This Covid 19 virus sucks! The numbers might be flattening a bit, but not really going down much except in a few places. I can’t for the life of me understand why people want to rush things back to they way they were, when the way they were, we may never see again. It might be a few years if we make it that far. This could be a paradigm change for society. I suppose we will see, those of us who live long enough. I only hope this wave of death and misery finds its way to our rear view. Sooner the better.

It occurred to me a few days back, as tens of thousands of elderly people on SSI  (Social Security Income) are dying, and it ain’t over yet… The response from our (R) gov’t is lethargic at best, and criminal at worst. And I had a moment where I realized this is a (R) wet dream come true. All of those old people dying off, and as a result losing their SSI benefits. Sure they can’t utter a word to confirm that notion publicly, but do I think they are a bit giddy about the prospect? Yes. Yes I do. Cutting or killing SSI is a priority for many R’s. Would they stoop so low as to just let people die to help achieve that outcome? I don’t know, you tell me. The (R) party is already lower than whale shit at the bottom of the Marianas Trench. Does no one believe they can’t dig a little deeper?

The (R) party is the party of “kill the ACA”  “cut Social Security”  “loosen environmental protections”  “global warming is a hoax”  “cut food stamps and SNAP benefits”  “let the post office die if there is any chance of getting mail in ballots” and  “give give give to corporations and fuck the little people.” Oh yeah, and if you work at a meat processing plant the R’s are the party of  “Go the fuck to work! And don’t come crying to us if you get sick!” Nice people, Republicans… (sarcasm folks)

They sure as hell have convinced NO ONE (except those who think Faux News and Alex Jones types are legitimate news outlets,) that they are doing anything and everything in their power to stop, or even slow down this wave of death. In fact, as I write this they are doing EVERYTHING they can to jump start the economy, and an obvious result (to most of us,) it will undoubtedly wind up in more old people (as well a others) falling off of the SSI rosters due to premature death caused by Covid 19. Enhanced by the”golly gee willakers what can we do?” (R)  response to the outbreak. Oh happy day for Republicans across the land!

Maybe I need my tin foil hat adjusted. Or maybe I’m angling for the left leaning antithetical position of the aforementioned Faux News and Alex Jones. Trust me I don’t want the job. Maybe I’m just up to here with the antics and endless scandals of the (R) party today. Maybe as an observer of things in this world, I’m just calling it how I see it.

I can’t stress enough get out and vote come Nov. There is no other way out of this mess.

Y’all stay safe and stay healthy.

16 thoughts on “MUSINGS…

  1. I thought that in regards to the disproportionate number of blacks and latinos dying. To the Republicans (quietly, of course) that’s great. Flip-side, a heap of Fox viewers are also dying, so it’s probably a wash.

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    • Hey JZ. The only positive thing I can say about that is, I’m glad I’m not the only one who had a thought like that. I swear I hovered over the publish button a minute before I hit it. Unsure if I should even post such a thought.

      But yes I agree with that line of thinking as well. With that, and the massive number of people no longer collecting SSI, it in all reality is a huge win for R’s.

      Yes, statistically I’d figure the number of D’s and R’s that are dying a wash too. But it is a damn shame we are having this conversation at all.

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  2. I definitely think you are correct and also the poor on welfare and food stamps, the health compromised of any age and anyone who is not white basically. But when we are all gone, they’ll turn on each other..

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    • Thank you maryplumbago. It’s nice to know it isn’t just me and JZ thinking like this. I don’t want to have to report myself to the internet police for noting what bastards the R’s have become.

      “When we are gone they will turn on each other” I don’t doubt it a bit, but there’s a lot of us, it might take a while yet.

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  3. I fucking despise republicans. Truly, deeply hate ’em.

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    • It has taken me a while to get there, I considered myself a R once. Voted R in a few elections in the past. I finally saw the light the day Obama was first elected, and just about every day since. And I voted against Obama in the first election. But by evenings end, after seeing the R meltdown that Obama was the new prez, I knew I’d likely never vote R again. Unless they changed their ways. They have only become much worse since.

      I was living the R way of life, you know the good ole American dream thing, it’s there if you will go after it, and I went after it. I managed to make my way to a decent life, by working my ass off. I bought into the hype. But when they lost that election I saw an ugly I hadn’t seen before. It has grown since, to the point of:

      Welcome brother! I expect an invitation to your next republican x-ian baby BBQ 😉

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  4. Stay vigilant, safe, and medically-scientifically SMART Shell. 😷 And anytime you see the chance to push a Republican down 20-flights of stairs or down an empty elevator shaft…

    …be sure to yell with a smile “NATURAL SELECTION and BETTER WORLD… one empty skull and pericardial cavity at a time!” 😁


    • I’m too far out in the boonies for elevator shafts. I gots cement shoes and lots of water though… 😈

      Staying safe as we can. Wife in the store now with her mask on. I’m sitting in the car 😎

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