So Are You Vaping?

If you are I suggest you read this:

Long story short the aerosols in vape juice contain, and I quote “dangerous levels of hazardous chemicals known to cause cancer in humans.”  Another quote: “One puff of any of the flavored e-liquids that we tested exposes the smoker to unacceptably dangerous levels of these aldehydes, most of which originates from thermal decomposition of the flavoring compounds.”

The breakdown of the vape juice during the rapid heating process creates these aldehydes. (think formaldehyde) From the story it looks to me like they did a respectable scientific study. Being an ex cigarette smoker I have to wonder how many people will respond with the old line “we gotta die from something!”

Vaping is as bad as regular old tobacco folks. Maybe worse. What makes this even more troublesome is the fact that a lot of kids are vaping these days. One of my boys went through a phase, I’m glad he walked away from it. I like to think my influence helped him do so. I kept telling him “you don’t know what the hell you are putting into your lungs, this stuff is too new and no testing has been done.” Well the tests are in.

I’d like to think my influence might help someone else walk away from this habit too. Let’s all just die of old age instead of tobacco/chemical caused cancers and breathing problems such as COPD. Or from the nukes fired at us because of Trump…   😉