Quote of the Month

I believe in my laziness, I let last month get by me without a Quote of the Month, and this month nearly so. I got up this morn with the intent of doing something  with the blog today and QOTM is it. Most of my followers (I think that is a tad creepy, but glad to have you!) know that this series is about the x-ian revisionist history that claims our country was founded upon x-ian principles, but for the new guys/gals… It most certainly was not. A look at the founding father quotes which are easily available, will quickly confirm the founding fathers were at best deists. Which back in the day, with the limited tech, and the pervasiveness of the church, was a great step in the right direction.

I was browsing for a quote and this one by Ben Franklin hit caught my attention, as it captures perfectly well that which I see on a steady basis of creationists. This quote is quite elegant in its simplicity, and quite to the point, which is as relevant today as it was in centuries past. Without further ado:

“The way to see by faith is to shut the eye of reason.” Ben Franklin, from the Poor Richards Almanac.


9 thoughts on “Quote of the Month

  1. Love the quote and the link.


  2. I love that you love them!

    That link rocks. It has a ton of founding father quotes right there at the fingertips.


  3. Yeah. That’s great. It wasn’t til just a few years ago that I began reading what the founding fathers actually said as opposed to what christians say they said. WOW! what a huge difference.


  4. No shit. You would think the fucking lying liars would know better, the evidence is easily available to show they are lying. Yet they continue to spout the lies, and the sheeple lap it up.

    That is why I made a thing out of this. It pisses me off that they pull this nonsense. I want it known they are damn liars. Did I say all of that out loud?


  5. and this is one of the reasons we shouldn’t be debating the goddites


  6. Debating liars is fruitless. They will deny, and lie some more. If you are lucky you might witness the Christian Crawdad where they backtrack in a hurry as they get caught lying. 🙂


  7. I only always see them say I didn’t understand them correctly but never tell me how they wanted to be understood


  8. That counts 🙂


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