12 thoughts on “Dear Santa

  1. I sincerely hope Santa is listening.


  2. *sigh* Don’t hold your breath. He is One Slippery Eel.


  3. Hi Shell,

    I have been saying that for several years – his jumpsuit needs to match his hair. Alas, Beau (of the Fifth Column) is in line with Nan’s take – that he won’t be going to jail. He figures the worst that will happen (if he’s convicted of anything) will be house arrest. 😦

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    • Sounds about right. House arrest for a seditious traitor, a tax cheat, a fraudster, con man, and stealer of classified docs.

      In the meantime people like me get arrested for spitting on the sidewalk.

      Yep. Sounds about right…

      Guy I’ve known for years, he is fond of saying he was arrested once for “public ugliness and attempting to crawl.”

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  4. The crowd I hang out with will love that saying! πŸ™‚


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