Stupid Is…

…as stupid does.

Every 4th of July someone does something less than intelligent (I dislike using the word stupid a lot, but it just keeps coming up) with fireworks and loses a hand or an arm or worse.

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with the firework type known as mortar rounds, but they have a cylindrical launch tube maybe two inches across and they stand perhaps 16 – 18 inches high. The mortar is a bulbous little grenade looking thing that has a long fuse. You drop this round into the tube, leaving the long fuse hanging out the top. You then light it, and run like hell!

A moment later there is a large foomp! The round exits the tube with an enormous force you can feel, it accelerates high in the sky and explodes with a colorful display. I love these things, and if I’m buying fireworks, I always get some mortars. But…

I have never tried to light one off of the top of my head:

It killed him instantly. Like I said, these rounds exit the tube with an tremendous force, you can feel this force from many feet away. I can only imagine, but it must have been like getting hit sharply in the head with a 5 lb. hammer when it went off. I certainly feel for the friends and family, but damn! Darwin Award.

Please use your fireworks safely. I would like to still be able to buy them next year. Okay?

20 thoughts on “Stupid Is…

  1. I sent a small nuke up over Lake Michigan and blew the fucker up on the 4th. I was smart though. I made sure I wasn’t hurt by it, and, as far as I know, no one was actually blown up by the explosion. However, there have been a few reports of radiation poisoning and such from around the Lake Michigan area since I did this. This reminds me of a quote I love.
    “The fun I had blowing shit up out weighs any harm I may have caused.” George W. Bush on the Iraq invasion, circa 2003. Some things George said are so true, they make my willy hard. 😀 BANG!!!! And God Bless America!!!


  2. I suspect you have a link in the wrong place. It is unrelated to the post.
    The fellow gets a Darwin Award, he gets added to 1001 ways to die and I send the friends and family messages of condolence.


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