Stupid, Stupid, Stupid

I just sat down to have a cold glass of tea. Was doing some yard work, I came in to sit down and cool off for a minute. When I saw on CNN, they were yapping it up about a wedding dress manufacturer providing clothing for their troops.

So the way I see it, CNN just did a piece informing the world, and Putin, about a clothing manufacturer becoming a legitimate target.

News tomorrow, could very well be “Wedding Dress Manufaturer Bombed Overnight.”

How stupid do you have to be to broadcast a story explaining a business, I assume in Ukraine, is making clothing for their troops? There are some things the enemy does not need to know, ok?

5 thoughts on “Stupid, Stupid, Stupid

  1. Hello Shelldigger. I share your anger. I wonder if it was done for clicks or if people behind the scenes are supporters or Russia like the right wing networks. Either way it endangered the people and the war effort.

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    • I get the reporter doing a feel good story. I get middle management going “oh, a feel good story about Ukraine,” “lets run it!” But someone closer to the top should have said “hey, wait a minute!”

      I mean… c’mon man!

      Might as well have told them where the fuel depot is too… When did people get so fucking stoopid?

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  2. Hey Shell,

    During Operation Desert Storm & the Persian Gulf War, General Norman Schwarzkopf and General Colin Powell both had to deal with, manage this exact ‘leak’ problem: the world news-medias, especially the U.S. news companies.

    Schwarzkopf and Powell did a MASTERFUL job of allowing coverage by the news outlets of low risk footage and reporting, but never allowed any high-risk, high-value footage, reports, etc, for the enemy to get wind of and attack. But here’s the HUGE difference now: that was the Gulf War, this is Ukraine’s Command-and-Control not locking down those types of reports on the levels Schwarzkopf and Powell did and kept confidential.

    This, however, is NOT TO SAY that CNN and other Western news companies don’t have a military responsibility or a human-life responsibility to give on a silver platter high-value targets via “democratic, free press” reporting—that is their legal right back home. Let me reiterate… that legal right exists for them inside the U.S. only! But that free reign or Carte Blanche does NOT apply in a live warzone! Period.

    Yes, CNN was indeed stupid, very very stupid in that reporting, Shell.

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    • Great comment Prof.

      There darn sure ought to be someone somewhere talking to our news outlets, and informing them to be discreet in what they have to tell.

      In a real war, a factory that makes anything for military purposes, is considered a freaking legitimate target! We do NOT announce these things!

      God damn, the stoopid, it makes my head hurt.

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