These people think they might be on to something:

Of course the military will want it. And ordinary people won’t be able to afford it, if it comes to pass. Intriguing nonetheless, coming from a guy witha chronic pain problem.

18 thoughts on “CAN AN END TO PAIN BE NEAR?

  1. Interesting. I’ve been using CBD oil, Kratom, and the occasional THC puff to help me with my chronic anxiety. I hear these things help with physical pain as well.

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    • I have a stepson who has anxiety to the point he can’t really work/function in society. Weed helps. And it’s cheap considering how much money we have thrown at trying to get him good help via the system.

      Even with insurance, getting therapy and meds costs quite a bit and they don’t help to any meaningful degree. It is frustrating as hell trying to get help.

      But he can take a toke and get through the day with relatively low levels of stress. But you still never know from one day to the next how bad he will get. It’s a crap shoot every day.

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  2. Jesus, can you imagine the money that could be made from this.

    (sad to not even contemplate the possibility of another Jonas Silk)

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