Religion Is A Special Kind Of Poison

I’m pretty sure most of my followers and friends aren’t MMA fans. That’s ok, I still love  you guys! Thing is, I was just perusing a website devoted to MMA and read a story, and I felt like it might interest you. Put aside your possible disinterest in the sport, and read the story for what it tells us. I had never heard of this particular fellow, but after reading his story it shocked me a bit, it is the last thing I expected really, but once I understood the why, it is something we all are aware of in religion.

Religious cults are a special kind of evil. It’s a faily long writeup, I’ll leave it to you to see what you think. It’s a damn shame, a sad story on the effect of the uber religiosity that dwells among us…

The Scars His Fighters Couldn't See


Manslaughter by suicide?

Please note: the following link is an autoplay video, that requires watching a stupid commercial. Why is it, that to watch a video I want to see, requires me to watch an ad, that I don’t want to see, AND…it uses up part of my monthly data allowance, that I do not want to spend on watching forced advertisements? Something wrong there…in a sense we are paying to watch a commercial.

I am not real certain to the validity of this report, but if it is true then a man killed an innocent 5 year old girl, while committing suicide, by jumping from the 11th floor of a building. 

Please if you are considering suicide, get help. If for whatever reason that notion is off the table, please consider the ramifications of not thinking it through…and if you are still thinking about suicide, GET HELP!

Suicide, way too close to home to suit me. I’ve lost a good friend, and my 1st wife from this terrible affliction. I don’t care much for suicide jokes, gestures, and insinuations. So, if you happen to be thinking of a suicide joke…don’t.