Some like it cold. Some might not live long enough, to get good and old.

Potentially Fatal Combinations of Humidity and Heat Are Emerging Across the Globe

I can remember way back when I was a younger lad, Me and my pet dinosaur had a great time! πŸ˜‰

Actually I was a deckhand for a time, working towboats for a couple of years, and while it was always hot out on the tow, with the sun beating down on all of that solid steel, it was often like walking through an oven, the heat at times was stifling. We went through New Orleans, on our way darn near to the gulf one time, and while I was there the heat was incredible. I mean stepping foot out on the deck from an air conditioned boat, you immediately felt the sweat pores open up and the water started flowing. A miserable, beat you down to the ground sort of heat. But we persevered. It’s what tougher than sensible, types do.

Then in my shell digging days, I’d come up from a dive on a day with 110 heat index, and all the water wetting the floor of the boat would be dry in like 10 minutes, the sweat pouring off my nose as I graded shell, the only thing that made it tolerable was knowing I’d be jumping back in the water soon. We persevere.

This was way before the global warming thing was a thing. I have to wonder now, with all of the threats facing humanity, what with Covid 19, and global warming with its intensifying weather extremes, hurricanes, tornados and such, and with those in charge looking the other way, greed and profit being the main motivators, just how much time does humanity actually have left?

There is only so much that we can persevere, after that we are just dead. And we will be taking an entire planet of life forms with us.

Hug the wife and kids, or significant other, every day. Enjoy what we have for what time we have left to enjoy it. Maybe we can turn this thing around, but it isn’t looking too good.

Y’all stay safe. Stay healthy.


P.S. There is one lonely comment at the bottom of the link worth looking at.

15 thoughts on “SOME LIKE IT HOT

  1. That one lonely comment below on that article/post is hilariously great and sadly SPOT ON!

    I’ve heard many times on Climate Change documentaries and archaeology, some with volcanologists and marine biologists, glaciologists (glaciers), etc, have all pretty much agreed that the global melting of permafrost regions are also releasing not just carbon into the atmosphere, but also diseases, bacteria, viruses from past millenia! Hence, humanity WILL SEE new, novel diseases, epidemics, and pandemics taking tolls on life as we once knew it. πŸ˜·πŸ€’

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      • Tildeb, back over on my earlier blog-post about mankind’s irresponsibility in climate change as INdirectly possibly related—emphasis on possibly—not just to COVID-19, but maybe to other epidemics or pandemics popping up every 2-5 years, or whatever their predictions… that was what I was trying to get to. I just ran out of time and opportunity to clarify. And sense it was sort of a theory and sub-topic, I just blew it off. But I am glad you see my point here Sir. πŸ™‚


        • No, I got that Prof. It’s very much a real problem worse for us Northerners than you Southerns, but we’ll export them to your climes under the new NAFTA agreement.

          The warming is far worse – meaning hotter for longer – the more north you go. So we’ve been well versed in universities with Arctic studies… except our politicians who think being competitive using fossil fuels is more important than doing our part to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

          No, I was just making the point that if we’re going to have to live through this lesson and suffer its consequences, we may as well do it with as much verve as we can. And it will be interesting!

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    • Gee thanks, like I didn’t already have enough to worry about… πŸ™‚


  2. As silly as it sounds, and knowing these global changes were a-coming because people by and large have never understood that systemic changes are necessary (go sit in the woods eating nuts and berries with 100,000 of your closest friends and you won’t even make a dent in the problem), I began researching in the mid 90s where the most stable place in the world would be to live for my progeny and lay plans accordingly. Yes, I know I’m weird. Hopefully in a wise way.

    I remember my father reiterating what his father said to him about the value of land versus houses, that there not making it anymore but that houses can come and go. The point was to buy land first and then the house a later consideration. So this is how I decided to approach my generation’s contribution to the next for my family.

    If you make a list of what you think is necessary when the world reaches various tipping points (Florida deadly to humans beyond 20 minutes exposure with a 7* C global rise), you might make the same list I did. Everything from mitigated temperature and humidity and weather patterns to clean fresh water, from farmland that can still have the longest growing season enough natural precipitation and good soil to remain highly productive with a 5* rise, from first world medical available to us to world class education, with a stable government with low crime, from a robust diversified economy to advanced tech, from stable geology and protection from rising oceans, increased water and wind erosion, from small threat from extreme weather in all seasons to low risk from bush and forest fires. And so on. So I researched and picked the most likely place to live, brought the family in on it, discussed the pros and cons and we moved there.

    Southwestern Ontario.

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    • That doesn’t sound all that silly to me. I actually quite like the idea. As every day of oppressive stupidity goes by with our orange idiot, moving out of this country seems like a rosy proposition.

      And having given that much consideration to the climate problem, and actually moving to the place you think best to ride it out, I consider that the epitome of good sense.

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      • No doubt in 150 years a few people (perhaps a distant relative) will only then realize that maybe, just maybe, some of the ancestors who created this idiotic and unnecessary climate mess weren’t as stupid – or stoned out of their minds – as everyone will presume they had to have been and that, “Hey will you look at this!” one or two might have looked beyond their own immediate comfort and convenience and consumerism and actually planned something only for the potential benefit of some people in future generations.


  3. Be an optimist.we will survive. Shed clothing and wear masks

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  4. I think humans will survive climate change but it could see a massive reduction on population. But I don’t think extinction will take place. There will be livable areas for sure. I guess it all depends on our ability to maintain ecosystems and how well the other life on this planet can adapt. Extinction rates have accelerated of course, and as was pointed out above their are all sorts of bacteria in soils that can potentially kill a lot of humans, so maybe sickness will get us in the end. But there are quite a few billions of people I doubt will be easily knocked out!


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