Arrest The Uvalde Police

As more comes out about how this mass murder was handled, I am more and more angry about what I’m hearing. Cops on the scene with an active gunman shooting children, were either standing there with their hands in their pockets, or busy making life difficult for the parents there, who were deeply concerned for their childrens safety.

How sick and disgusting is that?

Cops all over the damn place and no one going after the shooter. Cowards. Each and every one of them ought to hand over their badge and gun, and resign. Yeah right, won’t happen.

Another thing, if you or I am in the present company of someone that commits murder, and you or I did nothing to try and prevent it, we would be charged with murder as well as the person who committed it.

As far as I’m concerned, these chickenshit cops should all be charged. Murder, dereliction of duty, and being complicit in an ongoing mass shooting.

Fucking cops, they are real good at shooting and killing unarmed people everywhere, but can’t meet up to the job requirement when someone happens to have a gun and is using it to kill children. Other than having a cussing spasm, words fail me.


… I don’t want to hear excuses, “we didn’t have armor,” “we didn’t have this,” “we didn’t have that.” I want to hear admissions of guilt from these assholes. They had manpower, they had guns. Period. I hope they all have trouble sleeping at night. This just really ticks me off. Such manly men, such real Americans, such true and blue patriots. Kiss my ass, a bunch of whining pansies in the face of that actual moment, of finding the courage to buck up and do the right thing.

None of them had it what it takes. Pathetic. Arrest them. Make examples out of them. I won’t hold my breath.

36 thoughts on “Arrest The Uvalde Police

  1. My thoughts exactly!!! And you said it much better than I could have.


    • You’re in luck. My “How to Cuss Like a Preacher” class is starting in 2 weeks. I’ll sign you up 😉

      Seriously, this Uvalde situation has highlighted an issue with police. How willing they are to kill people over stupid shit, yet at the same time when the job all of a sudden needs men with the courage to face up to a murderer with a gun, they all of a sudden lack the gonads to meet the challenge of saving peoples lives.

      Silly me, I thought that’s what they were there for…

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  2. I really liked this article about this very issue written by David French. I feel he touches exactly the right point and why I think especially those of us who have undergone military training are so shocked by this inaction. How could anyone stand by? Well, I’ve seen it happen… and almost always by those who grant themselves the luxury of thinking it’s all about them. Night and day for those of us who think it’s all about us.

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    • That was a good read (save for the Jeebus stuff,) but I have to admit it didn’t make me feel any better…

      Like it or not, we now live in the generation of me. Us has been relieved of duty and can’t even get a janitors job..


      • Well, I can’t argue with that. The Cult of Me is certainly wildly applauded by most and the focus on selfies and memorializing personal blogs about daily habits and ‘Look At Me, Everyone!’ certainly attests to that.

        But living in opposition to this cult – and setting the example by doing so – pays dividends, too. And at the end of the day, that’s all any of us can do and give thanks and appreciation for those who are like-minded. Especially on Memorial Day.

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      • I think I disagree a little bit about the generation we live in. The American way and generally the way of the west is the me way- individualist to the end- and this is just a worst manifestation of it.

        On the other hand, it should be seen as a call to action. Get as many guns away from the civil hands to reduce instances where police are called to risk limb and life.


  3. If there was a better argument against a good man with a gun nonsense, this is it. You have a situation, a volatile situation, with cops trained to handle guns and they cowed. So next time a person makes this argument, show them this and then kick their ass.

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    • The idea with the “good man with a gun argument.” is that this supposed good man would stand up in times requiring inner strength, uncompromising valor, and do something about a “bad guy with a gun.”

      The cops, are supposed to be our good guys with guns. That’s what they are on the payroll for.

      But all that said, I think you are right. This is a fine example of ‘supposed” good guys with guns unable to respond to the call of duty. Not just one, but an entire freaking platoon of them.

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  4. From what I’ve read so far, I’ve gathered two main points where things went badly wrong. First is that there were people from several different police forces there, and nobody was sure who was in charge. Which is a problem on the organizational level, not the individual cops. And the other is that, once they decided who was in charge, the guy in charge decided to treat it as a barricade situation, rather than as an active shooter. Which was the wrong call, but that’s on the guy who made the decision. I’m less angry at the individual cops who rushed to the scene ready to act, and found nothing there but confusion and delays.


  5. I wish I could be so generous. I just can’t. No excuse is good enough for me to let them off the hook for this one. Like I said, they had manpower, they had guns. What they lacked was the will to proceed to take down the bad guy.

    Now I know nothing of police hierarchy, I would assume in ascending order, City, County, State, and Fed, but they should damn well know who is charge on a scene. This should already be established. There ought be no measuring of dicks at a live shooter scene. Unacceptable.

    Someone made the call to go with barricade tactics. Okay, was any man present who objected to the call? That’s what I want to know… Were there any men among cowards?

    If the police didn’t already have such a terrible track record on the killing of unarmed people, often over ridiculous things, traffic stops, the selling of smokes, what have you, I might feel a bit more inclined to cut them them some slack. But nope, not this time.

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    • “If the police didn’t already have such a terrible track record on the killing of unarmed people…”

      In one sense (there are often significant mitigating circumstances) any killing of an unarmed person is a failure of policing. Granted. This is the assumption made by police themselves. But this real world number in the US is about 67 per year from millions and millions – tens of millions, actually – of interactions. The rate behind this ‘track number’ is infinitesimally small and the total dwarfed by the comparative number of people struck by lightning, for example. Police interactions are inherently dangerous. So although the rate of fatal police shootings is much higher in the US compared to countries with sane gun laws, so too is the risk of being shot from armed civilians astronomically higher.

      A little known fact most are unaware of, for example, is the number of police assassinations in 2021 – the intentional and planned luring, targeting, and killing of police officers. This number was five times higher by comparison than the police killing of unarmed blacks but has received almost no media coverage other than local news reporting a particular killing (especially if the police officer was black, female, and a mom). In other words, the civilian population receives constant messages from media about widespread ‘police’ shootings of unarmed civilians and receives no comparative message from the same media about the shooting of police by armed civilians. So it’s understandable that people hearing only the one-sided message will presume police have “a terrible track record” when they actually and in reality have a pretty good record in the face of such an well armed civilian population. A record that could be better, granted… but…


      • Aside from your comment itself, this line is the one that stood out to me … the civilian population receives constant messages from media.

        Regrettably, nearly all we assume/believe/argue over is based on what we have read in the “media.”

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        • Which is why the hostile takeover and institutional capture of mass media into one of two ideological camps is such a huge problem. As the stream of disinformation from the media’s ‘coverage’ of (this implies extracting information from rather than imposing a narrative on) the Rittenhouse case so clearly demonstrates, we cannot trust MM (mainstream media) and so we have to be – at the very least – critical of our own assumptions, especially when we give in to our outrage. That’s when we are most susceptible to manipulation.


      • Never let it be said that I am aware or knowledgeable of everything. I did not know that.

        That knowledge does not make me feel any better about unarmed people getting shot to hell because an asshole cop has a gun.

        I would assume they keep the assasination of cops quiet on the hopes it won’t inspire copycats. Which now that I think about it, might also should be applied to mass shooters. I mean, I know you can’t keep that quiet, but maybe they shouldn’t make it headlines until the next one happens…?


        • The further Left one is on the political spectrum the greater the over-estimation on how many unarmed blacks are shot by police per year – not by multiples but by factors. The average estimation by students attending universities is between a thousand and ten thousand blacks ‘murdered’ by police. The actual number is usually between 10 and 15 per year from over 30 million interactions. The number of police killed from these interactions is usually between 60 to 70. But yes, there is a significant rise in cop assassinations with no interaction – simply killing police officers for being police officers. In many places, the growing response by police thoroughly vilified is to not interact at all if the suspects are black. Whodathunk.

          More alarming is the inability in many Democratic northern cities to recruit police to match the exodus of police officers leaving the profession entirely. In Chicago (IIRC), about 650 police left the force last year and the city was able to recruit only 64.

          This is not going to end well.


          • I’d have thought it closer to 20-30 per year. But there ya go, a fine example of what thinking might get you.

            “This is not going to end well.” I think we are in full agreement here.


  6. I’m on my way to the river. Y’all come on in, drop a comment. I may not see a computer till tomorrow 😉


  7. The whole “good guy” with a gun narrative failed spectacularly here.

    But it’s good to see the lunatic right wing trump-loving fox-watching crowd is now focusing on the real problem… Doors.

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