It Is Election Day

I have two headlines ready for tomorrow.

“Are You Kidding Me? They Elected The Great Orange Pumpkinhead?”  and

“Sanity Reigns!”

I can’t watch. I need to go fishing. Or get sloshed. Or something. If you all haven’t done so yet, Go Vote!

EDIT:  I just realized that GOP initializes Great Orange Pumpkinhead  🙂



15 thoughts on “It Is Election Day

  1. Go fishing. That way you won’t have a headache tomorrow. . . 🙂

    On the other hand, if Herr Orange Hair wins, you’ll have a headache that won’t go way for a long time. . . 😦


    • You know if I get an early start there is enough time in the day to go fishing and get sloshed 🙂

      Trump will be a headache win or lose. If he wins this country will have a headache long after he is gone.


  2. I have piddled the day away. Now the results are coming in. I hope to see a Hillary elected before I go to bed.

    Please Santa? Can I have my present early? I promise to be good all year.


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