote Trump into the White House. I really want to say fuck Trump and fuck the idiots that voted for him. But that would take a while apparently.

I went to bed early last night. I saw the trend, I am sick to my stomach. I am a tad depressed. I am feeling like my dog died. This is an enormous tragedy for our country. A tragedy for the the people. A tragedy for the entire world.

All I can think right now is if there is a wall built, I want to be on the other side of it.


19 thoughts on “Are You Kidding Me? They Elected The Great Orange Pumpkinhead?

  1. What did you say to all the Republicans who were echoing similar words as yours when Obama was elected/reelected?


    • Ironically I was one of those at the time (first Obama election) I voted R at that time. At the time I was just disappointed, this time around I fear for my the future of my country.

      When the R’s responded by claiming the sky was falling, Obama is the antichrist, he wasn’t an American, and you could see on their faces they were appalled that a black man got into the White House. I did some quick soul searching and will never ever vote R again. When they adopted the “never ever agree with Obama on anything” policy for the last 8 years, that stance cemented my position.

      This campaign only reasssures me that is the still the road I’m taking.

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  2. Look on the bright side, Alec Baldwin needs the work.


  3. Good time to be a brick layer, I’m thinking.


  4. Don’t worry mate, this, too, shall pass


  5. I’ve never been so ashamed of my country. I, too, feel physically ill. We just showed the whole world how ignorant and disgusting we really are.


    • I feel you Ryan. My entire family is walking around dazed and confused right now. Just a WTF for the ages.

      I really am beginning to think there is no end to the ignorance in my neighbors and countrymen. I want to do enough drugs and alcohol right now that it kills off enough brain cells I won’t care anymore and thusly fit right in with the idjits. It almost feels like there is no hope for tomorrow…

      I know that is a rather bleak outlook and some hope for better things should be in reserve, but day by day I might at least get comfortable with the notion of having to say “Heil Trump!”

      In fact I am going to start a search for some red armbands with a big black T on them so I will be be ahead of the game when they are mandatory 3 months from now.

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      • I think we have every right to be bleak. Trump and his supporters haven’t given us reason to assume he won’t be a complete train wreck.


        • No, no they haven’t.

          I just mentiond on Steve Ruis blog that my main concern is and I quote:

          “What really concerns me is the power he has to set this country back 150 years with Supreme Court nominees, repealing the clean air act, digging more coal, and building more coal plants. Turning Roe vs. Wade. Giving corporations the same considerations as people…oh wait!

          What ever other regular Trump nonsense that remains to be seen, building the wall, bombing the shit out of people etc. We might survive…”

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  6. Unfortunately, that gut feeling I had just before the election was genuine. Sickening indeed. And scary.


    • The best sign I saw after the election was held by a young woman that said, “We’re better than this.”

      And I think that’s the takeaway message: that by enough good people not doing enough, we end up with a man in a powerful office whose very character is deplorable, where enough people really did invest their trust in the colour of his skin, in the belief that he is actually better a man than he is. History will determine whether that claim of mine is true or false and I sincerely hope it’s wrong. Regardless, we can do better… each and every one of us. And we have to find ways to make that happen, to foster and feed the pool of goodwill that is at the heart of every patriotic citizen, rather than become the stereotypical Republican whose purpose in life is shaped to undermine everything of common value to make the Other into an enemy. The fact is that we’re all in this together so let’s get to work.


      • That is a great way to approach the situation. My initial reaction was shock which led to physical discomfort, which over the last couple of days led to some degree of acceptance that this is what we have to deal with. So let’s find a way to deal with it seems to be the best option.

        Just give me some time to settle in to our new reality. 🙂

        My stomach is just now settling down. I slept a little better last night. Perhaps tomorrow will be a better day. I do believe I will have to stay away from the news for a while. I know I can’t stay angry at the dipsticks that influenced this situation forever, that would indeed make me as bad as the R’s.


    • I’m feeling a bit better physically. My stomach has settled down some. But I still have a sense of “oh my gosh what is going to happen when the TSHTF?”

      Trump Shit Hits The Fan


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