It Is Election Day

I have two headlines ready for tomorrow.

“Are You Kidding Me? They Elected The Great Orange Pumpkinhead?”  and

“Sanity Reigns!”

I can’t watch. I need to go fishing. Or get sloshed. Or something. If you all haven’t done so yet, Go Vote!

EDIT:  I just realized that GOP initializes Great Orange Pumpkinhead  🙂



15 thoughts on “It Is Election Day

  1. Go fishing. That way you won’t have a headache tomorrow. . . 🙂

    On the other hand, if Herr Orange Hair wins, you’ll have a headache that won’t go way for a long time. . . 😦


  2. You know if I get an early start there is enough time in the day to go fishing and get sloshed 🙂

    Trump will be a headache win or lose. If he wins this country will have a headache long after he is gone.


  3. GOP also stands for “Grab Our P*ssy”. 🙂

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  4. “Sanity Reigns!” …. Yes Please!!!

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  5. I bet it’s great, but it’s almost an hour long! I am not fortunate enough to have unlimited internet out here in the sticks. I have to save my data for important stuff like porn and blogging.

    I really don’t do the porn thing, but we have 10 gigs a month between 4 people and by the first ten days we have usually burned through that 10 gigs. Then we get the slow train to China.


  6. I have piddled the day away. Now the results are coming in. I hope to see a Hillary elected before I go to bed.

    Please Santa? Can I have my present early? I promise to be good all year.


  7. I hear you. I’ll be a 10 gig baby very soon as I’m poor as shit. Go Hilary! Please.


  8. Ha! Just as Trump would have it.


  9. Trump already has Indiana and Kentucky. Kentucky I get, there is a reason Ken Ham built his ark fark in Ky.

    As of right now I hear Hillary has Vermont.

    …and I have a bad case of nerves.


  10. You and me both. We’ve got CNN on. . Jesus H. Christ.


  11. And Pence is Governor of Indiana, correct? So no shock here.


  12. At the moment 75 electoral votes for Hillary, 66 for the Great orange Pumpkinhead. Clinton has a lead in several states too close to call.

    We are with the great libtard* channel MSNBC, the wife and I both really like their stuff.

    * As referenced by the right wingers.


  13. Yessiree. No shock at all. And another state to write off with Texas. Unless Texas does a huge turnaround.


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