Deja Vu

Just a few days ago I did a piece on an unvaccinated kid dying in Spain. Today we have a woman from Washington state dying from the measles. Well, she developed pneumonia as a side effect from having the measles.

This woman apparently had a weakened autoimmune state and contracted the measles in a hospital. It is a shame, she was in the hospital for some medical reasons at the same time someone else there developed the rash associated with the measles, a fluke. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time. If the person that had that case of measles had been vaccinated…? This woman would still be alive.

I don’t want to harp again, so soon, about the importance of vaccines, but dammit it is so vitally important to vaccinate. Vaccines save lives from unneccessary risk of dying from a preventable disease. Vaccinate! Vaccinate your kids! Do not listen to the crazy people that claim vaccines cause autism. They don’t. It was all a bogus story, by an asshole with an agenda, who had his work discredited, and lost his license. It was fraud!

One good piece of news most of you probably already know, California signed into law, the bill that requires all children that want to go to a public school must be vaccinated. No opt out clause. Needless to say this is a major step in the right direction. I hope other states take notice.

Oh, Jim Carrey, shut the hell up, save your stoopid for your movies.

25 thoughts on “Deja Vu

    • No, I had not seen that. Great link! Gives me some hope for the future. I am thrilled to see someone come to their senses. Now if we could just scale that up…

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        • Yes their governor signed the bill into law! No shots, no public school. No exemptions. (except in rare medical cases) I’m all for it.

          Oddly enough that link while having good info on the new law, it appears the site is run by a .org opposing it! Which I find delightfully ironic. 🙂


          • Yes, I thought it was interesting how they are so focused on their rights that they forget other people live on this planet, too. From the World Health Organization:

            **Measles is one of the leading causes of death among young children even though a safe and cost-effective vaccine is available.

            **In 2013, there were 145 700 measles deaths globally – about 400 deaths every day or 16 deaths every hour.

            **Measles vaccination resulted in a 75% drop in measles deaths between 2000 and 2013 worldwide.

            **During 2000-2013, measles vaccination prevented an estimated 15.6 million deaths.


            I shared these stats on FB a while back, and was stunned by the opposition I got from anti-vaxxers.


            • Just incredible stats. You will only get praise here for having good sense 🙂

              FB is a shithole. I had a FB account for all of three days. My family was all like”get a FB account so we can stay in touch.” Oh my gosh what a terrible idea lol. I love my family well enough, as long as I know as little as possible about them. That and those damned sickening I don’t even know what to call them, postcard like pictures with all kinds of inspirational crap, or “Go Amurica” , or “hey bet you didn’t know what a right wing republican moron I was” saying… I lost my mind in three days.

              Guess what? You have to do a damn google search to even find out how to delete a FB account. You cannot find that info anywhere on their site. At least it was hidden well enough I didn’t find it.


              • I’ve only had a FB account for a year. My daughter begged me, so I threw in the towel. I generally only use it to advocate and to stay in touch with my daughter. I have a whopping 18 friends and most are from WP, except for my daughter and one “friend” I knew from my past, whom I used to go to church with. She’s the one who opposed the stats, and then her fan club got on board, too. As Jeff would say, Hee Haw.


                • Hee haw. Indeed. So the church lady and her pals have antivax sentiments?

                  Small sample, but I wonder about corellation there. Belief in one silly thing leading to belief in another?

                  It’s a stretch I know, but something to think about.

                  Gloom, despair, and agony on me.
                  Deep dark depression, excessive misery.
                  If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all.
                  Gloom, despair and agony on me.

                  I watched a little Hee Haw as a kid. 🙂 Just keep that between us!


                  • “but I wonder about corellation there. Belief in one silly thing leading to belief in another?”

                    I’m not sure exactly, but I gather that some parents proclaim that no government is going to have say over them when it comes to raising children, thus they take it to extremes. It doesn’t matter what the research says — “big brother is NOT going to boss me around”, even though the research says that it’s highly risky not getting your children vaccinated.

                    The same can be said about corporal punishment. Some parents (usually conservative Christians) get all bent out of shape when a state makes hitting their kids illegal, even though we have hundreds of studies/publications showing that disciplining in this way does not change behavior long term. It just makes better liars out of your children, and there are long term psychological problems, not to mention physical health problems later in life.

                    Oh, and your secret is safe with me. 😉


                    • Sort of a spite reflex. I get that. It’s how I felt about seat belt laws at first, and helemt laws when I had my motorcycle phase, I can see where people don’t want to be told how to live their lives. Even if it means increasing the likelyhood of prolonging those lives.

                      But, I have matured a little, I, you, many of us have the brains to see the benefits vs. the drawbacks to vaccines. And the benefits are so damned obvious, the drawbacks minute (a small number of people have allergies to vaccine ingredients, etc). You just posted the stats, that anyone with half a brain can see. Most of us understand the Wakefield/Autism/Vaccine thing was a fraud. Yet many remain, drawing the line in the sand, out of immaturish spite, or plain old herd mentality of the stoopid, preferring to decline the benefit to mankind, and their children, vaccines provide. It’s a good thing laws can be passed to circumvent the herd.

                      Corporal punishment sounds so…bad. lol
                      I must object just a little when it comes to parenting, and parenting means you should discipline your kids from time to time. I have raised a few kids, and I stand by the necessity of dusting a few britches here or there. That and a stern “don’t do X” is all I have needed over the years, to dissuade the kids from most bad behavior. I can certainly see that taking punishment too far, would very well just make better liars of the kids, or worse. Also I might add that the window for raising kids closes around 12, if you haven’t done your job as a parent by then, you might as well hang it up, and let them figure it all out the hard way.

                      There is a place between occaisional dusting the britches, and abuse. After seeing many results of kids raised by the “now Jo Jo you shouldn’t do that” types, after the kid just just set the dog on fire, I’ll tell ya a lot of kids and society in general, would benefit from a britches dusting. There is a happy medium there somewhere, without it being abusive. Probably once a kid gets beyond 5 or 6 a light spanking is no longer going to help much. By that time you should be able to reason with/against the kids to achieve a desired outcome. That is of course just my personal take.

                      Secret? What secret? I have never owned a straw hat! 😉


                    • Jr.? You’re not suppose to hit people. Now come over here — I’m going to give you a spanking.

                      I never laid a hand on my daughter. With boys, we take a very big risk of turning on their aggression gene if we spank them in early childhood. It’s simply not worth the risk.


                      Psst — I watched a few Hew Haw shows myself when I was a kid, though I’m not a big country music fan. I just love comedy.


                    • That scenario is a little warped I admit. 🙂 Hitting a child as punishment for hitting someone else is a little strange.

                      Interesting link. I suppose as in most things it depends upon the circumstances. All I know is my parents took that risk. Probably more than it was needed. I took my experiences and said, “I can do better than that” I think I managed allright, but it was a risk I took as well. If you have a kid whose eyes turn dark and cold with a murderous glare after he gets a dusting, maybe that one needs other ways of discipline. Maybe I still have one foot stuck in the past, I have to admit I am old school in some ways of thinking. I am unconvinced as of yet a screaming, foot stomping, fit throwing, or otherwise misbehaving child cannot benefit from a couple of swats on the bottom and given a stern suggestion to “knock it off”

                      I would never advocate taking it further than that. If that didn’t work, its time for other measures.

                      My youngest stepson, he was around 3-1/2 when I married his mom. He decided one day to do the fake crying thing. It went on for a while, she was getting flustered. I asked if I could step in, she agreed. I swatted on him the bottom and asked him if he was done. He continued. I swatted him on the bottom again, and asked him if he was done. He hesitated, but continued. I calmy swatted him on the bottom a third time, and asked him if he was done. Yep, he was done. He didn’t test me much after that, and he had been used to playing his mom like a violin. He just graduated high school and is off to college in a month or so. If there was any harm done, it has yet to manifest. I suppose he could start robbing liquor stores any day now, but I’ll still stand by the britches dusting.


                    • Yes, I was watching for the funny. I never was much for country music. Although Roy Clark was an awesome musician.

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                    • Hey, stop by and take the Heavy Metal vs Bible quiz. 😉


                    • I saw that this morning, had a bunch of sleeping brats in the floor behind me, and hesiated to try it. They are up and roaming now, I’ll head back over. 🙂


                    • That’s my favorite of his too. Nice. Hadn’t heard it in years.

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                    • I met Roy Clark when I was a kid. I was visiting my Nana in Maryland for the summer, and we went to Saint George’s island, which was about a mile from where my grandmother lived. He had docked his yacht at Swans pier, to get supplies. He was quite personable.


                    • Cool. He seemed to be a very likable fellow. Love his music.

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                    • Cool story! I wish I had met Roy Clark! Wait, Roy Clark has a yacht? Nice.

                      I’m a tad jealous lol.

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  1. Thousands of kids in iron lungs, that’s where this is headed if antivaxxers don’t wake up. People never seem to learn from history. Great links here, BTW. And WTF is with Jim Carrey? Career is nowhere to be seen so rant about nonsense like an idiot?


    • I used to like Tom Cruise movies, till he publicly painted himself a moron. Now I can’t stand TC on sight.

      I love some of Jim Carrey’s movies, some are comedic classics, and he was the best Riddler ever in one of the Batman movies. But if he keeps this up he will soon go the way of TC for me. There is only so much I can take.


      • I agree. I think Cruise is an excellent actor, but because of his real life nonsense, I can no longer separate his roles from him. I didn’t know Carrey was a nutter. I’ve always liked him, too. But, like Cruise, if he keeps this up, I’ll lose respect for him quickly.


        • I didn’t know Carrey was an antivax nutter either, till he went on a public tirade after the California vaccination law passed.

          With any luck, Carrey will crawl back under his antivax nutter rock and I can maybe put this behind me…


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