Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Our new president wasn’t even inaugurated yet, and the R party was winnowing about their desire, that the D’s should just ignore the last four years, as if it had been full of bunny rabbits, rainbows, and butterflies. As if it wasn’t dominated by a wanna be dictator, fully endorsed by the R House and Senate. The entire four years was one ignominious fiasco after another. Ignoring the constitution, defying court ordered decrees and subpoenas, the silencing of accomplices either through firing them or pardoning them, perfect phone calls one of which resulted in the first impeachment. Let’s not forget kids in cages. Parents deported. Environmental standards tossed by the wayside. Hundreds of thousands dead by incompetence. I could go on and on, but I don’t have the time. Just a never ending shit show by a shit for brains orange idiot, and as I said, whose actions were fully endorsed by the R party.

Nastiness and lies the new rule of the day. Conspiracy theories touted as fact. Acted upon even, as if factual. At the very least, uncontested by any R in office, save for one or two quiet, near meaningless objections by a couple of R’s searching for their long lost, barely recognizable, concsciences.

Oh! I almost forgot the mob invited to DC. Thoroughly agitated, pointed in the right direction, and let loose to do the will of a pathetic orange bastard incapable of admitting he lost fair and square. That mob assaulted an in session Senate, resulting in the deaths of a handful of good people. This act initiated a historical second impeachment of a sitting president. And now, we are all supposed to just play nice?

No! We the people, as well as our elected D’s in office, had better not forget the hell we just went through. The precedents unheard of, now apparently normal policy. Norms shattered into oblivion. The worst possible anyone could imagine a president capable of, exceeded daily. This, was the abysmal presidency we just survived, and just barely at that! We weren’t all that far from losing our Democracy. No we will not forget! We will not pretend it didn’t happen. We will not. We had better not.

I do not disagree with trying to get along, but no way, no how, should the D party bend over backwards to appease the party responsible for the last four years. In fact as far as I’m concerned each and every R that participated in the lie that brought about the attack on the Capitol should be dismissed from office and never allowed to hold office again. I believe this fate should suit the orange one as well. An orange jumpsuit would suit the orange idiot even better.

Can’t we all just get along? Hell no! Not until at least one redeemable act is followed through with by the R party. Just one you say? Snowballs chance in hell of that happening, I say. Irredeemable, incorrigible, unfit for office, they should all be tarred, feathered and run of town! If there was an ounce of shame or honor among them, any and all of them, who enabled the orange one the entire way, because of lack-of-backbone-itis, they’d have resigned by now. Have you seen any resignations from the House or the Senate?

Me either.

Can’t we all just get along? No. And Fuck You for even suggesting it.

If… the Senate, manages to find their long lost spines, and is able to convict our orange idiot on this most recent impeachment, I might be inclined to rethink my postion. But, I know the leopard does not so easily change it’s spots. I rest assured they are incapable of doing the right thing. I sincerely hope the R party goes down in flames, as a result of their own insidious inactions.

They had best, as far as I’m concerned, find within themselves something, hell anything, that could be construed as an action showing themselves considerate, of any desire to get along.

Yet, they have the unmitigated gall to just ask for it freely, as if they were so worthy. My disgust, my outrage, at the abhorrent actions of the R party this last four years, runneth deep. I will not play nice so easily.

Change my mind Republicans. I do not believe you are capable.

22 thoughts on “Can’t We All Just Get Along?

  1. They’re not capable and, if anything, will simply show us even more evidence of just how morally corrupt and insidiously horrible they truly are.

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  2. It’s my understanding (and I could easily be wrong) is that Mitch 666 McConnell has to make a choice here: either vote to impeach expeditiously OR the filibuster rules will be eliminated. Granting even that much rope to the Repulsian Senators I think is a mistake: make the Senate at least as democratic as the House, even though the same number of Senators on the Democratic side represent nearly 50 million more citizens. That’s at the heart of what’s wrong with Washington.

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    • I’m just beginning to unpack all of the last four years. It seems I have been holding my breath for that long, living through the nightmare of orange-ism. I am not finding a happy person in there.

      The Democrats should concede nothing, to the R party right now. In fact IMO it’s hammer time. But I know that isn’t easy. And I know it isn’t exactly the right way to go about things. But that angry person inside of me right now just keeps saying “fuck em!”

      After a brief search on the filibuster, my initial reaction is to change it to a simple majority vote. From what I just read though, it doesn’t look easy even with House/Senate/and WH control.

      It certainly seems possible that changing the filibuster could come back to bite us in the ass. But that’s a slippery slope argument for another day.

      Thanks for dropping in Tildeb πŸ™‚

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      • Hello ShellDigger. McConnell backed down on his demand as the Dem’s stood firm for one, but he got what he wanted anyway. Both Joe Manchin from WV and Kyrsten Sinema in Arizona gave McConnell the assurances they wouldn’t vote for anything even near to repealing the filibuster. Way to stick together with their party to win stuff for the people instead of corporate donors that pay them. Manchin is loving his role thinking he has to be made happy for any bill to pass. Damn. Hugs


    • I hope you’re right about the filibuster idea. It sounds a bit too..well…”tough” of a statement for Chuck Schumer to have made, though I sure hope he did. He’s kind of a weenie when it comes to standing up to Mitch and his minions. Sadly, that’s the case for far too many Dems. They just lack testicular fortitude when it comes to fighting in the all-out war of madness the GOP have waged against common sense and decency. I’ve half the people on one side of my family who truly, deeply believe the Dems are lizard-skinned aliens eating babies in pizza parlor basements throughout the country. They say this with straight faces and look at those who disbelieve them with disdain and contempt. They also own an abundance of guns and are ready to go to war with the “libs” on the drop of a dime. It boggles my mind.

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  3. just get along, my friend. it is much easier than expecting to a leopard to change its spots


    • Seems to me, I vaguely remember a guy I know from Nairobi, having a rant or two about his gov’t. I just can’t remember who that was? πŸ˜‰

      Getting along with the GOP is like sincerely thanking the gang that beat you to within an inch of your life, and then they burn your house down… While some might be able to do that, My tendencies are not quite so Ghandi… I do want to get along, 99% of the time, with everyone. But when I’ve been punched in the face,.. Been pissed on and told it is raining… Or having observed a criminal organaztion that damn near overthrew our gov’t… And then the moment they lose the power they had to get away with that shit, they all of a sudden “just want to get along” It rubs me the wrong way Mak.
      The more I think on it the madder I get.

      The GOP should damn well apologize (or make amends) for the last four years. Then maybe we can discuss getting along.

      Perhaps with Biden in office, things will tend back to some sense of normal. Perhaps the memory of these last four years will fade over time. But I fear my disdain for the GOP will last a lifetime.

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      • I know that person.

        Think of it this way, unless Amy or Gorsuch resign their supreme Court seats, all you can do is wait. The same applies to the judges appointed at the federal level by Trump some who from what I read about them, were not really ahead of the pack. And that’s just one level.
        And to imagine their constituents are happy about their choices would mean your protest might be in vain. Will keep you agitated and all. So best is to find a way to live peaceably with your neighbour.
        I am cynical. There will be some change but may not be much. Don’t set up yourself for disappointment.

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  4. As far as Supreme Court goes, it is possible that it could be expanded to enough judges to even it out again. I also have heard mention of impeaching the drunken Kavanaugh, but I doubt that one happening.

    I appreciate your wisdom on the matter, I’m probably suffering a little post orange idiot anxiety here. But anyone who was half paying attention should be right now I think. The GOP expecting eveyone to play nicey nice after all of that, just burns my ass πŸ™‚


  5. Reblogged this on Scotties Toy Box and commented:
    Hello ShellDigger. Thank you for this post. I am hearing calls for the Democrats to move closer to the Republicans now that we have won so we don’t offend them or destroy the attempt at unity. How dare Democrat Biden undo or not keep a tRump policy. The Democrats wanting to use their win via the more votes of the people to promote left policies is being radical socialist according to the Republicans. I am hearing calls for the Democrats to mind the feelings of the right, don’t pick on tRump now, he lost already so be nice Republicans cry out. The Republicans claim the left are snowflakes but I have never seen such whining and crying as the right has done since the election. To make everything worse all the things they ignored during tRump’s wild ride they suddenly claim are principles they hold dear and must make a stand on. At this point I think the Republicans have a lot to prove. Hugs


    • Thanks for the reblog Scottie!

      Socialism! Communism! They are coming for your guns! Send $$

      Sounds a lot like religion. Fabricate the non existent evil that only they can fix, and we need money!

      …yeah, after all the crap we have been through at the hands of the R’s, they want the Dems, and anyone with half a freaking brain, to play nice. Disgusting.

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  6. Hello ShellDigger. If the Democrats use the next two years to do things that help the people, that give the people a better life, then even more Democrats will be voted into the Senate and House. However if the Republicans can block everything the Democrats try to do and make them look weak and useless then the people will vote the Republicans back into power. The Republicans know this and will attempt to keep anything from passing that makes life better for the people. That is why McConnell was willing to be so cut throat on the filibuster. The Republican party is a dwindling party that depends on voter restrictions and gerrymandering to win. If the Democrats pass election reform or make things better for the people, the Republicans have no way to win. They will be desperate to stop that at all costs. Hugs


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