I Mentioned At Some Point I Played Guitar…

I tried to upload this audio file here but it requires an upgrade. And I’m a cheap S.O.B. so I went searching for an online music database. I settled with Soundcloud and finally got around to uploading a music file. It took some doing, turns out I had to change a wma file to a wav file, so had to figure out how to do that. Which I discovered I could do exactly that with itunes, which I already have and did not need to dl anything. Just had to learn how to do it.

Ain’t the internet great?

So if you want to hear this you will need to click this link. I could not get this to play on Chrome, but I have HTML5 autoplay disabled. I very much dislike being hit with autoplay video everywhere I go. But it worked fine for me on IE. So, what I’m getting at I suppose is, if you have trouble getting it to play it is likely a browser issue.

I have a rough (absoluteley raw, no editing, no effects) song on a 16 track digital recorder I want to put up soon, as well as another track or two from my pro studio experience. Will get around to it as I can. Life is such that it is hard to take the time to hunt down all of the neccessities to get these kind of jobs done.

A little intro is appropriate I guess. I used to play with a band a while back and a few more before that that through the years.When my youngest son was born I had to retire from the music thing as babies are quite demanding of time. Anyway some years later my old buddy Brose who sings and plays bass on this song, called me up about doing some guitar work on some stuff he had going in a studio. I jumped at the opportunity and was able to record a couple of old songs I had lying around. Oh if you can’t abide classic rock or or southern rock don’t click! I swear I don’t try to have a southern rock flavor, that’s just what comes out.

Well, I did not know that posting the link would do that. 🙂 But I’ll take what I can get, especially if it works. I uploaded that song a short time ago and already have 2 followers and 7 plays lol. (that third follower got me right after I made the account a month or two ago)


4 thoughts on “I Mentioned At Some Point I Played Guitar…

  1. Listening to it now. .. suppose, with my serious technology challenges, I could get this onto my iPod?? 🙂

    I love it!! You ROCK!!


    • Thank you Carmen! I knew there was a good reason to keep you around 🙂 Flattery will get you everywhere.

      I am not sure how to go about getting this to your ipod. Something I can look at when I get time… Took me a while to get this far lol.


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