The Limbo

I just saw a series of clips on mainstream news, showing all the Republican loons going on and on about how Disney, because they showed some backbone and went against Desantis’ “Don’t Say Gay Bill,” are now calling Disney sex offenders/groomers. The Faux news fraudsters are on the “let’s scream sex offender train!” The Q-Anon rep, Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene, went all sex offender volcano spew, espousing her certain kind of crazy on the subject. I know we say this all the time, but how low can they go? I really hate to sound like the proverbial broken record, and I know this isn’t my first rant along these lines, but…

How low can they go? They make a bunch of make believe hay out of a huge nothing, when at the same time there are actual sex offenders in their own ranks. They are not only lower than low, they are hypocrites of the tallest order at the same damn time.

Or the Putin loving idiots. Proclaiming their dictator loving devotion on live tv. The lying ass orange idiot cleared the rails for this sort of nonsense. The Republicans turned their heads and coughed the entire time the orange one was in office. Against numerous transgressions on normal norms. No one in their party of Limbo would stand up and say anything about the lies, the deceit, the obvious mob boss “I need a favor though.” Not one single elected R has the guts, the humanity, to stand up for what is right and what is wrong.

Lies. When did absolute, unmistakable lies, become the watered down version that is referred to as “misinformation?” When did lying and cheating in plain sight become normal politics? Who is running this shit show? What happened to men and women who had the courage to stand up for what is truth, what is honor, what is honesty, and is what is love of country?

I look at the state of the R party today, and I shudder at the thought I ever voted R. Don’t worry, that will NEVER happen again! I look at the state of my country and I wonder how much more of this bullshit can I take?

Lies running rampant, not just lies but idiotic lies anyone with the simple wherewithal to do so could look into, and see it’s all a bunch of hooey. But the people that vote these morons into office have no decency themselves. If they did, they wouldn’t vote for these clown car representatives in the first place. They wouldn’t sit there and soak up Faux news propaganda, then rush off to FB, or whatever the heck they call it these days, so they can be the first on the block to share it. No, if they had a modicum of good sense they too would stop and wonder what the heck happened here? But they don’t And they won’t. It looks to me like we have a complete breakdown of Republican morality. From the top down, and the bottom up. I am not happy with the the country I used to love.

I used to be able to put aside my political differences. I used to believe we all have the the right to vote how we wanted to. I still believe that. But if you are voting R right now, you are a misguided asshat with not a single ounce of decency in your body.

I feel like I live in a shithole country. I am not pleased with this endless charade of Limbo. Someone please make it stop. I want to get off here.

I’ll probably feel better in the morning. But right now I’m hair on fire ticked off at what I have seen this country come to. And for my trouble I’ll probably get compared to the “old man yells at clouds”meme… Go ahead, I can take it. πŸ˜‰

23 thoughts on “The Limbo

  1. I’m finding it hard to watch any news coming out of the US political arena. It’s simply insane.

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    • As evidenced by my WP spasm. I swear the crazy has been set to 11, and everyone seems to be on board with it. Just the level of the crazy is crazy.

      What the hell happened here? It looks like the R’s only policy is to have no policy, and fight a culture war. Keep the flames rolling, keep the crazy coming, embrace it, spread it as one, nevermind the truth. When the truth catches up it will be too late. They will have cheated the system to the point there will be no way to vote them out.

      I thought I’d be fine this morning… πŸ˜‰

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      • You have to go full Zelensky. I mean complete “Russian warship, go fuck yourself.” Increase the number of justices on SCOTUS. Kill the filibuster. Reverse fucked-up gerrymandering. And kill Citizens United dead, dead, dead.

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        • I’m all for it! Where do I start? Short of a revolution (if you need me call!) our only power is to vote.

          There are calls for D’s to stick it to em like they stick it to us, but as of yet I have seen nothing to indicate they have the backbone for it. Plus the two DINO’s in Congress who are R’s in spirit, are holding back what could be done to fix this mess. At some point trying to hang on to common decency and respect for those across the aisle, has become pure damn cowardice to the point we are getting stampeded with insanity.

          In the meantime they (R’s) pack SCOTUS with right wing nutjobs, Gerrymander like there’s no tomorrow, and pass voter restrictions to keep segments of society from voting.

          …and then they ride the crazy train day and night. Is it any wonder my hair is on fire? Put me in a canoe, hand me a paddle, and I’ll get the hell out of here.

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  2. Take a walk my friend, it helps with madness. Then don’t watch news, unless you are expecting an announcement about your appointment to high office. The most important thing to pay attention to is the weather news so you can know whether to wear any clothes at all, or not.

    The politicians, like Carlin said, are us. There are enough crazy to vote Greene into office. That’s what should worry you. Not the one Greene in office.

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  3. Shell, I’ve often felt enraged like this because after all, you know where I live: Deep Red Hill Country, County and State. 🐘🦧 The madness and insanity is now utterly normalized and embraced here. When I express my sociopolitical position here I am looked at as if I have one big eye in my forehead and antennae sticking out my skull… every single time.

    My Mom and I have ONE elderly couple—she met many years back while living here by herself—who are very reasonable Moderates. He is Catholic, she is half Comanche (I believe?) and they’re incredibly nice, polite, fun, and most definitely anti-Trump and anti-radical GOP. But the problem in spending ANY quality face-time with them like we used to between 2008–2020 is a direct result of horribly politicized COVID-19 issues here; she has underlying health conditions that put her at high-risk if infected. Of course, both of them are fully vaxxed and boostered, but here in Deep Red Texas that doesn’t mean you won’t be infected anyway. As of today only 60.9% of Texans are FULLY vaxxed, but here in Kerr County just 48.9% are fully vaxxed. Hence, they are still essentially hunkered in at home since Jan. 2020. That really sucks for my Mom cuz she very much enjoys/enjoyed their visits & company.

    Most (R) Texans here don’t give a shit about public health & safety, especially in the rural counties. It’s incredibly irritating and shamefully sad.


    • Good damn x-ian folk then? R to the core. Doesn’t matter what sort of lunacy is ongoing, it’s just Jim Dandy if it’s the R way. Absolutely nothing on this once green earth would or could show them the err of their ways.

      Disgusting people. I wish I could go back to not knowing how horrible these people really are. We have them aplenty here as well. If you get to running short on drooling morons I can send you some of mine. please please take some!

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      • πŸ˜„ We’ll pass on your super kind offer of more (R)-morons. We now have way too many moving here from California and other Blue-states they hate like the plague—as IF they understand ANYTHING about biology, cytology, epidemiology, or virology! HAH!—and way too many rad-Repubs from other states east, midwest, or northeast move here to become (R) politicians in Austin since it is all so lopsided in that party’s favor. It’s EASY for them to start a political career here when they’ve made their wealth elsewhere, then have 1-12-million to throw into a Congressional, Attorney General’s, Lt. Governor, or Governor’s campaign race—typically ordinary Texans who run on the Dem-ticket can’t really compete with the “outside” money of Repub candidates, so the race is often non-competitive or not even opposed… in favor of the GOP. πŸ˜”


        • My daughter wants to move to Texas when she retires, I have a granddaughter that lives in DeKalb, and another granddaughter wants to move to that “glorious” state. Yes, they all register Republican. None of them are rabid, but based on all that I’ve read, they all do/will feel at home.

          It’s all my fault. I raised my daughter in church and thus, HER daughters were tainted even before they were born. And to think I was raised by Democrats! One more point against religion.

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          • You know Nan, I understand this topic hits pretty close to home for you, I apologize if I got a little too close for comfort.


            • SD — the comments are turning into long narrow one word (or less) per line so here is my reply …

              No worries. I long ago accepted that my kids (and grandkids) must follow their own leads. All I can do is hope that one day something will “click” and they’ll see their favored party for what it really is.

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          • If they or anyone else you know Nan who are seriously considering moving here, then I am MOST happy to provide the actual REAL facts, statistics, rankings, living conditions, cost of living per zip code, etc, etc, showing CLEARLY just how mediocre (if not down right poor) Texas actually is in so many various categories & demographics.

            However, that said, if you are a hardcore Republican, ultra-Conservative Xian, pro-gun pro-carry, Caucasian, charismatic, and an established (small?) business owner that’s also pro “At-Will” labor laws & anti-unions, minimum wage that hardly never goes up so as to exploit the CHEAP labor force present, especially in rural areas…

            …then this hell-hole is PURR-FECTO for you! πŸ™„

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        • Dammit! I already had half the county rounded up. I put out an ad for free beer, a redneck pickup contest, and a KKK membership drive out back…. Suckers.

          Now I got to let em all go?

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        • You know something odd here in Tn. I see a lot of the state office elections are only won by ~10% or so of the vote. If the Dems would put up a good fight here they might be able to flip it.

          Tn. has so few electors though (11) I figure they have just written us off. But damn I’d love to see some D’s around here.

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  4. DAMN! I see my comment didn’t start a new thread like I thought it would! Sorry about that.

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    • Let me try again …

      SD β€” the comments are turning into long narrow one word (or less) per line so here is my reply …

      No worries. I long ago accepted that my kids (and grandkids) must follow their own leads. All I can do is hope that one day something will β€œclick” and they’ll see their favored party for what it really is.

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