Literally, we just had T- bone steak for supper. Living high on the hog, I mean cow. Would you believe we found T- bone for sale today for $4.99 per lb? I almost threw my neck out slamming on the brakes. We got T- bone for $4.99 a lb at a time when you can’t buy hamburger for less that six bucks per lb.

I don’t know how the hell that works. I probably don’t even want to know how that works. But for today I am just glad it worked.

We were going to have burgers today (I grill, charcoal,) right now the way things are we only make one burger per person and toss a few hot dogs on the grill to make it stretch a little further. As the price of hamburger is insane and we aren’t exactly independently wealthy. You should know we won’t even do that very often. But when we can, we will.

So steak was a welcome treat. As you probably know steak ain’t exactly been cheap either.

The place we got it is a Save a Lot store. They aren’t usually known as a high end supermarket but we will shop there sometimes. Anywhere you can save a buck or two, seems like a good reason to stop in. And when the sign outside says T-Bone $4.99 per lb. in todays economy, you damn well stop.

Hope you all stay safe, stay healthy, and don’t piss off the cops 🙂

Oh… Another thing I just heard about. The pissant town S of me had a “Blue Lives Matter” parade today. Yeah… I only just now heard about it, didn’t know it was happening, and I’m damn glad I missed it. Y’all might have been seeing my ass getting roughed up by the cops on cable… Bastards. I swear the people here are as as stupid as the orange idiot.


8 thoughts on “T- BONE

  1. Even monkey foot was down to $.99 a pound here in Panama. What the hells going on? I can’t get chicken for that!

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    • Man, I’m not real sure about the money foot. Even at .99 cents 😉

      How much was the chicken? 🙂

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      • $2. In Tonosi where we do our shopping all the meat is from local mom and pop farmers. They have not refined meat cutting like in the USA. It looks more like how a novice hunter would cut up his deer. There’s no “cuts” of meat, but hacks of meat.
        The fish on the other hand, is world class.


    • Yeah, I’m going with chicken at 2x the cost. And I don’t care if it’s been hacked.

      I have no interest in monkey foot. (I’ll come back and edit my missing k in the previous reply someday)

      I think I’ll pass on eating anything that might share 90% of my DNA 🙂 Unless of course I have no other options…

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  2. Went to buy some hamburger at the corner store across the street from me and almost passed out when I saw the price! INSANE!! So, that 4.99 deal was truly great!


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