Aljazeera America

Really? I have been seeing ads all over TV, now I’m seeing them here and there on the internet, they are marketing this thing up heavily. While I am all for the free market and open competition, I have to wonder…do we really need a conservative, religiously/politically motivated, fundamentalist slant on our news? Don’t we already have Fox News?

I have about as much interest in watching this as I would for signing up for free shock therapy, which is less than zero. In fact, what I see from regular Fox News viewers, is that stupefied deer in the headlights look, that people should not value as a personality trait. Reminds me of those old “this is your brain on drugs” commercials. This is you before Faux News, This is you after…

Didn’t Aljazeera just get banned from the air somewhere? In a country of their own religious view?

Just what we need, a bunch of shit stirring, emotion manipulating, riot inducing, “news”. If Faux News is bad, this is probably something much, much worse. I will not be watching, I would prefer my brain on drugs…I really hope they shrivel up and die due to lack of paid commercials, or funding in general, before they become the problem here, they have proven to be elsewhere.

I don’t want or need my news flavored with a point of view. I want my news presented as the facts, I am perfectly capable of forming my own views. Thank you. “Just the facts ma’am.” Joe Friday, Dragnet. Yeah, probably giving away my age with that one  🙂

Manslaughter by suicide?

Please note: the following link is an autoplay video, that requires watching a stupid commercial. Why is it, that to watch a video I want to see, requires me to watch an ad, that I don’t want to see, AND…it uses up part of my monthly data allowance, that I do not want to spend on watching forced advertisements? Something wrong there…in a sense we are paying to watch a commercial.

I am not real certain to the validity of this report, but if it is true then a man killed an innocent 5 year old girl, while committing suicide, by jumping from the 11th floor of a building. 

Please if you are considering suicide, get help. If for whatever reason that notion is off the table, please consider the ramifications of not thinking it through…and if you are still thinking about suicide, GET HELP!

Suicide, way too close to home to suit me. I’ve lost a good friend, and my 1st wife from this terrible affliction. I don’t care much for suicide jokes, gestures, and insinuations. So, if you happen to be thinking of a suicide joke…don’t.