I was browsing over at WEIT (Why Evolution is True,) and in one of the usual Hili Dialogues was nestled this video. I just had to share in case you all haven’t seen it yet.

Do be prepared to possibly wet yourself, maybe a couple of times, because, well dammit this is too funny. It moves a tad slow, but the content is pure gold. I find myself wanting to move to Mexico all of a sudden.


8 thoughts on “OMG! (Gosh) THIS IS HILARIOUS!

  1. Great campaign speech! I’d vote for him!!!

    (Thanks for sharing.)


  2. I’m not even American and I feel embarrassed.


    • I have always felt we Americans were somewhat fortunate to be Americans when there are so many oppressive regimes across the world.

      Here lately Im just disgusted with my country. The orange idiot (last years halloween pumpkin) has turned us into a laughing stock. This video is plenty evidence of that.

      I was/still am astonished that Vicente Fox would make such a video. But I can’t disagree with any of it. You can’t argue with the truth.

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    • Well thanks! Just ignore the cobwebs in the corners and yesterdays pizza on the table! And pay no mind to the rest of the mess, we’re umm, remodeling! Yeah, that’s it. Remodeling… πŸ™‚

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