Arrest The Uvalde Police

As more comes out about how this mass murder was handled, I am more and more angry about what I’m hearing. Cops on the scene with an active gunman shooting children, were either standing there with their hands in their pockets, or busy making life difficult for the parents there, who were deeply concerned for their childrens safety.

How sick and disgusting is that?

Cops all over the damn place and no one going after the shooter. Cowards. Each and every one of them ought to hand over their badge and gun, and resign. Yeah right, won’t happen.

Another thing, if you or I am in the present company of someone that commits murder, and you or I did nothing to try and prevent it, we would be charged with murder as well as the person who committed it.

As far as I’m concerned, these chickenshit cops should all be charged. Murder, dereliction of duty, and being complicit in an ongoing mass shooting.

Fucking cops, they are real good at shooting and killing unarmed people everywhere, but can’t meet up to the job requirement when someone happens to have a gun and is using it to kill children. Other than having a cussing spasm, words fail me.


… I don’t want to hear excuses, “we didn’t have armor,” “we didn’t have this,” “we didn’t have that.” I want to hear admissions of guilt from these assholes. They had manpower, they had guns. Period. I hope they all have trouble sleeping at night. This just really ticks me off. Such manly men, such real Americans, such true and blue patriots. Kiss my ass, a bunch of whining pansies in the face of that actual moment, of finding the courage to buck up and do the right thing.

None of them had it what it takes. Pathetic. Arrest them. Make examples out of them. I won’t hold my breath.