Religion Is A Special Kind Of Poison

I’m pretty sure most of my followers and friends aren’t MMA fans. That’s ok, I still love  you guys! Thing is, I was just perusing a website devoted to MMA and read a story, and I felt like it might interest you. Put aside your possible disinterest in the sport, and read the story for what it tells us. I had never heard of this particular fellow, but after reading his story it shocked me a bit, it is the last thing I expected really, but once I understood the why, it is something we all are aware of in religion.

Religious cults are a special kind of evil. It’s a faily long writeup, I’ll leave it to you to see what you think. It’s a damn shame, a sad story on the effect of the uber religiosity that dwells among us…

The Scars His Fighters Couldn't See


8 thoughts on “Religion Is A Special Kind Of Poison

  1. What a story. Poor guy. I rather like MMA myself, though I’ve not followed it as much as I did years ago. Check out a movie called Warrior with Tom Hardy if you’ve not already. It’s the Rocky of MMA films. I love it. Religion sucks.

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    • I love the sport, but must admit I havent bought any pay per views in a long time. I keep up with it mostly on the net. Now that UFC has gone to ESPN+ which requires a cable upgrade and other fighter promotions have gone to streaming services, and my sat wont stream for shit, I wont be catching fights like I was able to. Dammit.

      I havent seen that movie, I will look for it. 🙂 Thanks for the recommendation.


  2. I agree it is a hard read. Twice I stopped to only start again. We humans are social animals. We tend to feel closest to those we either grow up with or do traumatic service with. Still we are emotional beings. It is hard to say what would cause us to “lose it”. Religion is not the friend to a free thinker. Very sad. Hugs


    • I should have edited out much of the history and posted the pertinent stuff about the religious nuttery, but I didn’t have time as I was heading out the door.

      Yes religion sure did a number on this family. I am sure there are plenty more horror stories out there. Given the nature of the way cults do a number on peoples minds. And I consider all religions cults of one sort or another…

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  3. So, an answer for those who ask “What harm does religion do … ?”

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    • Yes indeedy. All of the guilt and manipulation, all of the strict rules /taboos, all of the stories that make no sense pounded into the children daily. When all of that shit finally gets a moment of reckoning, something has to give somewhere. The mind can only take so much horseshit before bad things happen.

      The parents here, wow. I can conceive of a few reasons to shun/disown your own children, but none of them have anything to do with religion.

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