Covid In The House!

Are we having fun yet?

Last week my youngest son finished up his work week on Thursday and he slept a lot the next couple of days. I figured, yeah he works outside in the sun, had a long week, sure he ought to be wore out a little. Let him sleep.

The next morning he informed us he had no sense of smell or taste. It was like a huge boulder falling from the sky and squashing us. I took him to a Fast Pace clinic as it was a Saturday and the family Dr. was enjoying his weekend. My son was tested for covid, and as we expected, is positive. We have absolutely no idea where he came down with it.

Now he is on his second week of quarantine, he stays in his room as much as possible, and wears a mask when he goes to the kitchen or the bathroom. If we are around we put our masks on when we see him. Being stuck in his room isn’t too awful as he has a tv, cable, a Playstation with wifi, and a damn mini fridge in there. An eighteen year old’s dream scenario. The only downside is we are a close family and we often hug and jostle around, and spar with wit for fun. We are social. It sucks on both sides not being able to interact. I can hear the rat a tat tat of some sort of weapon from behind his bedroom door. If you are playing Fortnite right now watch out!

Fortunately, thus far, he has had a mild case. He slept a lot at first. Then no smell or taste. After that he battled a lot of body ache for a few days as well as just general discomfort from being ill. Right now his sense of smell is returning slowly and he seems to be over the worst of it. Oddly enough he never really had issue with coughing, wheezing, sneezing, or even a fever that we know of. So a mild case, which is good.

The wife, being a nurse, had to get tested. She tested negative a few days ago. She missed a few of days work already while we were in covid limbo, (well we are still in covid limbo!) but they did let her start back with the negative result. She wears her mask diligently. We are always on the alert for any sort of symptom from any of us and will respond accordingly.

If the wife is negative, maybe I am too. As if she was positive, that would likely be my outcome as well. Anyway neither of us have shown any symptoms as of yet. We are well aware that a negative test today could easily be a positive case tomorrow. Yet we are holding out hope that if we stay smart about this, we can get through it with no added infections.

I have alerted the neighbors to stay away, though a couple do still drop by with full knowledge of the situation. I won’t let them in the house, and I always wear a mask and demand a certain amount of social distance when we interact.

The hell of it is, and this is the clincher, why it is so bad… We, whether we like it or not, are social creatures. It is extraordinarily difficult to not be that which we are. But let’s be damn smart about how we do it.

Y’all stay safe out there, and do NOT visit my place just yet πŸ™‚

10 thoughts on “Covid In The House!

  1. Very scary and stressful in so many ways, Shelldigger. Stay vigilant. Do what you can.

    The whole situation just sucks and you know there are lots of us wishing our best that you and yours get through this with your health intact.So far, so good! Hang in there.

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  2. I agree with what tildeb wrote!

    But I did wonder … would you like for any of us to send thoughts and prayers?


  3. And here I was on my way to your house. What a disappointment.
    I wish the young un’ a quick recovery. This must be a lot of stress for the household.

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    • It was at first but we just had to accept the reality of the situation and start dealing in damage control. I mean there’s nothing else to do.

      His recovery is coming along well. We are fortunate his case was a mild one. It’s just a matter now of waiting, hoping, and doing our best to prevent anyone else from getting it.


  4. Hello ShellDigger. Best wishes for the family. There is one thing you wrote that stunned me. After telling your friends and neighbors that there was an active Covid case in the house, people still tried to come over and visit. Do these people deny Covid? Do they think it is all a hoax even when you tell them your son has it? Are they hoping to catch it themselves? Sorry I just don’t understand deliberately rushing into danger for no reason. How do they react when you won’t let them inside? Again, best wishes. Hugs


    • Reaction to not being let inside, they get it. Are they denialists? I don’t think so. Hoping to catch it? I’d hope not. Rushing into danger? Again I don’t think so.

      I think more than anything it is the undeniable nature of our species being social. It’s difficult to quit for two weeks πŸ™‚

      …and thanks for the best wishes Scotty.

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