Highly Trained Detective

Am I.

I was browsing through some homo erectus literature just for the heck of it and I saw this pic as a reproduction of the skull:

…and the features rang a bell way back in the far recesses of my memory. I have seen that look before, but where? Then it dawned on me…


Evolution +1     Creationism 0

And while I was searching for a good Hambone pic I saw this:

Image result for ken ham pics

So it was fun, but ground already well plowed 🙂 In case anyone is wondering, Ken Ham is the creationist con man with an ark themed roadside creationist tourist trap in Kentucky. Yee Haw Y’all!

15 thoughts on “Highly Trained Detective

  1. LOL…great find.

    Also I’ve learned from this post that there is only a slight difference between:

    homo erectus literature


    homo erotic literature

    It’s early in the morning. lol

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    • Lol! Yo gotta be careful what you search for on the internet. My daughter was doing a book report many years ago, I Googled Moby Dick, boy was that a memorable moment.


  2. Absolutely! Ken Ham also looks kinda like a scary Abe Lincoln, too.

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  3. Hahaha
    Ham looks like all the evidence for evolution that we need to defeat the creationists

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  4. Not to be the rain on your parade as I enjoy snark as much as the next guy, but I do not think such characterizations serve us well. They give true believers reason to ignore our other contributions to the discussion and advance our positions not at all. We need to attack their ideas, not their looks. Just sayin’.


    • True, true, but a guy has got to cut up a little bit.

      …and the true believer most likely isn’t going to give any of us the time of day, what with us all being demon spawn straight from the pits of hell. Unless they are the true believer trolls that frequent WP.


  5. Ah c’mon, Steve. It’s a great post. Besides, I doubt very many “true believers” have stopped by Steve’s blog anyway. And even if they have … pictures can often do much more than words. 🙂


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